Crashed Ice is INSANE

– [Announcer] Locked and loaded, Dallago’s locked and loaded! Scotty! (drum beat) (crowd cheering) (mattress springing) – Good morning, we’re
going to Crashed Ice! It’s gonna be really cool. Everybody comment first on this
video if you can get first! Oh-ho, snap! ♫ You didn’t get no sleep You gotta ride with a gangster! Look at this, it’s like
the end of the world! ♫ Everybody wanna come to
me like it was some disease ♫ But you won’t get a crumb from me Oh boy, we’ve got another good one! ♫ Got to do with it ♫ It’s about us, it’s about trust, babe ♫ Do with a little (laughs) You rebel! Road closed, she don’t care! ♫ Got to do, got to do with it babe ♫ What’s love So this is the event. Holy. (laughs) It’s gonna be dangerous! This is my credentials. I’m gonna put it right here so
I never forget where it’s at. I got it, I got the gold credentials, we can go wherever we
want today, anywhere. Some facts about the track. So here’s the plan, the athletes
are practicing right now. We’re gonna go meet ’em, we’re
goin’ to the locker room. I’m gonna get suited up to
actually skate on the course, which is gonna be really scary. I don’t know how to skate and
that course is pretty crazy. Oh, we’re gonna hang out with the pros! The guy that’s in first place, like he got first place last year. He’s actually a huge Shonduras fan, like he watches the
Best Day Ever every day, so like how random is that? That’s cool, it is gonna be a solid day. You got it! – I don’t have strong thumbs! – I’m in a helmet! (laughs) Whoa! I’m ready, punch me in the face! (laughs) Doesn’t even hurt! I’ve got these pants. They have a butt pad so I don’t get hurt. There’s what we got in the bag. The padded shorts. This thing, I think it’s
like a sports bra for guys. Nice, check it out! Unh! Gangster! All right, we got the
pants on, padded pants. Dylan’s helping me, you’re
one of the racers, right? – Yeah, I’m a Canadian racer. ♫ Oh Canada We’re gonna help Shaun out here, and then he’s goin’ on the
track with Cameron Naasz, gonna be a great time. – Rahhh! – [Man] I know you do. – Ahhh! I may be professional
next year, I’m racing. I guess there’s like a
giant drop at the start, that there’s no way I could do, so we’re not gonna do the giant drop, but then we’re gonna start after that and see if I can stay alive. – Shaun, hey! I don’t know how to stop though! All right, we’re gonna try the course. There’s Cam here, he’s like the pro. Cam!
– [Cameron] What’s up? – [Shaun] Teach me! – Dude, I can teach you. What do we got?
– He’s gonna teach me. Brad, do you wanna do some filmin’? – [Brad] Absolutely. – If you wanna go up this,
we’ll do sidesteps, like this, and you can get like higher. – Turn to your left. Maybe stop there. You don’t need to go all the way. – Ah! Oh, no! No! Yeah! – [Brad] Yes! – [Shaun] Come on! Oh, no! (screams) – [Man] I mean, it’s OK
’cause we’re goin’ up hills, but no one’s gonna go that fast. – [Shaun] Oh-ho-hoo-hoo, I made it! – [Man] Woo, high five! – [Shaun] Camera guy, watch
out, I don’t have control! – [Man] There you go!
– [Man] You’re killin’ it! – [Shaun] Whoa!
– [All] Woo! – [Man] Yeah! (laughs) – Nailed it! So we made it up that big hill. That was a lot harder than it looks. You had to like balance and
climb and like, it sucked. Then you go down and then this is the finish line right here. It’s a giant pad so that the racers can just like come in hot and then win and then slam the pad. Let’s test it. Ugh! See, it works great! – [Cameron] If we get the speed, then we’ll go up there and turn, we’ll come back, then we’ll
practice our smash again. – Hill.
– [Cameron] Maybe fall. – Smash, fall, smash, OK. I like to start in this stance. It’s all about the stance when you start! – [Cameron] Is this track and field? – Uh, you start like this. Three, two, one, ahh! Woo! On knees, then back, back up, yeah, second place! Ahh! All right! We’re goin’ to the top! Gentlemen, take us to the top! So there’s the course. You start on a cathedral, that’s insane! – It’s wild! – [Shaun] All right. Start. Oh, man. We’re goin’ up. Wow, look at the view! – And tonight, there will
be 100 plus thousand people filling this area. – [Shaun] Watching these guys
go, what’s the top speed? – Top speed, I think a
teammate of mine, Max Dunne, set a record last year
at 51 miles an hour. – 51 miles an hour, that’s ridiculous! And there’s a drop right
there, show the drop. – [Cameron] Huge drop. – And then you’re off and there’s a drop, a dip, and then like
a triple jump right there! This is insane, I would
never ever do this, ever. Just the bottom part. You’re crazy, man, high fives! (mid-tempo happy music) So the event’s gonna
start when it gets dark. We’re close, like one hour away. I’m gonna hop in the athletes’ place, see what is goin’ down over here. – [Announcer] (mumbles) minus two for Europeans and Canadian. Howie, not up front, but
pretty behind in the shadow. And then there will be a firework– – [Shaun] Hi, man, good luck! – Thank you, appreciate it, buddy!
– Kill it! I hope Cam crushes it! (mid-tempo happy music) – [Announcer] (mumbles)
five-second warning! (horn blares) (mid-tempo happy music) – Hey, Cam got first, nice! – [Man] Collision happens. – [Shaun] Killed it! Yeah buddy, keep goin’! (mid-tempo happy music) ♫ Ave Maria (singing in foreign language) (singing in foreign language) (mid-tempo happy music) (crowd cheering) – Dude, killin’ it! I like both those guys! – Shaun, where’s my
bodyguard, where’s my bod– – [Shaun] Dude, you are
killin’ it, keep goin’! Charlie, you’re on the vlog! – Yeah? – [Shaun] See ya, man!
– Bye! – [Announcer] (drowned out by crowd) – Cameron’s up again. I came in to get some food, but the second run. (horn blares) – [Announcer] Out of the gate. Good start by Cameron Naasz. Watch the knees down
(drowned out by noise). It looks like he loves it! He’s skating, he’s down. He goes down, that’s gonna cost him. – [Shaun] What? – [Announcer] Sticking with Cameron Naasz, not letting the– – [Shaun] Oh! – [Announcer] World champion
get through (mumbles) he is in! – That was a close one! It’s like, “He goes down,”
and then the TV went black, and I, it was intense. Good job, Cam! All right, it’s between heats, and guess what I just realized? You know earlier, like seven hours ago,
when we were skating? I ripped my pants. So I’ve been walkin’ around
with a hole in my pants all day. It’s kinda awkward. Update, Cam just won again! He’s moving to like the
semifinals now, yeah! (crowd cheering) (crowd cheering) – [Man] Boo! – [Announcer] Oh, wow, these guys, these guys are fierce competitors on, oh, we’re seeing hands here! – [Shaun] Boo! – [Announcer] Make some noise, St. Paul! – So these guys are mad at the other guys because I don’t know why. Boo! Boo! – [Announcer] All right, so again, seeing his different perspective– – That’s the guy that
cried and got his way, so now he’s in the finals. – [Announcer] Dean Moriarity
flying the Canadian flag. Team LTD! – I like him, I hope he gets second! – [Announcer] Of course,
from right here in Minnesota, he is your number one defending champion! Make some noise, St.
Paul, for Cameron Naasz! Everyone last year– – [Announcer] Here we go, St. Paul! The finals are here! Who is gonna stand atop the (mumbles), we’ve talked about it. Is it gonna be Americans,
gonna be Canadians, or is it gonna be (mumbles)? You’ve got Moriarity
goin’ into the corner! (crowd cheering) Here we go! (glass breaking) – [Shaun] Oh, man! Woo! Yeah, buddy! Woo! – [Announcer] We’ll think about it. (mumbles) gonna take a look at it. I think Moriarity, I
think Moriarity took it! I think he got his first win here! Dean Moriarity, the whole
time, he got cornered. ♫ Oh Canada ♫ Our home and native land ♫ True patriot love Dean Moriarity– – Let’s go! – Yeah, buddy! (crowd cheering) (hard rock music) Dude, good job! You did great, that was cool! This is the crash we showed earlier, the face flat, how was it? – You know, it was pretty hard
in front of 100,000 people, so you gotta do what you gotta do. – Shows hustle though, he was hustlin’! Good job, man, good stuff! All right, this event was awesome. Putting away the camera now. – Not yet, don’t do it yet, don’t do it! – Dude, you crushed it! How, did you have fun? That last corner was intense,
dude, you were flying! It was so good! – I don’t hit that wall, I get it, but that’s the sport. – Dude, you did awesome,
we’re gonna hang out. I have an idea, Will It Shred
a skateboard with ice skates and Cam’s gonna help me do it! – It’ll be sick! – We’re gonna do it, leave a
comment if you wanna see that! (crowd cheering) (mid-tempo hip hop music) – [Announcer] Make some
noise for Dean Moriarity! – [Shaun] Woo! – [Announcer] St. Paul, make some noise (mumbles) Dean Moriarity! Poppin’ bottles (mumbles)! (horns honking) (fireworks popping) – Hi, did you guys have fun today? It was the Best Day Ever? – Absolutely, Best Day Ever! – Yeah! Real talk, today was awesome. This was one of the most fun
events I’ve ever been to. Had a cool vibe, really cool people. Dylan, the dude who helped us like put on all the pads and
stuff at the beginning, and he ended up having like
the worst crash of the night. He like slammed his face. Anyways, he was awesome. He watches the vlogs as well. He’s like, “Dude, Best Day
Ever, so glad you’re here!” And then his brother, Dean, was the guy who ended up winning, so good job to him, he
was really cool as well. And then, of course, Cam, dude. Cam was the man. He taught us how to skate on the course. I like barely made it up
that hill, went down like, Cam, you’re probably watching this. Thank you, I had a blast. So Cam watches the vlogs as well! He’s like, “Dude, I watch like
every single Best Day Ever, “I’ve seen ’em all, this is so cool. “We should do a Will It Shred sometime,” so real talk, we’re probably
gonna do a Will It Shred with ice skates, that’d be awesome. The very last race, the
finals, was so intense. All of them were coming in. They were like neck and neck. The very last corner, they
were all comin’ in super hot. They like all slammed against the wall. Yeah, it was awesome. And then the dude who complained
to get into the finals, he ended up getting fourth in the finals. Bahh, don’t complain to get your way. Great day, great out of 10 day, 100%. Oh and, and fun fact,
this hotel was awesome. I thought it would be
super expensive, it wasn’t, and they had breakfast,
and they had wi-fi. Where’s the, Hyatt Place in Minneapolis, you guys did an awesome job. Solid $13 hotel and I met the owner while
I was at Crashed Ice. He’s like, “I think you’re
staying in my hotel.” He’s an awesome guy too, so if you’re watching this vlog, guy, you have a good $13 hotel. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch yesterday’s video. See you guys tomorrow, bye! (mid-tempo happy music) – Have the Best Day Ever!

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