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Core Exercises : Core Exercises: Forearms Plank

Core Exercises : Core Exercises: Forearms Plank

This next functional core exercise is the
plank on your forearms. Now this is a great exercise to really develop core strength,
so we’re focusing on the abdominal area, the lower back and the glutes, so in essence it’s
a really good total body conditioning exercise. So just come on down on the floor. Place your
forearms about shoulder-width apart, extend your legs back. Pull that belly in, so you
want to imagine that you’re really drawing that navel in towards your spine. Put your
feet together. Have a slight tuck of your pelvis area. Pull your shoulder blades back
and down as though you’re sliding your shoulder blades into your back pockets. Now the thing
about the plank is that you want to imagine your body in a nice, straight line. Think
about lengthening out through the crown of your head so that you’re growing an inch in
your posture. Now once you have this down you can modify or make it even harder, so
take your legs out, out, in, in, then you really start to feel that in your triceps.
Try to do this for about 30 seconds to a minute, and then breathe naturally. When you’re finished
lower your knees down and just rest. That is the plank on your forearms.


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