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Do the Urkel! – 10 Minute Power Hour

Do the Urkel! – 10 Minute Power Hour

Tucker (off-screen): We’re rolling!
Dan: Shit. Arin: Welcome to the 10 Minute Power Hour. My name is Arin Hanson. (My name’s Dan). This is Dancin’ Hanson. Dan: It’s not. Hello. It’s nice to see you again.
Arin: It’s Dan Avidan. Dan: Yes.
Arin: *clears throat* Did you have a good morning? Dan: I did have a good morning, how are you? Arin: Today we’re gonna … we’re gonna have- we’re gonna play something really exciting. Dan: Do the Urkel! It’s everybody’s favor- mmm… Can you Urkel your way to a win? I dunno if that’s a verb…
Arin: This game was purchased at a Goodwill for $2. Dan: What a fucking ripoff. There was a show in the early 90s called Family Matters.
Arin: Do you really have to explain it? (Yeah.) I guess you do, fuck. Dan: Dude, it’s 27 years ago. Arin: *spot-on Steve Urkel impersonation*
Did I do that? Dan: Yeah, and Steve Urkel was a bit character he was like a super nerdy kid and, uh… then he became like the focal point of the show. Arin: That’s right.
Dan: And he got his own board game! Arin: And Dan only just realized the pun in “Family Matters”. Dan: Yeah, see because you’re not just discussing “family matters”, they’re also saying that family “matters”. You see because the, um… Arin: Yeah, they get it.
Dan: So many things involved. Arin: You can actually get our colors, but we have to swap seats. See, blue and pink. *various crashing and banging noises* Arin: It feels weird over here.
Dan: It doesn’t feel right, it feels weird, right? Arin: Here’s how this Urkel the game works. This has all kinds of Urkel lyrics and sayings, because the whole point of this game is to be Urkel! Dan: Such as: *in another spot-on Urkel impression* “No sweat my pet,” “I’m bad to the bone,” and
Arin: “Got any cheeeeeeeese?” Dan: He actually had kind of a Spongebob voice before Spongebob. *Spongebob laughter ensues* Dan: Be the first to collect eight bowtie cards.
Arin: That’s not stupid at all. (It’s not stupid!) Dan: The best thing to remember about Do the Urkel is it’s not stupid! *Arin laughs* Arin: Why don’t they just make them cards? You can’t shuffle these. They’re an odd shape.
Dan: They’re bowties. How would we make bowties if they were just normal cards? Sorry to play devil’s advocate on this.
Arin: Place them face up in this little array. (Okay.) We take our turns. (Uh huh.) and then when we roll it, it says what card you take.
Dan: Okay (So) and that’s the pose you have to do? (Yes.) Dan: Microphone test *burp* Arin: But when you take the card, you gotta do the pose! (Okay.) Dan: And just to reiterate, It’s not stupid.
Arin: It’s definitely not stupid. There are these action cards that you can take. We have to… Imitate Urkel. (Mm-hmm). So make millions of dollars daily and fuck beautiful women. When you get in your bow tie, you can play against the other player.
Dan: Oh my god, Arin. Do we have seven hours? Like… Arin: And then Do the Urkel! Dan: Okay. Oh, all right.
Arin: But I’ll explain Do the Urkel when it happens. Dan: God this is… Not stupid. Arin: If you get the same card you have to Do the Urkel. Yes. Alright you ready to play?
Dan: Chop chop baby, make it happen. Arin: Go ahead and roll. You win that card (I win that card!). Do you want to roll again?
Dan: I’m gonna risk and roll. What? How crazy!
Arin: Wild card! You can pick whichever one you want! Dan: Oh my god!
Arin: You got two bowties on your (I did) first turn. Dan: God, that’s exciting.
Arin: Well, you have to do the actions dude. What the fuck!? Dan: Oh, what are the actions? (You skipped it.) Oh. Hey! and… Oh. O.o *laughs* Arin: This game’s fun. *laughs* Dan: Way to put your whole heart and soul into it.
Arin: And then there’s this one which is… Dan: Someone made a million dollars creating this.
Arin: Now do you want to risk and roll? Dan: Yes, I’m gonna risk and roll! Yes! (Nice). I’ll take these bowties. (Holy shit) Roll again? I can’t do that. That’s not a pose, but I can do this one. Arin: That was pretty good. (Anyway ….) It’s just another step towards our crushing heat death…WILD CARD! (Oh my god) I’m gonna grab the roll again now. Dan: Oh, you’re risking it all? (Risking it all.) You crazy son of a bitch. Arin: Yes! (You did it.) Dan: You did it. They’re all yours.
Arin: Gonna take ’em. I got the finger, which is… Dan: You’re gonna get the finger. What?
Arin: And then I got this one, which is just him kind of going… Dan: Good stuff. (WOOO!) Oh my god.
Arin: You could choose whichever one you want!
Dan: I’m gonna stop… (Shit.) with the Sing the Urkel song. (Holy fuck dude.) Cause I don’t want to lose my opportunity! *♪ Phat nasty beatboxing gets dropped ♪* ♪ Now if you wanna do to Steve Urkel dance, ♪ ♪ All you have to do is hitch up your pants.
Bend your knees and stick out your pelvis.
I’m telling you, baby! ♪ ♪ It’s better than Elvis
Do it. Do it.
Everybody do the fucking Urkel dance! ♪ ♪ Now point your fingers up to the sky and talk through your nose way up high! ♪ ♪ Spin and dip, jump and cavort and finish it off with a laugh and a snort! ♪ “♪” Heh heh heh *snort*
Heh heh heh heh *snort snort*
Heh heh Heh heh Heh heh Heh heh ♪” ♪ Do it do it everybody do the Urkel dance! ♪ I just want you to know it actually says
“Heh heh heh *snort*
Heh heh heh heh *two snorts*”. So I was- I’ve really really fucking worked hard at that. Arin: I got four on this side and three on this side, and a roll again and a Do the Urkel and I got to do this pose. Whatever this one is. (Okay.) Dan *laughs* Imitate Urkel. Yes, please (Nice) Dan: And I’ll… roll again and laugh and snort. (Wow!), What? Oh my god, dare I?
Arin: Roll again? Dan: *whispers* I’m gonna! Arin: Holy shit. In unison: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Arin: Now, Dan, (Uh-huh?), you’re gonna have to Do the Urkel. (No!!). So take this little Urkel finger… Dan: *laughs* You gotta fuckin get a (I got big beautiful hands!) I KNOW you do Dan! That’s partially why I love you. Now put a finger in there. Just one! Just one! Dan: I don’t like where this is going.
Arin: All right, don’t worry about this Dan. Don’t worry about this, this is chocolate (Okay). You’re gonna have to wear the Urkel glasses because you’re not allowed to see.
Dan: Oh no! Okay… Arin: Put ’em on. *laughs* Wherever your finger lands, that’s how many cards you have to discard from your bowtie.
Dan: Oh my god. (Yes.) Okay. I’m just gonna say one more time before we start that this is not stupid. Arin: One, two, three! *Beatboxes while talking …*
♪ Do the Urkel.
This is how the song goes.
I’ve seen Family Matters. ♪ Stop. All right. Take… Remove your glasses… (Ugh it’s really bright) and see how many…see, one!
Dan: One! I only lose one bowtie. (One bowtie part.) Wait a second… Ladies… *both laugh* Arin: Time for me to roll and figure out whose destiny lay ahead. I’m gonna choose Imitate Urkel. Dan: Okay. Arin: And guess what? (You have enough to win.) I’m gonna stop because I won the game if I can imitate Urkel real quick…
Dan: Wait, who’s the judge of this? Maybe Tucker judges it?
Arin: All right, well then you’re gonna have to judge this Urkel imitation right here. *Very sombre*
Did I do that? *both laugh* Dan: What do you think Tucker?
Tucker (off-screen): Here’s a real Urkel audio clip. Steve “Did I do that?” Urkel: Did I do that? Tucker (still off-screen): To be honest Arin, I thought you were gonna be good, but you know what? Today, you did a phenomenal impression of Urkel.
Dan: Wow… *laughs* Tucker: It was fucking incredible. Think Arin wins this time.
Dan: Ooooh ma- Mazal tov Arin! I’m happy for you bud. Arin! I WON!!! I WOOOON!!!! Dan: You should do the Urkel to celebrate.
Arin: I don’t know the Urkel (Okay.), but I’ll do a little dance. Put some music on baby! *Brooding music plays* Dan: *giggling* It’s so disturbing. Next time on the Game Grumps 10 Minute Power Hour. Oh god, it’s like a nightmare Tucker (off-screen): It’s like Silent Hill. Dan: It’s absolutely like Silent Hill. (OW!) Are you okay?


That feeling when you're watching a friendly game of do the urkel and then an ad of the irish defence forces comes up with people firing guns

I know you guys probably will never see this message but on the off chance that you do the urkel freestyle was literally the best experience of my life please never stop being awesome

i love how pissed off freshly showered arin is. he literally stares daggers into dans soul every time he looks at him.

Does anyone know the name of the song that Arin nightmaringly dances to at the end of the episode? I actually like it. While the song relaxes me, the dance sends me into deep distress.

Seriously no one noticed the obvious? "Steve" was the voice for Sonic the Hedgehog TV shows from the 90s

When they were reading the instructions I sang: "Time out for instructions. Time out for instructions. Time out for instructions, wasting everybody's time!" 😀

Hi I haven’t watched this video in well over a year but I felt the sudden urge to point out how particularly gross arin looks in this video. I can practically smell him through the video.

The first time I heard arin doing that beat for the urkel dance (which was about 1 week ago),I actually started singing the lyrics to the "donkey kong juunyor*" song from the 3rd starbomb album.

I was walking to the bathroom when arin started doing the dance and I actually fell down on the floor laughing.

Arin genuinely seems like he's having a bad time, and Dan sorta seems bland in this one too. Very odd vibe, maybe I'm just projecting because I feel blah today

How are you guys perceptive enough to see the face on the card at 3:08 and think you're having a stroke when the glasses blink?

My favorite part would have to be at 6:47 just the pose and after that he just had a look on his face like life doesn’t have a meaning or some shit like that

Yeah! Screw all the other games! I could be stuck playing Star Wars Epic Duels were I have to battle the other players in a fight to the death or I could be stuck playing Titanic the board game where I have to make it to a life board before the ship sinks. Instead, I get the honor of playing Do the Urkel where I do a bunch of weird poses for bow ties . . . XD

"Danny, we want to play a game with some trilling action. If we're not playing that Star Wars Epic Duels game or that Titanic board game, what game are we playing?"

We're playing a game that takes place in my home city; Chicago 😀

"YAAAAAAAY! CHICAGO!!!! A city famous for its high violence on the South Side! This should have much trilling action. Do tell us Danny! What is the name of this Chicago game?"

It's called Do the Urkel! . . .

" . . . You gotta be shitting me right now . . ."

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