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DO WE HAVE GIRLFRIENDS?!? | Collins Key ft. Devan

DO WE HAVE GIRLFRIENDS?!? | Collins Key ft. Devan

– The redundant Devin is doing his hair. Well then, how do you wanna be introduced? – [Devan] I don’t know, any
other way than redundant. What’s up y’all? (laughs) – [Collins] Okay. – I’m taking over this channel. – [Collins] Okay, dude. I’m fine. – No, get out of here. – All right. – So, what’s up guys? It is Devin Key and today we are going
to introduce Collins who has never been on this channel So without further ado, Collins Key (snaps fingers). (snaps fingers) Oh! What’s up, bro? – I’m not gonna edit that you’re gonna look as stupid
as it looks in real life. – Hey. – Today’s video, we’re going
to be doing a challenge. This one is called the
Questions Only Challenge. And I thought on the TV show called Who’s Line Is It Anyway? And how the challenge works is we have to have an entire conversation asking only questions, and whoever messes-up or uses a statement or something, they automatically lose that round. There are three rounds, whoever wins the majority of those rounds gets to tweet something inappropriate off of the loser’s Twitter account. – Okay. – Okay, so at the end of the video, I’ll put whatever the
screenshot of that tweet is, so make sure you guys
stick around to the end to see what that inappropriate tweet is. And without further ado, let’s just jump right into. – Dive right into. – Just dive into this. We’re diving into this challenge. – Whoa, sharks. – Just diving each way, just diving. (laughs) – Are you ready? (claps) – Yeah. (claps) All right. – Oh! – No, dude, it did not start yet. It did not start yet. For those of you guys who
don’t know what just happened, he used a question and I did not… We did not start. Round one did not commence yet. Round one is gonna be really easy, we’re just gonna have
a regular conversation. So round one, begin! (gong sound) – Are you ready? – Are you ready? – Does it look like I’m ready? – Your eyebrows look kind of… Oh my god! Did I lose the first? – (Laughs) (bell rings) – I went down in an eyebrow joke. – (Claps) – Oh no! – Turn it up, turn it up. – I can’t believe I lost that fast. Okay. – I’m so bad at this game too. – I know. Round one, Devan is the winner. Okay. How the heck did that happen? Round two is actually a little bit harder. – We’re just gonna do
random questions as fast- – As fast as- – As fast as possible! Begin. (gong sound) – What’s up dog? You see that? – Oh man! What’s up Greg? – What’s up? Is this as
challenging as family? – Is that a high jump? – Why are we jumping
even in the first place? – Is my head completely out of the frame? – I don’t think… Darn it I lost! – Yeah! Woo! (bell rings) Pretty nice, party dance, pretty nice. – Why are we yelling? – Round three. (whip sound) This is the determining round, whoever wins this one gets to tweet something inappropriate off of the loser’s account. – Oh snap. – So this is a big one, and this round is all about relationships, and go! (gong sound) – Have you been in a relationship? – Do you have a girlfriend? – Why do you wanna know my personal life? – When was your first kiss? – Why don’t we talk about you? – Why not? – (Laughs) Hey! And I am
the mother freaking… (bell sound) – Yes! (laughs) – Oh no! – Yes! – Why would I go down like that? – Yes! (laughs) – No! I’m so mad at this. – You thought you had me. – I thought I had you. Oh man. – We got an instant replay
of how convinced you were that you thought you won. – Oh my god. Hey! Hey! Hey! And I am the mother freaking… – (Claps) If this video made you laugh or smile make sure to give it a thumbs up and also share it with all of your friends so maybe put a smile on
all their face today. Also comment down below, what are some other questions you would love to ask both of us? – Hey. – All of Devan’s social media links are in the description down below so you should go follow him. You know, he’s pretty awesome, and also make sure you guys
subscribe to this channel, new videos coming out
every single Thursday. And here is the screenshot
of the inappropriate tweet. – Wham. Wow! – It’s pretty inappropriate. (laughs) And it’s gone. Instead of making it disappear, I have a new idea, are
you ready? (blowing sound) (laughs) We did not rehearse that. I just looked like an
idiot in my video. (laughs) Idiot! – That’s so funny. – You’re like, “What just happened?” – (Snaps fingers) And he’s gone! Oh! See you guys next week. Bam! Hopefully that covered it. Okay.


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