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DJI Osmo Pocket test – Vlogging and Skating

DJI Osmo Pocket test – Vlogging and Skating

ola youtube my name is ricardo lino and im a wheel
addict I’m using right now this thing it’s called the Osmo pocket and it’s a
new camera from DJI that orms which is the store in Cape Town that you should
already know if you’re watching these videos let me use for a few days and
today I’m gonna try to vlog with these cameras so let me know how it sounds
let me know how’s the image where it came down with the top of the city okay so borrow my skates on she’s gonna
try to do is around to see what actually happens to this camera but I think
there’s there’s a learning curve to use something like this please don’t judge
me if it’s not anything good but I’ll try something entertaining let’s do it
skating as I do it ago project I don’t know this looks like but I’m
pretty sure table I might be clumping a lot Oh wheels like trippy it’s going green
now hate me for this just created about the found unease and
if the wind somehow fact that I don’t know how to change the street
now we’re going long trip it’s but one of the main streets all this tradition from up do now is actually I
don’t know really it’s my future not because at the moment and it’s just
using the really tiny screen I don’t know the thing is some kind of face striking the gimbal is always trying to point to
my face but check you later what does it track when I do this let’s
be confused I know that
the weather is actually not the best testing at camera we’re trying to show
you the capabilities of the camera the light is not that super super cloudy but
if you can have an idea oh what it looked like
Kate’s video with the DJI Osmo pockets I’m filming 4k at 60 frames per second
and I’m using the Osmo pocket on selfie stick which is right now about 90 20
meters attended so I hope you guys enjoy this one
enjoy this one do not forget subscribe to the channel give me a thumbs up if
you like this one let me know what you think of the Osmo pocket I’ll be making
more videos I’ll be comparing it with a GoPro Hero 7 and I’ll try to learn a bit
more about this I might make another video about this gimbal if you have any
doubts anything that I can help you with well drop me a comment and like I always
say just don’t forget what we all started skating and that is because fun


Image and quality are surprisingly very neat! Even without an additional microphone, your voice is really clear. The only time I heard wind was at the beginning of the video when you were up that hill! But not really that bad though… Looks like GoPro has a real competitor here. Thanks for the video Ricardo!

Awesome footage! Considering getting one for myself!! Mic is a little low, but still clear! I’m loving how stable and portable the camera is! I like this footage better than the go pro because it’s so much more stable, but the go pro footage is also cool because it’s more realistic with perspective

you have to put an image of your face on one of your skates. then it will be tracking it:)
The video quality is dope. The sound is good only when you're close to it, but that is typical for action cams, Gopro isn't better in it.

My first impression would be: the stabalization is good, maybe on par with the go pro 7. The picture quality is nice and clear and sharp but I think the go pro 7 was slightly better. The sound was good up close but a little muffled at further distance. Overall seems like a good camera.

The wind isnt bad. The stabilization is amazing. Maybe some more length to the stick might help your leg shots. Other than that, you've convinced me to invest in one of my own.

Nothing new to add actually… pretty stable video… sound sucks and sounds kina electric when further away but is good when closeby 😉👌🏽

I am genuinely surprised with the quality and sound- very impressive. Also, the backing track you chose for this video was epic!

Lino, I see you with the new Next 80!! pros and cons between this ones and the Next 110 ???? Thanks Wheelerjunkie 🙂

Hey, nice video. ☺️ I have a question, so I grew up in Antigua and now I live in Georgetown Guyana and I want to get the Next, so my question is, what's the best way to get a hold of the Next and is it recommended to a 21 year old who haven't skated since the age of 12? Anyways I really want to get back in to skating. ☺️✌️🇬🇾

Surely crappy weather would serve to test the cam harder? Anyways, image quality and stabilisation look super nice to me, although the framing seemed a bit difficult to manage. Audio seemed fine most of the time too.

My guy. Hear this….

You are incredible bro. I truly believe in you. Your humble spirit, & fun way of living will open doors for you bro in 2019. Much love

From the 5 minute mark it looks so weird to see the camera stable but you limping on the skates from being tired, did not look too good haha

Pretty strange cos I find your video image quality much better than many other Youtubers who roll out the Osmo Pocket reviews these few days and I have seen a ton of them. Yours is much cleaner, neater and seems to have less plasticky sharpening. You mentioned you shot in 4K 60p. May I know if you shoot in Pro mode and choose "Fine" or "Superfine". And other settings if you would care to share. Thanks in advance.

I was in South Africa in the 90's. I stayed in Paarl, in Roggeland. Do you know this gusthouse?!? Anyways, ordered one myself and I think your audio is much than all the audio I've heard from other testers around the world. Did you do change any settings there? Great job, keep up the good work!!!

Ola Ricardo, have you already tried the Roadrunners outside and one SUV wheel
in the middle?

The facetracking works like a charm 😉

Cheers from Vienna

G'day from Oz mate really love your vids. Thank you very much!… I would like to ask if it is ok to get size 10 blades for a size 9 foot and use thicker liners?

Really good stabilisation! Lens could be a bit shorter for a wider angle but the footage was really easy to watch. I like the colour reproduction too, although a cloudy day helps with that. Overall a great result I'd say!

Something important nobody is talking about, the unremovable internal battery can only be recharged 400 times and then it is dead! 400 charges? Really? This is a deal breaker. Do your research! What will you do with it after 400 charges? A throw it away?

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