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Custom Batman Hoverboard/Mini Segway tutorial

Custom Batman Hoverboard/Mini Segway tutorial

Hey everybody! This is this is Danny. This is going to be a tutorial of how to customize your hoverboard/Mini Segway. I’m using Duct Tape to do the hoverboard. I kind of started already. So this is kind of me recording my
progress as I go along. I decided to go with a cool Batman duct tape. That actually glows in the dark. I got it at The Home Depot for about $6 a roll. Hopefully I only need one
roll. I did buy two rolls just because with the duct tape as it gets messed up you can
go back and redo it. I brought an extra roll for future use. But yea this is what I have so far. What I did, I started my line where the top and the bottom meets. So I kind
of did it there. This piece right here is one solid piece here which i cut in the middle. And then since it angle in the corner I cut it out a little bit and then laid it over just so that it flows with it. Got a bit of a bubbling going. But like I can undo it and redo it. If i need
to. So like right here I would cut a little slit right here to get it so it can bend a little better. So this is the process so far.
I think it looks pretty cool. so far. I still have a lot more to do. So hang in there as I do this.


hey nice vid i have a white one and im getting tired of its color would you reccomend me doing this btw the lighting was a little bad so next time you do this try doing ot outside or somewhere that there is good lighting. bye

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