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Cover a Drop Ceiling with Wood Look Planks | Armstrong Ceilings for the Home

Cover a Drop Ceiling with Wood Look Planks | Armstrong Ceilings for the Home

>>In this video
you will learn how to convert your existing
2 foot by 2 foot or 2 foot by 4 foot drop ceiling into a plank ceiling
using Armstrong Easy Up clips. These clips
are designed to easily and securely snap on
to Armstrong 15/16 inch grid. If you don’t know what type
of grids you have sample clips can be ordered
through our website to test the fit. Before
beginning your project, review the complete
installation instructions that are available online. You’ll need the following
tools and materials.>>A saw, tape measure,
hammer or a drill, string line, Easy Up clips and WoodHaven Planks.Optional
trim is recommended
for a finished look. Keep these requirements in mind
before beginning your project. Woodhaven carten should be
open two to three days prior to the install
to allow the materials to adjust to room
conditions. Ceilings longer than 21 feet in length
will need an expansion joint. This joint is the gap between
the ends of the planks that allow the ceiling to
naturally expand and contract it can be covered
with decorative molding. In addition one half inch gaps need to be added
around all fixtures or obstructions.
Existing ceiling tiles must be removed
from the grid prior to installing
the easy up clips and the WoodHaven planks.
To begin, identify your plank direction. If your existing ceiling
use 2 foot by 4 foot panels you must run your planks
parallel to the main beams. If your ceiling used two foot
by two foot panels you can run the planks
in either direction. You can change a 2 foot
by 4 foot ceiling into a 2 foot by 2 foot ceiling
by adding cross tees. You may need to cut
your starter planks lengthwise tongue side off to create an even border
on opposite sides of the room. Take a look at this example to help you complete
your calculations. This example is also found
in the installation instructions which are available online. Now it is time to
install your planks. Leave a three quarter inch gap
along the starting wall. Lift the first plank up into place
and insert the Easy Up clips into the groove side
of the plank.>>Attach the non supported
cut edge with screws going into the existing wall molding. These screws should
be covered with molding at the end of the installation.
An Easy Up clip must be used everywhere a piece of grid
intersects the plank.>>If an easy clip
cannot be installed because of a grid intersection
attached a plank with a WoodHaven clips and screws included
in the carton to the face of the grid. Continue working your way
across the room installing the planks
stagger the joints as you move across the room.>> Once all the planks
are installed complete the room with crown molding
for a professional look. Your WoodHaven plank ceiling can be cleaned
with a damp cloth. Go online to see the full range
of WoodHaven plank options and to review the
complete installation instructions. Before you go.>>Don’t forget to hit
the Like button if you learn something
new about ceilings. Got comments and questions? Add them below and subscribe
to our channel if you want to see more.

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