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Delivering FIRST Envy Prodigy S8 to Fan! *BEST REACTION*

Delivering FIRST Envy Prodigy S8 to Fan! *BEST REACTION*

a little higher and your solid black car Do you know how long it has been since I got to yell that and everybody got out of the street? Okay, so two things to start the video off today Number one steve-o is currently at what we west and I have a deal for him Yeah, so I have a deal for you. Here’s the deal. Listen closely. Can you from Polk quad? Yeah You can if you can from slip quad over the box at Woodward west and send me the clip within the next Ten minutes then I’ll let you drive the GTR 10 minutes Volstead. All right there. Okay one and done. It’s currently 11 28, so he hasn’t told ho got 11 oh, that’s 11 29, but we’ll give 1139 now she has to get that clip dear Bye and if he gets it by 11:40, maybe what we’ll see if we’ll make it work number two We have got a prodigy s8 here. Now. The reason I had this prodigy s8 is because I’m actually okay backtrack As many of you guys may know and we recently had an online giveaway regarding a bunch of the prodigy s8 scooters Now it was basically one of those like repost hash tag kind of things. You guys have seen us before online Well, one of the winners that won this specific projects eight lives here in my hometown So this is the very first prodigy s8 scooter that has been in my town This is the first first one and we’re gonna be giving it away today I get to deliver it by hand – his name is Andrew and he lives like right down the street So this works out really really well so we can make it kid happy we get to pressure Stevo and you’re doing a frontal quad Whip and then we might go look at GTRs after I think this sounds like a great plan 11:34 right now so we got another five minutes until steve-o does not get to drive the GTR when I eventually Get it if I eventually get it, I know steve-o is pretty dang good at front flips And I’ve seen him do a front flip triple before and I’ve seen him do a front foot quad But I’ve never seen him do a front flip quad over like a big box That’s how I’m do it over the resi box at scooter zone. So we’ll see Oh, 11:30. I’ve not much time left bud He would be stress and hard right now because I know he’s been like really bothering me lately. He’s like, right. Yeah What so I can drive it? That’s one reason. He wants me to go GTR so he can drive it No, I was not sure. He wants to he wants me to get one just because he wants to see it My phone’s went off 11:36. Let’s see Okay, see though you you earned it you did it well done sir we got column Good How many tries? Four or five that’s good. Well then sir. That was awesome. I’d you I’ll talk to you soon Good job that worked out really really well, but now we have to take this scooter over to Andrew and get his reaction Okay, we’re here Okay, forget that forget the handle nice to meet you I have something for you. What’s up, dude? I’m like shaking open it up, dude. Okay, let’s check. Yeah. I know you’re just You know, it’s funny. The first time I will have ever seen this scooter unboxed It’s actually probably the first unboxing on YouTube ever of this scooter. Thank you. Yeah when you found out you won What was your reaction when you actually found out you? Ribbit you need that box the Box gonna straighten the track. There you go. If only the bosses were as strong as the scooters long All kinds of other goodies too must be nice looking he’s got like all kinds of env stickers you got you got any pockets I’m assuming they all like it dude does wheels can I had those? Look at the bottom. This is my favorite part of this one. Look at the bottom Boom dude you got like that a holograph I love this like it’s just like a little bit of flavor, but it’s so cool You have the vlog in your hands right now, bro Let me get this straight you got your helmet on you at your brand new scoot for no shoes So this is the oil slick prodigy it looks so cool We love this one and I love the wheels on this Like I said, I like the fact that those wheels just stand out so much What what what can you learn every single try flat every shot? more spin okay pressures on There we go. Yes, sir. There it is. Boom Oh Did you got that just jump a little higher a little higher and your solid black car Do you know how long it’s been since I got to yell that and every got out of the street car? How’s it feeling so far? It’s really it’s nice. You like it good Yeah, absolutely, thank you Andrew goes to my local skate park I’ve seen him there multiple times and we’ve ridden together before now he’ll go to the skate park He gets a ride on a brand new whip and I’m probably gonna steal it we’ve got you something because you know what we end result when he goes to skatepark noises and he needs every four and things are Really cool that you’re great with all the kids and they all say the same thing that you know Even the people that Ellen’s bike shop says you’re an awesome role model for the kids and we appreciate it, too On behalf of my wife and I we got you something in Android. It’s onyx bracelet The nave two video it keep you strong and keep moving forward and just thank you for much We’re working this out with us and Angie. We really really thank you very much I think is sick. I like that a lot. That flat black is really cool Just as R always an inspiration to the kids and always positive with them and as parents, we really appreciate that Well, thank you very much. I appreciate it. It’s a very kind gesture of both of you. I think it’s so cool So I think that was a really good success I think it was awesome and he loves his scoot, what do you think It’s amazing So you guys know we got crews on throughout the rest of the day yo buy me that Come on, dude. Don’t be like that Tito Tito Tito. We’re supposed to be friends, bro So we’re out here looking at this 2018 right now. This one is extremely nice I like the silver But it doesn’t really matter because it would be getting rad from Carlos not too out really really like the 2018 But I’m not really looking at 2018 I want a 2017 because there’s not that much different between 2018 and 2017 for me to actually justify spending extra ten to fifteen thousand dollars on it This one is really really cool. One is eighty four grand and it’s got all black interior on it too, which is really nice I originally wanted tan interior, but I think I’m leaning more towards the black because it’s more stealth these wheels are decent as well I’ll actually like these a lot eventually I would want to get new wheels regardless obviously got the big old fat Brembos on there and Cheetos gonna whip out his wallet right now. We’re gonna get it done Just let’s do it the thing I like about the newer ones is that front end is so Freaking mean there’s so many different sharp edges on it and things like that as opposed to like this I’m here, which is 2016. Another thing about this year that I like is like this pinch on the normal GT I was like 20 2009 up until 2016 there was no like this just kind of ended it was kind of like this right here where it kind of comes out and just Goes straight in almost almost a 90-degree angle, but not quite but I love the fact that this comes out like that I love sharp edged cars. This has got the stock exhaust on here It looks like so I would be changing that out to maybe an army Tricks exhaust or something like that like the black interior What do you guys think click that car right now list now? Do you guys like the black interior or do you like tan or red interior? like I said I think I’m leaning more towards the black because it’s more stealth and it’d be dark when I’m driving the car Which is cool to me. This one is a 2016 I kind of like these wheels, but I think they’re a little bit too busy for me personally But it has the red interior on this one. You guys can see it in there like which is really cool Also, I just think I’m leaning more towards. It’s the full black interior I mean that yeah, come on, dude be a good friend, dude Your mom has a Maserati just really quickly go to Craigslist put up an ad for a Maserati SUV And when they show up to be like I only take cash, bro No cashier’s check for me and then just leave it to me. Your mom will never know. It’s just even watch my videos, dude Just even watch my videos So even even if you did it and she did find out that you did it I wouldn’t get in trouble because she doesn’t watch my freaking videos. Just do it. Come on be a pal be a pal c’mon We tried so check this out on the 20s, this is a 2016 Like I said, it’s got a little bit of crackage right here in the front end But see this line, I hear this little pinch on the hood and it kind of comes into the front end and just stops Right here not to say this run. It doesn’t look good. But look at this one Okay, what’s gonna give you a nice little shot right here? We’re gonna pull over to the 2018 and that line is just way more Vigorous and aggressive and it goes into that front end where the whole intercooler would be on the inside obviously But it goes into the actual front bumper. So that’s a lot meaner to me. I like it. It’s so aggressive It’s so gnarly you know, it’s it’s not that I don’t like my Focus RS. I love this cars car. So cool It’s a lot of fun. I like to ride. It’s growing on me a lot in the past year I just like I said that car said GTR wherever it is. I can’t really see the screens really small but over here somewhere that’s been like my dream car and I’ve been feeding over it for the past six months and I watch a Fenian I mean fricking feenin every single night I’ve been online looking like GTR videos Nissan GTR versus whatever Aventador whatever I’ve been looking every single video on Youtube about GTRs that it’s not like the main page and whatnot. I’ve seen them I’ve seen every single one one day guys one day Tito will get there one day, but let’s cruise over to the park Get some writing done cuz I need to be happy right now because I’m upset that I’m leaving without this car Oh my god, so I just tried Fleur handplant for over an hour, and I got it But just barely fingertips just barely fingertips So glad that that is over with but now it’s time to do more than one trick for the next hour But we don’t have that much longer here as you guys can see it’s getting a little bit dark out here It’s probably looks even darker because of the fact that I have my sunglasses off. So let’s get some more clips Okay So we’re at the top of this hill right now the skateboard is all the way down there and we currently have the corner gate open which never ever happens and Everybody’s up here and we’re all gonna bomb this hill right now for no reason It doesn’t give you any more speed and if you were to just do it ten feet outside of the gate and do tricks Oh, I’ll go first I want to flip I’m going to turn around and all you guys can just pile up and crash into each other cuz I know That’s exactly what’s gonna happen. Okay. All right like I said, this is like Who is really pointless but we’re doing it. Anyway, I’m gonna do a back II out of that Bank right now and They’re coming Get it get it I Don’t know how that worked as well as it did. All right guys, one giant high-five. We’re all gonna high-five right here Okay, here we go. One two three At least two people got hit in the face right there. All right, let’s cruise this way We’ll get a quick flip on the rail straight into the front sight lift stall or disaster I guess is what I would call sad. Get my back on this quick Eyes get that. All right Gang it’s a Long way I can’t. Hey, let me see my inverted hand plant. Come on. Quit playing these games I want to see you land at the time. I told you to do this like 10 times you have it landed upon me once Sending it south landed One more one more go To hang it set every time I see these do is they’re fighting about something All right. Let’s get a quick what do you put double? Do something cool do a backflip jess is not happy about this because he recently broke his ankle But he’s just afraid to do everything right now But he doesn’t have to be let’s see it right now drop it in down the bank the backi snatch both legs Hey do this with me flip with Let me flip the other back, okay, let me try that. Yeah do that. It’s a Bummer I Was actually pretty close I’ll give you that come on get another one. Come on show me how it’s done Okay, no more no more whoa, sorry, Mike jess is currently complaining over a flare You have the sticker on your helmet. You can’t do this. You can’t play these games. All right, Jess. I’m ready Are you guys ready? Cuz if Heep snaps both of his ankles right now, give me quite the video. See you Mike Let’s see it Mike, right? Whoa, if you don’t do it right now you owe me a cheeseburger Why was that so difficult to do whoever did it like exactly like you did four months ago, no problem another one do another one That one we gotta try to jump up the entire set that’s not hard. There’s really one up six stairs. All right, watch out Break a leg Well, it’s getting dark and it’s about time for us to leave. So we’re gonna call it right there Thank you guys so much for watching as always Hope you guys enjoyed today’s video shots of these dudes for always participating in the videos much Love to these guys, but do not forget to get your merch at Christmas is coming up. So get those lists out get those products on it and until next time boys out of here


I seriously live for these moments. I was so happy to be able to do this. Thanks to Envy Scooters for making this possible!

I am 13 and I have been riding those plastic wheels and the button bars from when I was 5 And is just now starting to break it keeps folding and I can't fix it:/

I love watching you you are my favourite YouTuber and I have watched you for so long and I love scootering but don’t have one

If Raymond Warner didn't give to the people in need then only 1 percent would scooter thanks to Ray he gives the people in need

I have been trying to get me a scooter but there kinda expensive can somebody help me out to know what to get I hope Raymond see this

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When you said we are going to try to jump the steps I thought you were going to jump it on your scooter I got exited 😂 ( nice jump though)

hi Raymond this is tom and i just want to thank you so much for being such a positve insprashon to me and for being a living angle to this world

can i have a scooter because mine is a walmart scooter and my dad cant't afford any because we had to spent a lot of money to meet my grand parents i have subscribed #scoot for life

Hey Raymond, i use to scooter along time ago but then stopped and ive been watching you for so long. you motivated me to get back into scootering. ive been riding for about a month now and just landed my first tailwhip flat, thank you so much for the motivation I respect you alot

Raymond man you deserve a fucking Nissan gtr you know why? Because you are the nicest youtuber for kids ive ever seen if you got the money buy amediatly a gtr love from holland ❤️ 🇳🇱

I have a problem my scooter is a envy s 7 with a reaper v2 and i do no if i need a spacer i have a new clamp because it is to smal
Because my scooter is not perfect not everitime it is dild en old that problem not sraigt bar

its really awesome how you do so much for your fans. you see it much at this video, and also the one where you got to a kid that was so far away from you, just to meet him and help him a bit (and ride, of course). Youre a big inspiration to a lot to scooter riders so keep this up!

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