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Okay go tell James and Corbin to go sit down on the couch. James and Corbin sit down on the couch. Go sit down. Hey, sit down on the couch. Sit down. We were already sitting down on the couch. You wanna see your costumes? You know what kind of costume that is. Yeah, here’s a picture of it. Do you like it? It’s Superman Iron man, iron man that’s what I meant. Look who we found. Is it bigger than the last time? I don’t know. it looks exactly the same. Wait, didn’t you donate the old one too? I wonder if we did I don’t know. You’re buying this stuff… Hey Elmo’s back. Elmo that’s Elmo’s world. Oh, yeah Now when we asked over the phone if we got to find elmo. We said who you want to be if we can’t find Elmo? Hey Ryan. Can you film me? Oh yeah, I’m sorry. We said what do you want to be if we can’t find Elmo, and he said a fat man. And so we found This that we could stuff with stuffing. You could be a cool fat pumpkin. This one I found for Ellie, is that a Cinderella? beautiful She’s like yeah She’s really tired isn’t she? Yeah We found this one that looked that was in the costumes but it wasn’t a costume, but it looks really nice. So I got her. Okay, but it can also be a dress. And this is for Charlie, he’s gonna have a little bear butt. It might be too big it looks big. Yeah, we’ll just stuff it just like the fat man. I got gloves for Cinderella coz mine got ruined. Yup that’s right. I might still be able to save it but I can’t save it in time for the party tonight. Oh yeah, you guys are all getting ready for the party, huh? Well, all I have is Jessica are you bringing your Yeah stay puffed moment. That means I probably should bring my cow huh or not. You ruined my gloves with your make up. It’s Iron man! Have you actually ever seen iron Man movie? He asked to be Ironman. I know. We should probably let him watch an iron man movie. I think he would really enjoy it. Yeah and okay So what’s going on today? We’re going somewhere? We’re going to a ward party. Can you fly around the room? Look at this, wow… Elmo can fly! I always knew Elmo had superpowers. Or should we have Fatman do you want to be fat man or elmo tonight? Elmo, well good day to all of you. I hope you’re having a wonderful day. I have had a great day. It’s good to be home and I’m getting a lot of work done. It’s really nice to get a lot of work done. cool carriage Awesome. Here’s the deal. We are very close to 10,000 subscribers. Whoa like very very close just a few days. We need to think of something awesome to do for 10,000 subscribers something crazy. Ok probably not. Don’t wanna burn the house down. We need to do something. We need to do something awesome. So I’m gonna be thinking about all day today and you guys think about it too and leave me a comment. And I’m gonna come back with some of my ideas and we’re gonna talk about it and see if we can decide what we want to do, whoa Look at this messy room. You guys need to clean this messy room. It’s not very messy. It’s very very dirty. No it’s not. Now clean up the living room. So we think Ellie should dress up like a Cinderella and I’ll be a Cinderella too? That will be cute. We’ll both be Cinderella. Ellie do you want to be a Cinderella and me too? Yey princess twinners. Am I drunk or am I just seeing double what’s going on here? We have two Elmos. Elmos are everywhere. That’s really funny. I was like I swear I got rid of it. And I was like what if this was actually what if I give it to them. And I just barely bought it back, and then I was like let me just go check, and I went checked. We have two of the exact same thing. One’s a little bit bigger though. Yeah, Corbin’s is a little bit bigger. Yes It’s perfect. That’s terrific. His butt’s so cute. Let him walk around. Be a bear ape for a minute. Corbin’s a pumpkin, hey James careful. He wanted to be a fat man. Oh he’s so soft. Oh he’s so cute. Hi little teddy bear. We’re going to the store dressed like crazy people again. Oh I didn’t know you’re in costume, I’m just joking. So apparently she had a wardrobe misfunction. And now it’s really really long. And not feel embarrassed. She was the mom in the store that would run away from us and be like those are not my kids. And we’ll be always like mom! Whoo whoo that’s right? You can do it. Whoo whoo aha. Oh yeah, you can do it. That’s right. Whoo whoo uh-huh watch out for my body rolls. High kicks, this is how we do. All right our baby’s been done gone through Puberty already. You guys have been gone a long time. We have been gone a long time. What you looking at? We’re at Grandma’s house. So Charlie’s new costume it melted a little bit just on his arm pit. Actually from this shirt, it was from this shirt. Yeah, not even from his costume. Yeah, do you want to wear your hairy armpit shirt? He’s like no, I’m coming up the stairs. It really looks like an armpit hair, yes it does. It’s so cute. Look at that cutie right there just kidding. That’s gross. This is Cinderella goth. Oh yeah, I do like really black eyes. That will be so funny. Eye drops tear makeup. Look at him, there you are. He waved to say hi. This is one of those days. I think you just have to point that out so that people know you don’t normally look like that. Good thing you had him. I did I had his arm. He’s trying to get away from me. Okay babies are so wiggly. so wiggly He’s like eating his hands. Babies like to make things hard. There we go. I think I got it. There we go He has clothes again. When we don’t put clothes on him he will take off his diaper run and let go and be a naked baby all over the place. So it’s good that we put clothes on him just you know.

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