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Doing Your Dares #1

Doing Your Dares #1

Really should have warmed up before I started
doing those. Hi everybody, I’m Amanda the G and I asked you guys to dare me to do things.
I got a couple of suggestions so thank you for everybody who sent me those but there
weren’t all that many of them so I decided to mix in the ones that I got with a truth
or dare app. So we’re just gonna kinda go with that. Spin in circles continuously until
the next round. I happen to be on a spinning stool and right next to a bookshelf, that’s
awesome. Done. Ok, in all honesty, a lot of these are kinda lame. Make five animal noises.
One – dog, woof. Two – cat, meow. Pig, oink. Horse *neigh.* Um. Monkey, oooohhhhh. Read
the last text message you received out loud. ‘I will be on time I promise.’ To which I
responded the little ‘hey girl’ emogi. This one says get everyone in the room’s socks
and put them in your mouth. I am not doing that. Also, I’m the only person in the room,
and I’m not wearing any socks. So, I guess, done? Hug another player. I’m the only one
playing. This one says to bark like a dog. I feel like I already did that, but, arf.
Smell someone else’s feet. Since there’s no one in the room, I’ll smell my own foot. Smells
fine. This one says to do the robot. It’s kinda weird without music. Do the Macarena.
Do ten push ups. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Try the bound lotus pose. The bound lotus
appears to just be crossing the legs and then binding your arms. Here, I’m starting by getting
into the lotus and then if I stretch my arms out real quick. I feel like I should be able.
Almost there, hang on. Maybe if I get this one first. Oh, there it is. So that’s it for
this video, if you guys liked it, please click the like button and subscribe to my channel.
I make a new video every day in the month of March for A-MARCH-da the G. Thank you guys
so much for watching. All my love. MWAH! And now he’s whistling at the dog, and now he’s
just fucking whistling just to whistle, oh no, that’s the dog whimpering.

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