Delivering UberEATS On A Skateboard #2

Yaaaw dude! You guys got a tool? ehmm… maybe, come with me. Yaaw dude! I am doing deliveries right now. Are you recording? Yes! You got a trick for me? Nice one dude! So I’ve got this cruiser board, just riding on it and first thing I notice the trucks are too tight. Nice one dude. Let’s see, I hope I’m adjusting it enough. Let’s see… Yeah, it’s alright. Thanks dude. Later! Good luck. Thanks! Are you going already? Yeah I’ve got this order right now. 1 minute. Perfect! No-one can ever find it. Yeah on my app it shows me that building right there. I’ve got your order right here. Bon appetit. *Just a weird sound, not actual Dutch* Episode 2! Episode 2 dude! How many did you do? Just one… Weak! Yeah I know… I’m all sweaty bruh… See you later! Seriously? Yeah dude! Nice right? Yes. You got an electric bycicle? Yeah. That’s also nice. Oh, it’s busy today. This is very nice. Yeah it’s very nice ofcourse. I just rent this bicycle and I’ll earn it back anyways. Forsure dude. Nice! Pretty good idea right? Yes I make videos for Youtube. What’s your name? Bruno! (he meant my username tho) Yes. Are you going straight here? No, I have to take a right turn here. Oh alright! You can check it out on Youtube: Skateboard Bruh! Hey, UberEATS. I’m trying to deliver donuts to you… I’m at (…) street. (…) Alright, I’ll be right there. Hey, did it work out? Yes. Here you go, thank you, bye bye

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