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Disc golf on a hoverboard?

Disc golf on a hoverboard?

– Hello? Is everybody gone home? Is anybody here? Alright, it’s just you and me. You know what time it is. (upbeat music) I trust that everybody
had a wonderful time during the holidays and
you’re prepared to have a safe and festive happy New Year
so give you a quick update. I got an amazing Christmas gift. Sitting right there,
we’re gonna debut it here on After Hours at the Warehouse. (mellow music) That’s right, I got a
hoverboard for Christmas. I thought it would be awesome to take you on an After Hours at the Warehouse while I’m gliding along
on the warehouse floor. Thought I can get around
quicker and show you guys what’s going on here after
hours at the warehouse. Whoa! Okay, so one thing that I
know is new is these new hats. Lot of people were
asking for the camo hats and we have them now
with camo in the front and then black in the
back, or camo in the front and white mesh on the back. Some people, awhile back, I
believe, we had some camo hats but they were the flat bill
and some people wanted more of these curved bill, so
that’s what we have here. So these are available either now or soon. (upbeat music) Let me see what else I
can find that is new. Oh, I know, let’s go check
out these Zing Minis. I talked about the
micro-recruit last time, little Godzilla putt action. (ominous music) But I couldn’t find these last time, but I’m gonna show ’em to you now. Alright. Like I said, the tricky
part is getting off. Ah! So what’s really cool is
they come in the different, they have the different logos on here, you got West Side,
Latitude 64, Digital Ds, the Trilogy logo, and then
just the Dynamic Discs regular standard logo there. They come in all kinds of different colors but what’s really cool is
you set up your micro-recruit and you can actually do
some putting practices at your desk, at a table,
if you’re at a conference, or if you’re at a conference meeting, you can just use it to pass the time. Oh! Boom! Again. It’s in the follow-through, people, it’s in the follow-through. Something else that’s really
cool about these little Zing Minis is that if you’ve got a can, just a regular standard-size can, you can actually put these on
top, now how is that useful? Well, if you’re taking a drink
and you’re out on the course and you’re not sure if you’re
gonna drink it for awhile, you don’t want it to spill
out, you can just take it, slide ’em over the top, and
it stays right on the top. That’s pretty neat. (upbeat music) So have you ever been out on the course, playing, and you look at the
basket, you did your putt, and you’re like, “Where is the next tee? “Where do I go to tee
off at the next hole?” Some of the baskets have good solutions, we have a solution for our baskets. We call it a Next Tee Arrow. Voila. Let me show you how it’s done. So what you’re gonna do
is, all you have to do, is place this right here and just push down on it
and clicks right in there, pops in there and then you
can put it on any one of these and it’ll show the people the
direction to the next tee pad. You’re probably thinking, yes,
we know the baskets have that but we’re excited because
these are specifically made for veteran baskets and
they’re pretty cool. And they’re sturdy and they’ll
last in all the weather out there, so these are
available right now. (upbeat music) Did you pick up on what just happened? Did you see the color of the basket that I was putting that
little Next Tee Arrow on? Did you notice that? I bet you didn’t. Well let me let you in
on a little something. Some of you guys don’t
particularly like the white veteran baskets, I don’t know why,
they’re beautiful baskets, but some of you wanted some
different color options. We have it for you. Now they come, they
will be coming in a red, don’t pay attention to that,
these are just prototypes, the bottom will have red
and they may or may not be portable, not sure what
the deal is with that. But there’s a red one,
there’s a black one, we got a better look from
that black, looks so sweet, it’s got the angled bars on
there that we like to have on there, kinda the signature
thing to our baskets. And then blue. Now we don’t have, the
color we don’t have here for me to show you, is
we also have a grey. They didn’t tell me if it was
a dark grey or a light grey but it’s gonna be a grey
so we’re gonna have them in four colors, ha, five
colors, grey, blue, red, black, and of course the white
that we have already. So now you’ve got your choices of different colors for veteran baskets. Did you notice that I have these set up as kind of a little obstacle course? Oh yeah. (upbeat music) Something I forgot to
mention when the baskets were over there is that
these flags, white flags, these are available as
well, these you can buy, as
well, or even Anyway, you can buy these white flags that make it a lot easier
from a distance to, or if you can’t quite see
the basket over a hill or something like that, elevation, that way you can kinda see the
basket a little bit better. (gentle music) Look, he’s gone, the
loneliest bard found a home but now there’s more. These guys have friends
this time so, way to go. Thanks for finding that bard a home, a forever disc golf home. Thanks guys for joining me on this After Hours at the Warehouse. If you are enjoying these,
thank you for the comments on these videos, I think it’s awesome. If you keep on enjoying
these, as we get new stuff in, I will keep doing these but
make sure you like the video, comment, make sure you
subscribe, hit that little bell so that you make sure you are notified every time we upload a video. Got a lot of stuff in store for 2017 as far as YouTube content. You’re gonna be part of some
of our Disc Golf adventures as we travel to tournaments,
we’re gonna have some clinics from our team players, guest
posts, guest video posts on our YouTube channel, so
it’s gonna be a lot of fun. Whoa. Whoa, can I slow down, slow
down, slow down, slow down? (crashing) Whoa, got a little close to those boxes.


I was hoping to see you try to throw some discs on that hoverboard! hahah! Great video! love these after hours series!!

Love the videos. Hope to see more swag this year, as well as a review on the E3. There isn't a single review of the E3 on the internet.

It's in the follow through! Haha. You just sold me on the micro recruit basket (buying one for my office… potentially more for our research center). Love these videos and really appreciate all the DynamicDiscs content you have been posting. Keep up the awesome work.

I really hope no course designer out there has plans for putting black or (worse) red baskets in the ground. Not only would they be difficult to spot in poor light, woods and the like but color blindess becomes an issue with red/green being the most common out there, and – and – it is mostly men that have it, i.e. 90%+ of DG'ers.

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