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oh yeah Sharer’s this is one chance at winning
one these YouTube play button keychains aka a swag pack alright watch closely
I’m putting it in this box keep your eyes on this box here we go ready three
two one keep your eyes on the ball control which
bar is the swag bag in come on I normally only first comment did you get
the box right you have a chance at winning this swag
alright and time will be up in three two one okay coming right now which box I think
is in box number one box number two or box number three which box is the swag
packet come right now sure you comment right you have a chance to win the swag
pack oh this is a fun game I actually don’t know which boxes in I’ve lost
track I was all over the place oh I don’t know I don’t know which boxes in
ah shares tell me what you think well this is fun we’re gonna go get some more
prizes let’s see what else we can get what’s back in the swag closet come on
let’s go oh wait Cheers I am proud to announce
that the basement is finally clean last vlog was a total mess not only did we
have a store and the trampoline blew all the way down the hill the basin is also
kinda messy but my mom has been doing a lot of work and she cleaned up the
basement oh yeah cleaning everything up it looks
so good yeah the basement was not only a mess
but check out the fame of all its really coming along every day we add more epic
drawings to the same Atwal check out some of this look at this epic
epic epic epic epic epic everywhere oh yeah and we have a lot more drawings to
add to the family wall while we got a lot to do and shares most of all this is
my favorite section over here my mom’s been working super hard on this section
Oh first off we have the box for its section the puppy box first section we
have Millie’s box for where she can climb through the tunnel she has a step
here she can climb up on the step and she can then slide down the slide and
then over here is the box for that cheese
this is the Barbie box where that Liz made for her
so it’s got two stories she generally sleeps on the bottom story there and she
can climb up on the second story and look out the window there and in my
favorite section is over here this is brand name my mom just did this first
off we’d have a bean bag section with the share the love share a gimme blanket
they can get at the swag store and then up here is the most epic section ever
check this out ready oh yeah good this is section look we have to share the
love poster from the swag store hanged up we have it framed and like this
awesome gold frame and we have a bunch more fan mail here we got to share the
love here share the love show the love show the love epic cars share a guinea
right there more share the love more share the love I love this section right
here so now you can just sit back whoa relaxing them beanbag chair and take a
look at the awesome epic poster oh wait well we are getting distracted here
shirt we gotta go pick some more prizes to do what’s in the box challenge and
show you gotta come in which box the prizes in and hopefully we don’t destroy
that box hopefully it’s the right box and you open it and the prizes in there
so let’s see well should we do next we’ve got a bunch
of stuff we have every phidget spinner possible whoa I’ll check out this paint
spider hydro dip fidget spinner we’ve got soda bottles oh and that
reminds me shares when we did a soda bottle rocket mod oh we should give one
of those kits away yep explodes soda like that and shoot up
into air like a rocket let’s do that let’s give away one of these kits oh
okay we’re gonna we’re gonna mix this around mom come on we got to play this
game it’s gonna be so much fun we got to figure out what box this is gonna be in
okay so check this out surprise number one with a swag bag yet guess which box
it was in so I haven’t moved these at all I totally don’t remember Cher’s last
chance to come up which box the swag pack is it is it in box number one box
number two or box number three before I pick which box I think it’s in mom you
saw me shuffle it so which box you think it’s in all right good luck box number
one box number two box number three which one is the swag package good luck
the one box number one box number one is it in it let’s see it’s just a box you
just pull it open nothing oh no all right Cher’s let’s see
if I got this one right I’m just gonna go for something I’m gonna say box
number three let’s see is it in this box oh yeah come in box number three you
have a chance to win this epic swag pack so that was round number one if you
guessed it right you have a chance to win this white background number two
we’re gonna be giving away this water rocket mod kit which you can mod with so
that having to shoot sky-high so shares here we go okay so this stuff
is not gonna fit in the box what we’re gonna do is we’re going to take the swag
pack if you get the box with the swag back in it you’ll get a water rocket pod
so let’s open this box we’ll stick the swag pack in and we’ll get shuffling so
shares pay close attention starting number here starting here I mean here we
go you ready start mixing in three two one
keep your eyes on the bar mommy got your eye on the box
you think you know which one it is I’m trying I’m trying I think I just lost it okay here we go
keep going shuffelin shuffelin shuffelin and three two one okay I have no idea
which box it’s in Sharra’s come right now hashtag box number one box number
two or box number three mom which box do you think it’s in what what which one
box number one okay if I have to choose I’m gonna say I think it’s box number
one – all right Sherry’s coma right now last chance to get last chance to come
which box round number two box number one is what I think it is let’s see here
we go in three two one number one you have a chance at winning
this awesome rocket mod kids this is getting fun alright let’s go back this
wagon closet let’s pick another pressure I love this game so much well let’s see
what we got back here before we looked on mom we gotta go check on the puppies
so my mom’s been cleaning all day and the puppies have just been following her
around but I think they’re sleeping now so let’s go see where they are I think
baby Millie sleeping if he shares by the way if you if you don’t know we have a
new dog and her name is Millie we named her Millie oh we have otter sitting on
the couch hi baby otter you were just napping
what’s going on you want to say hi to the shares you’re so tired your hairs
all messy silly your hairs all messy yeah good boy good boy
otter and we had to be super quiet because Millie is the puppy and she’ll
hear any noise and she gets super excited and she wakes up like crazy but
she’s so tired cuz she’s been helping my mom clean all day
I think she’s in Turkey let’s see oh she’s awake
hi hi Millie were you just sleeping oh good girl say hi to the shares good girl
Millie you got to go back to bed you got to take a nap it’s nap time oh she’s
just so excited to see the shares and she’s got her nice little sweater on it
says some bunny loves me oh you’re so cute Millie good girl yeah my mom and I
are on puppy duty cuz Carter and Liz are away right now so we have to be here to
watch the puppies we’re doing a pretty good job having my mom absolutely yeah
Millie is so good she loves sleeping on her back I love this it’s so cute and
the otter just plays with her all day long all right we’re gonna go back down
to the basement cuz we got some more prizes you guys stay here okay I’ve
taken that really good girl good girl alright let’s go back down you gotta
figure out oh I don’t know what else is in the spy closet we’ve got a bunch of
stuff I’m sure we could find something crazy crazy good let’s see what else we
have back down through the basement Oh check this out my mom’s also decorating
here we’ve got this awesome thing that YouTube sent us it’s a picture of me
with a bunch of comments says I love your song best song ever love this song
so much just has to do with the share the love music video and then here we
have more fan mail I love this one that’s Auto shooting a nerf gun it’s so
crazy then down here is a picture that my mom painted a good job mom
not so bad don’t Millie what are you doing I’m gonna take a nap Oh Millie
maybe she wants to play in her box for it
oh come on Millie you won’t play in your box for it you’re gonna get see Millie
play in her box Bert again she’s getting good she can go up and down the stairs
now come on climb up on your box okay go get your toy you got it Millie good girl
alright now come come down the slide Millie Millie loves Nerf darts
she loves Nerf darts alright go down the slide Millie go get it go get it go get
it Oh what was that what was that Oh Oh Millie says we should give away some
nerf guns that’s a good idea let’s go let’s go see we have nerf guns to give
away come on do the nerf closet check this out
nerf guns oh yeah under of cause it’s really coming along
but you know what oh let’s give away this Star Wars nerf gun this is so
awesome my brother card and I just bought this
the other day share is this gun is super powerful and it’s kind of rare because
it’s the Star Wars nerf gun let’s go see Sheree’s if you guessed the right box
you can be going home with this awesome Star Wars nerf gun let’s do this – when
a Star Wars no friend you gotta guess which box the swag pack is in here we go
put it in this box close it up keep your eyes on the box here we go in 3 2 1 go
let me get your eyes in the box I do alright we’re gonna try to get a
lot better at mixing I’m gonna do like a double technique here technique there
whoo okay double technique double technique I want to get really good at
this and then it’ll be super super car I hope this level is harder than like a
lot of time because I actually totally lost track of where it went
you have any idea which boxes tonight it’s going quick okay
okay here we go you gotta guess which box it’s in mom which possibly I did
really bad this time I’m gonna be again a total guess I’m gonna balk guess
number one again number one yeah yeah I took my eyes off cuz I’m keeping an eye
on Millie alright I’m gonna go with box number
three alright that’s – box number one first here we go you ready is it
anything I think so here we go in three two one box number one you have a chance
to win this epic Star Wars nerf gun we’ll be announcing the winners next
vlog so keep keep guessing keep commenting your answers and you have a
chance to win all these prizes okay this is awesome
do another gift come on we gotta find something good we gotta get bigger
well then next up we’re gonna give away check this out my mom’s working on
another project I forgot to show you this room earlier we have more of a swag
store now so check this out it’s so cool let’s see here is the swag closet that
my mom has been setting up so we got a bunch of shelves all the way from there
to over here we have a bunch of share the love shirts shit a lot sweatshirts a
bunch of awesome merch then over here we have a section where we get fans shirts
sending to us so this is from Ryan he doesn’t recycling program he has these
awesome shirts we absolutely love wearing them we’ve also got some
prototype share the love shirts check out this awesome blue color oh yeah I
love that color it’s like teal blue Oh matches Liz’s Jeep oh and speaking of
prototypes I really like this prototype this is probably one of my favorites
check this out shouldn’t we get these in the swag store this would be so awesome
is to share the love shirt it’s like a sports shirt and it has camo red black
and gray I absolutely love this one yeah these shirts are awesome if you head
over to Steve Sherrod comm you can subscribe to the mailing list when these
become available you can be the first ones to get these so now let’s grab a
shirt and shares come on let’s go do it what’s in the box challenge whoever wins
this round will be able to choose any color share the love shirt they want so
come on this is a good round this is gonna be awesome but it’s gonna be super
hard autumn Millie it’s gonna be even harder to pay attention come on let’s do
this I’m getting good at this stuff okay to win a shovel of shirt you got to
guess which box the spike pack is in you ready to do this mom oh I’m ready here
we go it’s in this box placing it in the middle and here we go okay you gotta get rich boxes in now box
number one box number two or box number three mom which boxes okay so I get
total total gasps I’m gonna do number two number two middle box all
right let’s see chairs do you think it’s in box number two let’s find out here we
go help the box over and let’s open this
one let’s see box number two it’s hard to get this one
let’s see alright so now we’re down to box number one or box number three which
what do you think mom you want me to pick again I’m gonna go lucky number one
lucky number one all right here we go shares anything goes in box number one
here we go three two one up nothing’s in it oh no three hopefully they didn’t
fall out here we go three two one oh yeah box number three so if you guess
the box number three you have a chance that winning a t-shirt from the swag
store oh yeah now it’s time for round number five the mystery round so shares
this could be any prize I don’t even know what the prize is gonna be yet but
we’ll decide the prize and tomorrow’s vlog so let’s take a box place a swag
pack in close it up now this is gonna get hard okay here we go
today gets super super super super super hard pay close attention you ready for
this mom oh I’m ready all right let’s see I’m gonna fix the box stuffs are all
the same and let’s start mixing around number five it’s gonna go slow at first
nice and easy you know which box it is now I lost it all too often already mom oh you gotta go I’ll give you a little
break box one box two box three pick one which what do you think it is okay it’s
gonna be total guess again so I’m gonna go with box number two box
number two I’ll tell you right now it’s not box number two first either it’s
either embark number one or box number three but we’re gonna get mixing it up
again to keep your eyes on it here we go see mixing a good right now and switch
it and switch it whoa I’ll cut down here we go here we go here we go here we go
and three two one yeah okay now it’s all about which boxes in which box I think
it’s in box number one here the box number one what all right
share is for a chance to win the mystery prize come right now hashtag mystery
prize and which box if they get it one two or three here we go I guess my mom
said number one so we’ll go to box number one is it in box number one here
we go in three two one number one you have a chance to win the
mystery prize ooh what is the mystery prize gonna be that is the question I
still have not decided we have a bunch of hover boards which it could be blue
hoverboard white have word pink hover board oh and Millie’s going upstairs
where are you going mailee where are you going hey come back down where you going
and then back in the swag closet we have oh it could be anything from soda to any
of these special prizes here what are these whoa look at these awesome robots
these are cool oh we also have more scooters and more hoverboards Wow there
is a lot to give away share as common what you think the mystery prize should
be it could even be more swag packs what should we do for the mystery prize there
is so much to choose from Carter and I and Liz just go shopping all the time to
get epic prizes for all your shares we have tons and tons of boxes of awesome
prizes and we just love giving away stuff and apparently we got another box
what came in the female box today what is in here it shares what could be in
here let’s see what was that oh they were in the box how we get in
there can we try the trick is Davis all they love their boxes hi Millie
you love your box good girl alright Sharon’s wall that was the awesome
what’s in the box challenge I really like that challenge it’s so much fun I
actually lost track of which which box had the actual prize in it shares if you
ever do this make sure to comment hashtag what’s in the box and my mom and
I will still be on puppy duty until tomorrow and Carter and let’s get back
and then we’re gonna have some even more epic vlogs come sue the event already
hit subscribe hit that subscribe button and until next time share is you know
what to do Millie you know what to do right stay
awesome and share the love you


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