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It was fathers day. It was a nice sunny day, and we were getting on the freeway to come home. I saw about an 8ft piece of wood, That was used to support the excavator. I feel like I watched it drop, roll, roll and all I kept thinking is, oh my god we’re dead. My brother, my sister, and myself were ejected from the car. I turned around and there was nobody in the car, all three of my kids were gone. I woke up, and there’s this off duty patrol officer that saw the whole thing. I look into like his sunglasses, and I see like a reflection of my arm, just fully mangled, just completely gone. They think that maybe the first or second roll of the car, that his arm probably got pinned outside of the window, because it wasn’t a cut, it was a tear. It was hard to know what to say I mean, I was looking at Stevie laying there, and he was thirteen and just, a few days away from his birthday, and all I could think is he’s gonna go back to school as a freshman, and have to deal with this whole new challenge in life. After the accident, like, I just wasn’t afraid to just be myself. Everyone was like stoked on it so I was like, oh alright, I guess people do like me, because I’m just being me. When I started skating again, I was like pretty stoked, because I was thinking, I wasn’t very good before when I had two arms, I was like, if I can do some things with one arm then I’m already skyrocketing my levels right there. Yeah I went to this little skate spot when I got out of the hospital. A little manual pad. I was like, if I can manual this thing first try, i’m already better than I was before. I hit the manual first try, I was just like, alright it’s on, I was hyped. It is really amazing to see how much skateboarding has done for him in his life. I think it’s helped him become who he is. And, it’s also just like a whole community of friends that just from day one like rallied around him. And they were like, You can do this, you know you’re a survivor. One of my biggest obstacles is just falling to my right side and not being able to catch myself. I dont have the arm to catch myself if I hang up and fall backwards. cracked some ribs or like, my collarbone, certain tricks I’m a little nervous to really commit to. Skateboarding accepts me because, we’re like a family. We all have the same common bond. It doesn’t matter if you have one arm, or if your black or white, its all the same. The feeling of just landing a trick, it’s just the best feeling. And the fact that I’m still able to do that, even though I have one arm like, it’s just the best thing. And it makes me wanna just keep going, it really helped me out alot. Definitely gonna skate for as long as I can. Until my knees give out. So I lost my arm, but I didn’t lose my positivity. Shit happens, and it’s just about how you deal with it. He’s fucking stoked to be here. He knows he might not have made it you know. You see someone there that, may look like he’s got a gnarlier situation, with a bigger smile than you, what do you got to complain about? This dudes fucking out there just shining light on any situation. I get my positivity from my mom, because she’s just such a strong person, and it really inspired me to stay strong through what I’m going through. She had to watch her son go through such a crazy thing. And the fact that she was able to stay positive just kept a smile on my face. I like woke up, just laying down right here somewhere. My sister was down that way, my brother ended up across the street pretty much on the other side of the freeway. The fact that i’m like here, when I shouldn’t be, is pretty crazy. I just learned to enjoy pretty much every moment, cause you never know what the fuck’s gonna happen. He’s proud of who he is you know, he’s proud of the fact that this happened to him and it didn’t overcome him, it didn’t like defeat him. He is Lefty, that’s who he is and, I think he decided from that moment like, if I didn’t die, i’m gonna live.


This video is only up for a couple hours and it has 2 down votes? I hope those were mistakes! If not imagine how the self hate those people must deal with. Imagine you feel so shitty and miserable about yourself that you see something like this and it makes you mad enough to take time out to hate on it. Anyway this dude is awesome! A lot of people would let something like this destroy them. He decided to accept it, own it, and embrace it! And I'm sure that is what has brought him not only peace but a tremendous amount of wisdom and understanding of what it means to be alive. Mad props to him!

I've seen lefty shred for 15 years now..first time I every went to OB park at age 14..and I remember him skating by with just 1 arm, made me just realize that life shouldn't be full of excuses as to why you cant do something. The saying should be "everything is possible".not anything.. thank you for all the years of skate growth. Keep shredding

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