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No way! Are you okay? Okay, I’m back from Walmart I got what I wanted. I have to be quiet cuz Michael’s just in the bedroom. I’m in the office right now by the way I clean the office look at this amazing amazing. Okay I got him the hover board. I want to give it to him so bad. I’m so excited about tomorrow. Here’s the only issue I want him to be able to actually play with it on his birthday and it takes six hours to charge. so I’m really debating giving it to him tonight. I have been so stealthy with this by the way. I wanted to get him this for his birthday last year and finances just wouldn’t allow it, so this year I’m like I mean we’re going on a trip it was a stretch to get it it was like $300. But, I’m like okay maybe I should just give it to him tonight. I’ve kept it a secret over a year probably like two years because I’ve wanted it for him ever since I saw it and I really think he’s gonna like it. I really do. In the car on the way over he was like is this like more for business or personal like business or fun? And I was like I’m not gonna say anything. Because sometimes I’ll give him something for his birthday that’s like for a business that we couldn’t afford up until at that point when it was like okay I’m just gonna bite the bullet and get it or him. This one is all fun, he wants it really bad right now. He is so curious he has no idea what it is and he’s like dying, to find it out he really wants me to give it to him tonight. I think I might just give it to him tonight. I think he’s really gonna love it i really do i think he’s really gonna love it. Let’s go tell him that he can open it up. Michael yeah I’m gonna give you your birthday present tonight. On my birthday? That’s right. It’s officially your birthday it’s past midnight. It is my birthday. Come out into the family room, okay. You’ll want to put your phone down. I’m putting it down. I am so excited. Ryan you think he’s gonna love it? Maybe Jessica do you think he’s gonna love it? Michael how do you feel about their reactions to it? Do you think they already know what it is. I have no idea. I absolutely have no clue. That makes me so happy. You have no idea how happy that makes me. Is it a Christmas tree? Congrats we’re pregnant. Just kidding I’m not. Really, that’s so good I love that. I’m so glad you have no idea what it is. Should I unwrap it for you? And then you can look at it. Oh did you see? I’m opening it, okay… No way! A hover board I read reviews and everybody said any other brand is not as good as this one. This is a good one. This is a good brand. Hey you know what? This is good because I have to charge it. It needs to be charged. That is right that is the only reason why i was like maybe I should give it to him tonight. So that on his actual birthday he could play with it. Thanks baby this is cool. It’s only for business just kidding. This would replace our car. It weighs a ton. I didn’t know Walmart sold these. Yes they do. Well what do you think are you surprised? Yeah I’m really surprised. And I’m excited. Is it something that you would have never bought for yourself but you wanted? Probably never would’ve bought. Did you want it? Have I never ridden on one of these? No that’s why i was like Well these were trending two year three years ago. So you’re a little bit late. Well you know what? From the moment i saw it I wanted one for you. Oh snap what did you do? It’s a mini car, it’s a two-wheeled car. It’s almost as gratifying for me. I think you should ride it. Six hours for initial charge. There you go. You get your present but you can’t use it till your birthday anyhow. Good morning everybody. I don’t have any make up on. Somebody came to me and said I want to go potty. So here’s a quick little glimpse of who’s going potty. I’m going potty. He said I want to go potty. And he pointed in the bathroom kind of like curious so I was like okay he came in here. Put him on stuck him straight on the toilet and he’s there. Now he’s sitting on the toilet. That’s good, now he just needs to put his poop and his pee in the toilet. That’s how he’s gonna do it. Most likely this is not a serious thing and he’s not gonna really work but Check this out, look at how many people are standing around him now. That’s hilarious. Hey you know what? I think he’s more than capable of using the toilet if we just continue helping him and encouraging him he will be able to do it. You might not believe it’s possible but I do. All right I think we’re ready. I wrote this for of him and there’s something on the inside. I’m excited. Di you rip something? James gave me two dollars. And a note. It says Happy cake does that mean happy birthday? Yeah happy Happy I love dad, love James. That’s so sweet. I love you That’s cute, good job James. That’s so thoughtful. Thank you, you’re welcome. I’m gonna hang this up on the wall in my office. And I will treasure it. Okay Charlie Hey you guys remember I’m over here and I am going potty guys. He actually poops or pees in the toilet I’m gonna give him a little bit of my candy. I have a special surprise dad. Yeah Ellie’s bringing it. I made it. You can tell it’s from Ryan coz it’s wrapped in Spongebob. That’s so true. A new battling deck for Pokemon. I don’t have any of this set. I never bought Pokemon cards in a while. Thanks Ryan, the cool part is opening it up though. Opening up this? Yeah New cards A clue! Is that a good one? Actually you know what? This is a card code. Do any of you guys play the Pokemon online trading card game? I’m gonna give you guys this code. This is my birthday present to you guys. So take a good look at that code. Go enter it into the pokemon trading card game online and you’ll be able to download this same deck. And I got this. Thank you Ryan, you’re welcome. Do you think there’s good ones in it? Yeah I hope so, I’m excited. Well the time has come. It’s Michael happy happy happy birthday. Well the time has come Michael’s turning thirty thirty one Oh the time has come where Michael gets to play on his birthday present. This is gonna be scary. Michael i said go in the kitchen. He’s starting to play with this. What if you’re on it backwards? Be careful Be careful you scared me. This is really sensitive. Michael wait, okay this is gonna end badly. I could tell, okay hold still. I’m gonna balance on you guys. Michael wait try it in here where there’s a counter on each side and you can hold on to them. That’s smarter and it’s not on carpet and I’ve heard that’s better so. Oh really? Yeah What’s happening? Did you read the instructions? Yeah It’s so sensitive. Just get on it until you figure out how to ride it. You know you can go backwards too right not just forwards? try going backwards It’s scarier. Are you okay? Yeah Be careful Go back in the kitchen where it’s safe. Just go back and forth holding on the whole time until you get the balance on it. Dad you’re so cool, thanks baby. yeah, you’re so cool, yep just hold on I’m having a hard time filming cuz i’m like wanting to see you in real life versus just filming sometimes because I want to make sure you’re okay. That’s better… You’re doing better, that makes you so much taller though. You know you can just stand up normal. No I can’t I’m scared about it. Everybody was a noob at one point so ha This is harder than I expected yeah Well I never tried on these at somebody else’s house cuz you would have not done a very good job and haven’t had practice time probably. It looks like Charlie’s turn. Charlie we got to take turns. Holy cow he’s pretty good at that. It’s scaring me. Are you getting nervous? Yeah He’s got good reflexes it looks like so that’s good. Try to go across the room. That’s so funny to me. Charlie you gotta wait your turn. Well I think James might have gotten the hang of it sooner than you. I guess he had somebody hold his arms. Was it fun to ride on it? Mom’s gonna get on. No I can’t believe I’m better than you mom. I think you’re shorter your center of gravity is a lot lower it’s easier to kind of like, I correct the wrong direction. I push forward instead of backwards. I try to correct myself to push it backwards. Just try to balance. There you go Don’t let go The new toy dad got for his birthday. It’s like learning hot to walk for the first time. It is really. Mom dad’s letting go of you. He’s not touching here. It is my first time ever using one. Okay it’s Ryan’s turn to try it out. Try it all out. It’s moving It’s not suppose to do that, yes it is. I’m awesome. Hey you’re doing better than me. Okay we’re beyond the normal practices. Why is there no light in here? Yeah, all the lights are burnt out in here we need to change them okay. I’m going fast as I can. Charlie said I want turn. Watch out Charlie you’re getting run over. Yeah daddy’s having fun it’s his birthday. I wanna try it, can I try it? Yeah you can try it. It’s so hard to control. This is so fun. You’re gonna break my toy. Charlie is heavy. Sing happy birthday. Grandpa? I’m not that old. thank you It’s two o’clock in the morning i had a really awesome birthday. We went out and saw Thor. And we also went to dinner and it was really good birthday. Thank you everyone for the happy birthday wishes I love you guys so much and we’ll see you guys tomorrow. So many times the kids come and stare. We’re making big noises and we’re having a lot of fun. Doing things that we shouldn’t be doing. Don’t stand in the counter and dance. Stop twerking kids. I’m not twerking. You are twerking. No Let’s twerk about something else. I was like go to bed. And we’re like no one’s looking let’s do bad stuff. I remember like they’re always having fun. Let me go to bed. Like I was thinking about that with mom and dad. When we were younger. Jessica go to bed. We’re doing adult stuff that’s not naughty. Not naughty stuff. I’m an adult, I do what I want. I remember when we were upstairs and we were throwing fencing like kicking her legs up and down and the kids came up look at us and it’s like what is happening? and we’re like and then we might have had like our legs up in the air and we looked, go to bed. It’s so comedic. All of the circumstances we get ourselves in. After the kids go to bed and then we’re like go to bed And then we’re like whatever what we’re doing. Caught in the counter dancing. These naughty children I am so much mature than that. You’re twerking even wasn’t twerking. I know I was intentionally not twerking at twerking. I was just the twerking. And I wasn’t twerking. He was totally twerking. No I wasn’t. No coz I’ve done that before and I hurt my back.

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