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Creating Safer Intersections in Langley City

Creating Safer Intersections in Langley City

One of the leading causes of preventable injuries and fatalities is from motor vehicle collisions And if you’ve been in Langley City recently you’ve been noticing some changes probably in our road network These changes are to make walking, cycling, and driving safer for all members of our community One of the things you’ve been seeing recently is these things behind me called a curb extension Curb extensions like this have a couple of interesting features One of them is that it brings a pedestrian closer into the field of vision of the motorist The second feature is because it is narrower, it causes people to make turns slower And when people make turns slower Again you reduce the likelihood of a collision or fatality When we can’t do a curb extension like this right away because of cost We try to do temporary measures in preparation for extensions like this While these things may not have the highest curb appeal They do increase safety and they do reduce the number of fatalities and collisions at intersections This is why I think it’s important that Langley City continue to invest in safety features on our roads To make the quality of life better for all residents

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