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DIY ELECTRIC CONVERSION VW T3 Syncro – Overhaul and improving reliability of our Tesla batteries

DIY ELECTRIC CONVERSION VW T3 Syncro – Overhaul and improving reliability of our Tesla batteries

And now we will connect the power to be able to drive tonight. Houhou he drives !!! Back for a bit of electricity, because it’s still the goal of this project. It is that Nano our electric van is been powered by the electrical energy stored in our batteries. I am moving the batteries that were below the van. They were a little drowned, so I have to fix them. And I will take this opportunity to installed them in the false floor. I need to redo all the wiring of the BMS with better plates. Plates that will provide a connection to the BMS that is sustainable over time and does not deteriorate. It’s EVShop that does that! They are tailor-made! They connect directly on to Tesla battery modules. In addition, I took the opportunity to recover the pipes that are of origin in Tesla model S. Which allow to supply cooling water each module and those for once will not leak. I would not repeat the problem I had last winter. I had a very small leak, a few drops that flowed but as my battery packs are sealed so that the water does not come in, they are thus waterproof both ways, so that once the water leaks inside it remains there. I have some modules that have slightly corroded, it did some damage. But it’s not irreversible, I’m repairing them. In the meantime, as we want to go forward with Alexandra on the manufacture of the furniture inside the van The best is to install back those batteries that I took out, directly in the false floor That way we will be able to continue the integration of the furniture above And once we have the money, and enough sponsors We can invest in a second battery pack to double the autonomy of the van and climb to 300km range. We will then install the new batteries in the aluminum packs that are under the van, with a much better cooling system. We must not reproduce the same mistakes and we must make all this reliable for the world tour. So what I’ve been trying to do these last few days is to really prepare my pretty little batteries for the world tour. The goal is to make them reliable, to learn from the experiences of using these second-hand batteries Which are not in the normal Tesla use conditions So they have small defects of use So I put in some places a little silicone drops on these little wires which are the voltages taps for the BMS Because they have the reputation to break loose when they see a little moisture. That’s what happened in the pack under the van, that’s how I knew there was water in the compartment, in addition to my water presence sensors that I present to you in this video. I put a little silicone on these welds, I replace the front board to have solid connections that do not fear water or vibrations and to have a monitoring, an ability to know at any time how the batteries behaves, their voltage, temperature, currents, and that for the duration of the trip. I do not want to open the battery packs in the middle of nowhere, so today it is make it more reliable before assembling back. After several days, even nearly a week of battery move. It’s time to connect them, it’s a dangerous moment when I’m going to close the battery circuit. We will go right up to 200V, hence the high voltage gloves, come with me I’ll show you how how I do that And then we will connect the BMS. It was a little tight! The battery pack is finished, it’s “in water”, that is to say that I can warm it up or cool it down. All BMS cables are plugged in, the high-voltage cables that goes to the inverter are connected. We did the pressure tests too, everything is water tight, there is no leak, it will heat up and it will cool down the batteries. Now we will connect the power to be able to drive tonight. I put on gloves because my key is not really isolated. This time it’s good, there is always a little spark is normal because there is a great tension in there. Be careful not to touch any metal parts around, they are grounded. Because the battery circuit is completely isolated from the rest of the van, which is good, since it prevents us from being electrocuted when we touch the van. So the battery pack and completely connected, it is powered We have 200V here, we will make a box to avoid putting our hands on the orange cables. And this is the moment that I fear the most, since it’s the connection of the BMS That’s the brain of the van, if you want to see all the details of how we make an electric van, we have a series of videos, I put the playlist here, because we’ve already covered all that really technical part. In summary, basically, the BMS (Battery, Management, System) is it that allows us to have all the information on batteries voltages, temperatures, currents. All you need to know. We find all this information on screens, very useful to know. By cons it is also a fragile device, so if ever, I’m wrong in the wiring, I can burn it when connecting it. So here I am a little stressed We are about to connect all these wires, there are 96 terminations, one per cell. And for this to work, they must all be well connected in correct order. If I’ve reversed a wire I’m frying it Let’s go, we’ll connect them. Normally I checked, I’m pretty sure of myself. The last one Now we will connect with the computer we will see if everything is good and normally we will only have to turn it on. Put the key in the ignition and the van will drive again Here I have an adapter at the back of the van that allows me to converse with the BMS directly with my computer via USB Now what I’m going to do, is tell the BMS which batteries are connected because for now we only have half of the pack in the floor. And when I’ll add this, later, we will have the complete pack, for now it’s empty. Apparently everything is fine, we see all the cells and they do seems to be well balanced 3,640 V for all the cells which is very good, my pack is well balanced. The BMS should agree to recharge the van and let it drive too Let’s go! The van is charging, so there is no error No issues detected normally, if he charges, he is also able to discharge I make a final check on the screens. And if I’m happy, we turn it on and do a little tour. Batteries 26 deg C°, It is putting 13A charge. It is 50% charged at 176V The batteries are well balanced they are only 2mV apart. I’m happy It’s stressful Come on, let’s take it outside and wash it, it’s been three months He doesn’t find the reverse Houhou he drives ! Go to the wash ! Does your hand hurts ? Aouch, I can not clap We’ll explain in another video why she has her hand bandaged But it’s for next time
So that’s it, the van is clean So why we cleaned it, already because it has been three months since he was locked in the workshopappointment with a new sponsor. So that’s it, it drives again, we made it reliable and and above all we had an appointment with a new sponsor. This new sponsor is Norauto and we thank them very much because thanks to them we will be able to continue the adventure One because they give us hardware, wheels & tires, camping gears and lots of other things, like electric bikes that are great, so we can go food shopping in the middle of the desert or I do not know where, to reach for the nearest village, and even more they’ll gives us a financial contribution that will enable us to equip the trailer and buy the solar panels and therefore continue the energetical empowerment of the van Nano. What else you want to say ? A little training, it seems to me. Yes indeed we offer training in the electrification of vehicles: A really detailed training for professionals that will last 4 days from 16th to 19th and for amateur on Saturday, September 21th We give you all the information if you want to register for this training Which will really be a detailed technical, theoretical and practical training in partnership with Who will bring us Tesla equipment, motors, batteries, BMS We will really put our hands on it So something complete That will allow you to do your conversions If we do this kind of action in parallel with the EVWT project, there are reasons too. So in fact we have a professional budget from sponsoring that is reserved for the project on Nano and Eve. On which we are not allowed to use for personnal expenses. Besides, it’s hard to make ends meet, just because we are 100% in the project and we do not work anymore. So we have to do small parallel style activities training, technical booklet, CAD design, communication services… to buy bread and put some butter on it ! So if ever, you are keen on electrical conversion, you want to make your own electric conversion, you are welcome to this training! you also have the technical booklet that allows you to have a first glimpse of what is electrical conversion. To really know if you want to start yours or not. you will learn what to do and what not to do, how complicated it is or not depending on your skills, budgets. And if you ever want to support the creation of these videos you can go on Patreons. This is a platform that allows you to put a sum of money to each video broadcast It allows us to support the creation, and editing of these videos, for you And it allows us to continue to offer you content, I hope better every time So it will be all for this episode We give you an appointment for next time with the wood furnitures and interior design. And do not forget :
We all have the right …
… to take our fingers out


Rien à redire tellement vos épisodes sont bien fait! En parlant d'ajouts sur votre nano, est ce que vous prévoyez une rampe de phares pour éclairer au mieux lors de vos trajets sauvages?

Bonjour, to you both I'm speechless every time you make a video absolutely stunning…supberb ….

.How much does the second battery pack cost ? …..kind regards Danny UK 🇬🇧❤🇫🇷 👍🙂👍

J'adoooooore ! =D Je vais tous faire pour être présent a votre formation ! J'adoore cette idée de formation ! Merci bcp =D

Best topic in the world! You both made want to do the same conversion maybe one day.
J'adoore cette idée de formation.

Bonsoir, joli travail! Perso, les connections, je les serrerais à la clef dynamo. Ex électro mécanicien industriel et monteur en circuit BT et THT, travaillant pour Bosch, ce que j’ai toujours fait depuis que j’ai bossé pour nos amis Allemands, je n’ai jamais eu d’ennuis de connexions.Moi, j’dis ça….mais dans un véhicule soumis aux variations de chaleur, de froid, aux vibrations, cela peut s’avéré un atout de plus. A bientôt pour la suite!

Il y aura plusieurs sessions de formation ?
Je possède une Tesla S et une Smart ED mais mon but serait de convertir un véhicule donc je suis grandement intéressé.

Mon auto sort de chez Norauto et je suis content de « participer » d’une certaine manière à votre sponsorisation.

C'est beau à voir.

Vous avez donné vie et personnalité à ce véhicule.

Merci pour le partage, nous souhaitons le succès!

Bonjour, à vous deux, je suis bouche bée chaque fois que vous réalisez une vidéo absolument magnifique …superbe ….

Combien coûte la deuxième batterie? ….. cordialement Danny UK 🇬🇧❤🇫🇷 👍🙂👍

Pierre Fouchard

tout a fait d'accord avec patrick brouillard pour les cosses, attention…il faut également supprimer tout les serres clips sur les tuyaux de refroidissement et les remplacer par des collier de serrage performant…. sinon ça vas fuiter ….pierre de vierzon

ah mais moi ca fait 3 ans que j'en rêve de convertir mon bay window ! moi je rêve…. vous, vous vous sortez les doigts et vous agissez ! un jour mon tour viendra j espère

J'ai tellement apprécié votre travail et la qualité de vos productions vidéo que je vais commander un exemplaire de votre livre sur-le-champ!
Salutation d'un cousin du Québec 🙂

Cool cette avancée! Donc si j'ai bien compris vous allez doubler le nombre de modules tesla? Ça vous amenera à combien de kWh d'autonomie? Vous avez prévu une prise pour pouvoir quand même vous brancher si besoin? Et dans ce cas la quelle type de prise avez vous choisi et pourquoi? Merci encore pour cette vidéo et les prochaines ! Et bon courage!

Quelle ambition ! Félicitation pour cette belle énergie que vous transmettez, et de montrer à tous que tout est une question de volonté, malgré l'envergure du projet! Force à vous

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