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Cutting Girls Hair Prank 2

Cutting Girls Hair Prank 2

Oh this girl right here yo subscribe right now turn on post notifications if you haven’t already And come back every week Oh hell yeah what just needed some hair I needed it for a hair collection. I needed it Hey you got something here What I just need itself for my hair collection is it fine I just took a little bit off the top Hey real quick girl, I thought you were pretty cute you think I can get your number Wish your flower. We’ll get them next time. No All right, well, I guess I’m just gonna take some of your hair What what what what I didn’t do anything. I swear just a little bit just a little bit what? What? Instead of bugging there. It was a bug in your head. Yeah Right, yeah, I’m just gonna cut it I’ll give it back you later Looks like you’ve got some in your hair What yeah, yeah, I just I just need it I need it for my hair collection What I just yeah, I was just taking a little bit off it’s a free haircut like literally haircuts are like 20 bucks I’m just I’m just helping you out. Hey, can I get a little more? Oh Crap oh I just needed some ham. Sorry. I just need a little bit. I just need a little bit It’s just a little bit off the back It’s just a tiny bit What What do you mean, can I get a little more though why But like I just need a little more can’t get some of yours I can get some of yours oh my Bad I just had to get some hair I just got a little bit like it’s not much just a little bit Yeah, I’m just like trying to make like a voodoo doll. I Mean it’s just a little trim you owe me to get a little more I’d get a little more Do it back it’s fun. Sorry here, let me get a little more first Okay, just let me get a little more. Just just a little more just a little more of it, please just Let me get a little more why not? It’s just a joke


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when i watch this im like whu are thr girls running like that so slow and so week like bitch pick up your foot and run aka I'm a girl so dont come at me

It would have been nice if you would cut some more hair and the girl should not feel that you have cut the hair

I love your brother .. And I love your pranks .. Just …Be careful with scissors though .. Billion things can go wrong with it ..

this is fucking gross. I dont care about gender or shit, but like, have some common decency. This isnt pranking, this is assault. This and nearly every other one of your "pranks" are borderline crimes

Western girls have no idea about black magic?

Anyone can get any girl's life if he get a piece of her hair!
A piece of your hair can make you you crazy for anyone or even harm yourself you can't imagine of!
It's all about BLACK MAGIC!!!!
I wonder (It was not their hairs tho) they didn't wanna get the hair back!!!

I think that you should use the electric shaver for the girls hair cutting. The sound of the shaver makes all the difference!

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