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I’m gonna get you… Fun Are you guys getting ready to go to store? I’m gonna bring this. What is that anyway? It’s cardboard mom cut it out, it looks like a bird. It looks like an airplane but it’s a helicopter. And like a bird airplane huh? But it’s a helicopter? Yeah Interesting, it flys. How do helicopters fly? Oh very fancy. So we’re getting ready to go the store, we gotta go get some food. And I’m gonna buy my own thing. It’s Captain Crunch it’s peanut butter crunch. But you don’t have enough money? You keep spending all your money every time you earn it. You don’t save it. So you can buy other stuff. Shopping… What’s wrong with grumpy Ellie? Let’s go shopping Ellie. Hi Ellie… Go… Oh no, she’s locked in I just buckled her in. And she’s trying to escape. Anyways we were shopping, and I just buckled Ellie in because she wanted to be out now. She’s wanting to get unattached, is that better? Oh she wanted to do it herself. I laid her down in this right here and with her like back in her little fluffy coat like poofing her in the inside of it. And then I said Oh whatever you do don’t fall asleep. And she went… It was so cute. What are you doing standing up like that? What are you doing? Let’s not crash anything. And this is how I keep them entertained while Michael is trying on some clothes. Holiday season is coming up. And it has all my favorite candy. Now what’s going on over there? We’ve got Corbin on this side and James over there. And they’re fighting each other. For space. Full shopping cart and this cute little baby. He is a precious baby. Michael’s paying for stuff. You know what? Going to Walmart during bed time for the kids is so much fun. I love how we have the hat that James was wearing when we got here is now the hat that you’re wearing. Yeah he ran the shopping cart ran it over. It just came off his head and I said oh well, I guess I’m wearing it now. And then ten minutes later, no joke he says where’s my hat? I guess he didn’t recognize it was missing. Yeah he said something else was missing, but I don’t know what it is. And we’re not going back for it whatever it was. James do you know where we are? Yeah Where’s this place? It’s in Springville, and we’re at the post office to get Torpedo. We’re our torpedo box. And we’re gonna see what’s inside. No torpedoes. Just try again, try again? Yeah, let’s see if there’s another one. It might have a torpedo in it. No torpedoes Those are cute. You like that? I like those. I think they look good. You have some camo pants he’s doing a little fashion show for me. Except the runway is covered with junk. I was trying to organized. Hey come back here I wanna see your cute butt. That looks good. Now have a good look. Actually I really like those. Yeah, they’re long enough. And they’re in style more than any of the other clothes. I think cuz they’re not like a super freaking baggy. And they’re also like really like stretchy material. Yeah, so they’re not gonna rip with the crotch like with all my other pants. Well a little stretch doesn’t come in handy every now and then. I guess. Who’s the one doing better guys? Are you okay? You alright? She did beat me and that was just a little snippet from the periscope that we did tonight. It was actually Becca’s first periscope ever. On pins and things. So if you want to go check out pins and things on Twitter you can follow her periscoping. I thought it would be fun to do that. We might do some more soon so stay tuned for that if you want to follow us on periscope. Hopefully you love today’s video. Make sure to check out yesterday’s video if you missed it. It was super super fun Just being able to hang out with all Becca’s family and have a really relaxing Sunday. I almost broke my ankle. Yeah, she almost broke her ankle tonight. She’s just a little bit, but she’s fine now. Also check our pins and things. We’re posting all the inside-out costumes this week. If you want to check those out go see them now. See you tomorrow.

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