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Dan has an accident

Dan has an accident


Dan I'm proud that you gave it a go but he safe lol there's only one Dan like you. And the show wouldn't be the same without you bruv

Honestly that took some balls to try, I've been skating on and off for years and have never had the courage to try it. He's a champion.

so after he fell down, i was thinking to myself, dam i wish i could see that a bit slower……then i remembered what channel i was watching…

Imagine going to a hospital and a doctor saying “so how did you get this” and dan replying by saying “I made a bet with tony hawk”

The dumb moment you realize that you go into youtube settings to put playback speed at .25x and then smack yourself in the face when you remember you're watching the slow mo guys. -_-

The way Dan committed like that was extraordinary, how he put his all his leg and weight into it was so great and ballsy!


That… that actually would be valuable medical data. Yeah… @#SloMoGuys please tell me you gave this footage to the doctors. It might help them advance medical science and healthcare worldwide. 🙂

This took me 3 tries to watch the whole thing. It kept bringing me back to see another couple minutes. It's been a long time since I screamed at the screen. Why is Dan always the one? You guys capture my attention every time you post anything new.

No wrist pads? That was bound to be disastrous! Wrist pads are the most important protection to wear when skating, more important than knee and elbow pads. You guys had it coming…

Dang, mad props to Dan. That was effed up but it was effing rad at the same time! He's a modern day hero, which have grown few and far in between. Thanks for being a hero Dan.

My question is… what was he gonna do if he made it? Would he have gone up the ramp in front and just fallen off? Would he have tried to just stick it through? Woulf he have slammed in the ramp in front of him? I'm really curious.

Dude, Dan has serious balls to do this. I've skateboarded since I was young and this would be terrifying for me! Good on ya mate 😎👊

As a skater… he done this amazing for his first time and doing it on a 14ft Vert ramp is ballsy in itself. Everyone ive seen drop in for the first time leans back and shoots out.

It’s funny because you can hear his heavy breathing and see he is trying to be brave and quickly shoves his foot down, then proceeds to basically fall straight down.

Ya'll don't realize how much balls it takes to do that and Dan committed more than what enough. Usually people fall backwards on verts because of fear.

I’ve been skating for a couple of years and I have never even gone NEAR a vert ramp. Shout out to dan for even trying this…

Okay but props to Dan like I couldn’t do it. Oh bless him. I’ve watched this so many times since it came out and I still makes my anxiety go waiting for him to go

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