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Customising an Ebay-bought Skateboard

Customising an Ebay-bought Skateboard

Hi there mate So basically, I bought this skateboard from e-bay when I was like 11 -about 6 years ago- and my taste was pretty different *repulsively different* and I used it for about a month after buying it then stopped using it completely Then years later, it was the spring of 2017 *dramatic music* I have become obsessed with a parkour team called Storror and I open their instagram story one day and see a Max Cave doing a little skating POV Then I was like ‘damn, that looks siccc fam’ So I got inspired and got my skateboard out of the garage where it was buried under several years worth of discarded furniture & general items I cleaned the cobwebs and spider skeletons off of it (nice) and took it out to test my long forgotten skateboard ‘skills’. There I am, on the side of the street, waiting for some cars to pass by so no one sees me looking like an absolute wanker I place my board down on the ground slowly and strategically, using my calculator to work out the optimum angle it should be against the kerb and measuring the distance between where my foot will go and each edge and curve of the board for upmost comfort and stability (that was a joke btw, but that’s how it seems now that I look back at it lmao) I took my first push in years and it felt pretty shite lmao But that’s why I continued skating and wanted to get better because once I was able to skate down streets and small hills and stuff, it felt amazing So at this point in time (August 2017), after skating a few months and meeting people and trying other people’s skateboards I realise I’m only into the cruising part of skating, and not the tricking, competitive or extreme areas So I decided that the best thing for me would be to use a Cruiser instead of a trick-board but I didn’t want to get a longboard or a penny board (etc.) because I felt confident on my deck, and I may choose to learn very basic tricks in the future (wow she’s really going for it) So this is the result, I turned my old skateboard into a cruiser by changing the small (generally) tricking wheels to bigger (60mm), softer (78A) cruiser/longboard wheels. and also because the art was so out of my taste I decided I might as well change it. Check out how I made the art for the sticker in my other video, link top right of screen 🙂 I wanted a clean, summery look though so I had to remove what was already on the back of the board Which at that time was white acrylic paint that I had covered the ‘edgy’-11 year old-chosen-art with This was a pain in the ass to remove as you can see in the first section of this video but was removed anyway, revealing a fresh, wooden texture


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