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DIY Electric Roller Skate Shoes at Home is you only option as this project failed

DIY Electric Roller Skate Shoes at Home is you only option as this project failed

what if I tell you that the skates from
the manga cartoon air gear are real what err tricks no way how come they never
told me about this just lock the left buckle olá YouTube my name is Ricardo
Lino and I’m a wheel addict yep applying pressure with your feet will
increase the speed like this there’s the company
I think it’s based in Brazil it’s called Thunder blade without e Thunder but the
D are well you can see the link in the description why my lord you came and these company well it’s not really a
company they’re trying to build a company and they’re trying to make the
product available for all of us and they’re doing it through a crowdfunding
campaign on IndieGoGo there’s also a link in the description for this
crowdfunding campaign and the reason why I’m making this video it’s because I’ve
been approached by several people a lot of you guys watching these videos on a
daily basis send me comments including a guy that you might know Tiago French
inline skater is also uploading a video right now so if this is the first videos
watching about thunder blade right after this video go watch Thiago’s video
because there’s the video from Tiago just about the exact same topic and why
are we both doing this video well the guys from Thunder blade are trying just
like I said trying to make this product a reality to make these happen they need
$100,000 at the moment they made 22 percent of it which means that they made
22 thousand dollars on this crowdfunding campaign they have 14 days two weeks
left on the 1st of July they will shut the crowdfunding and if they didn’t make
money enough well that might be our last opportunity for electric skate maybe not
the last but at the same time what they’re saying through their campaign
which actually makes a lot of senses well if this campaign is not funded and
if they’re not successful why would you start something that someone already
tried before and they couldn’t do it it does make sense up to a certain point
and I totally get it of course in my opinion not everyone
will like the exact look of the skate that they’re doing or some of the things
that they’re doing and if someone else comes and do something different might
be different but at the same time these might be a possibility for all of us to
have an electric skate earlier why electric skates don’t we all like to
move our legs but I love to move my legs I really love to skate and that’s why I
have this that’s I guess you all know about my
passion with wheels and skating but a lot of times I use my skates to go to
work but if I have a meeting or something like that I can’t really sweat
right sometimes using an electric device it’s actually cool so I use an electric
skateboard do I love it well I would much prefer to use a pair of electric
inline skate but they don’t exist up until now imagine you can just move
everywhere freely just like you’d skate it’s it’s actually super cool if you
never charged an electric skateboard I love it and I’m just mixing both worlds
that would actually be really cool and I would love to try them at the moment
they have this referral contest I’m not trying to win anything so I’m not even
starting a code or anything like that but they have this referral code which
means that if you back this project you can tell your friends to also back by
using your code and then you’ll get free money on this campaign which after a few
payments from your friends to this campaign you might be getting a discount
or even a free pair of skates so that could be a cool thing for you again I’m
doing this video because I really really want this project to happen I was also
speaking with Thiago and I guess that’s one of the things that you already saw
in this video if you didn’t watch it again go watch it right after this one
this could also be a really good opportunity for all of us inline skaters
to put our sport out there I dunno it’s completely different it’s a different
motion and it’s completely different but there’s obviously people that will
really enjoy to see electric skates and it’s a way for us to go viral or to
become trendy and you might know that the biggest channels on YouTube are
usually the tech Channel so it’s a lot easier for a tech channel reviewer to
review a pair of electric inline skates even if they don’t know how to skate
then to review a pair of regular inline skates like we use but at the same time
when people get those electric inline skates the name just says there are
electric inline skates inline skates that can also be a good
or for us to be seen by more people and I guess that’s it if you want to know
more about this project if you want to know the costs if you want to know
everything I’m not gonna spoil it for you you can go to the link in the
description and then just check everything that you have to see about
this project I really hope that the guys from Thunder blade are successful with
this from funding campaign and I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did
enjoy this video do not forget to give me some thumbs up and subscribe to the
channel if you’re not subscribed there’s a little bell on the side if you press
on that bell you’ll get notifications every time I upload this video other
than that you can also give me some thumbs on if you didn’t like it but let
me know what you didn’t like about this video and more important than anything
else just don’t forget why we all started skating because it’s fun


We are getting there….
I remember having a friend who got into blading because of that anime/manga Air Gear…..He used to have aggressive skates and some urban skates too and i found it to be one of the most "extreme" things to get on lol Specially because of the entry price at that time (Around, idk, 2005 maybe? skates would cost a whole monthly wage here in Brazil, they still do lol).
Thundrblades = Air Gear
Custom Trimax frames with an H-block in it = Jet Set Radio lol

We’ll see. Your idea for commuting “sweatless” isn’t bad, but I think it’ll depend on everyone’s view of skating. I will probably never buy them because skating for commuting for me is incorporating more physical activity in my day. I like the fact that I actually spend some energy to move around faster, and always work on/think about my technique. If I don’t want to sweat, might as well not do it or plan to change clothes. Technology is good but sometimes it encourages laziness (as I once saw someone “walking” his dog while sitting in his car driving at 3km/hr).
And let’s not forget the added risks of break and need for repair or even malfunction when rolling.
Just my 2 cents! It’s a good concept but, still debatable

I think if you dont want to sweat, a better option (and more reliable) would be a bike. I think there may be a niche market for electric skates, but i think a better product, that does include electricity in a skate, would be an electric braking system.

there are so many clumsy electric inventions today 🙁 , these skates can be really easy to combine with bus, tram train etc,,,

I have several reasons why I'm not for motorized inline skates for my own use, but if you guys want to support a motorized inline skate the guy behind Thundrblade is the guy to support. He's a good guy, he's passionate about inline skating, unlike those in the past, and he's been working hard on this for a long time. If there's ever a time, it is now.

Ikki would be soo proud😊❤ I've waited and speculated different aspect from time to time then hit a wall in my theory but now were one step closer

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I have no plans for getting these, but would be so sad if this doesn't come through. It could mean revolution for inline skating.
Myself I was more inspired to start skating by envying people on big wheel scooters and other alternative transports rolling about, than by skaters always hanging around the cones, which is what you mostly see here. Nobody skates on the streets. I love that freedom of motion. If masses start seeing electric skates, that could change everything.
This seems to be really good product too.

They only need $100,000? Skeptical face don't get me wrong I think it would be rad as hell, I just don't know how you set up a company with only 100,000.
Edit: Oh that's only like 111 pairs of skates, that sounds pretty feasible. Guy seems like he's really genuine about his innovation, I hope it works out for him. I dm'd him on the Thundrblade twitter asking if he's contacted any anime review channels or the like saying that if they donated a dollar and made a video they could probably get a free pair of skates easy with the referral link by drawing in Air Gear fans.

Ricardo, I really like you and your channel. you're a really great spokesman for us skaters, your videos are like magazines to us.

Personally im really sceptic about it 7 miles of range sounds not so good, still hope he will make it just to push industry forward. Maybe I'm not objective because i just started skating again after 15 years and I Love It freaking Love It. Tnx for inspiration Alfredo.

You work with USD please contact the engineers at Castle Electronics they are used highly in Remote Control Hobbies to create an in wheel brushless motor that replaces the bearings create a new core and hub go with either for flat or 3 125 all the technology is out there it just needs to be re engineered for this application

Thank you very much for sharing your opinion Ricardo Lino.
If anyone has any questions about Thundrblade feel free to ask.

por que apoiar um projeto de patins elétrico?
1. É patins
2. É brasileiro
3 . se este projeto não vingar agora, demoraremos muito mais tempo para vermos nas ruas patins elétricos (já temos skates, bicicletas e até mononetas, se é assim que se fala…)
4. porque vc pode ir a uma reunião de negócios de patins e não chegar suado. Vai de patins elétrico, em vez de pegar um ônibus, metrô, carro…
5. Ganharemos maior visibilidade de nosso esporte
6. É patiiiiins!

kinda defeats the purpose for me. like electric bicycles. as long as i can use my muscles i better do it 😀

its not air gear untill some one makes pressure sensitive toe controls and small motors strong enough to propel you up the side of walls

Bro I will love life forever if I get to ride on wheels like that. Who could care about death with something that can make you feel like you're flying.

There were so many reasons this didn't pan out, prototyping on Indegogo in 2018 being the first and foremost. There have been a huge number of failed prototypes or outright scams. Not saying this was one of them, just that backers are way more risk averse to this kind of startup nowadays.

$850 for actually getting the device certainly didn't help, especially since it looks like a prototype and not something that's market ready. That price point is threatening entry level e-bike territory as well, which is objectively a better option for an average commuter. Skates are coming back into style, but nearly $900 prices out the vast majority of casual consumers, which should be the target market for this kind of concept and crowd funding campaign.

The battery placement at the bottom, without any clear protection, honestly may have be the coup de grâce. It looks so sketchy, and knowing this was a startup, likely unable to fulfill certain warranty obligations, immediately sends up red flags. And why did they choose such wildly exotic materials for a launch product, like carbon fiber frames? Was this meant for aggressive high performance skating or for every day commuters, and how much did those materials contribute to price creep? Surely a well designed cast aluminum frame would have been more cost effective.

The farewell updates and $100k campaign goal also make it sound like backers would have been retroactively footing the preliminary development costs, which is yet another big red flag. How far into the red was development before the campaign? How much capitol would the startup have after the campaign to launch into actual production? That detail alone has sunk so many indiegogo startups.

There's nothing wrong with the idea of e-skates and I think there's probably a huge hidden demand for this type of device, but it needs a way more specific market and depending on that, likely a more affordable option with clear, well defined use-cases. It also needs to remain mindful of it's indirect competition, such as e-boards and e-bikes, which are already well established and about as affordable. To my mind, e-skates need to not only be better than regular skates, but also be better than those other modes of transportation, otherwise they'll remain in the same pit of obscurity that skating as a whole has remained in since it's decline after the 90's.

Sorry Ricardo and Tiago, I wish I could've worked with Thundrblade on the project, the model may have actually looked a bit more enticing to people. I'm not saying I could solve all there problems but as an electronics enthusiast and mechanical engineer there are things I may have looked into that that haven't realized yet.

Why not to do the electrical roller skates nowadays with new electric scooter wheels? bigger, yes. but affordable and easy to find, and batterys li-ion can be made easy..

Maybe you could collaborate with a youtuber who makes DIY electronics to show everybody how to make their own electric skates? Including open sourcing any files used for 3D printing or cnc machining etc. Whether it's a simpler but less refined project that's designed to be more accessible or a more complicated project that requires time and learning new skills that could result in something really smooth and capable

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