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you press herer once and they light up
for you ola Youtube my name is Ricardo lino and I’m
a wheel addict today we’re going to be making a review on this guy these are dedupe swift trinity 110 and a
lot of people have been asking for the review of this skate because I’ve been
posting stuff about having these skates for at least like a month and last year
I made a review of this guide these was the dupe Swift 100 and this is the dupe
Swift trinity 110 yes the wheel size is different but there’s one more word and
that word is Trinity what is Trinity I made a few different
videos about what Trinity really is and it’s basically a different way a
different system to mount your frame as you can see on the older version there’s
one screw in the front and one screw in the back this type of frame mounting
it’s called SSM or 165 millimeter mount one screw here one screw there this one
the newest version it’s the dupe Trinity one two three
Trinity means that there’s three points fixing the frame to the boot main
advantage when you have a trinity skate when you have the dupe Trinity then
would be that the frame will be lower the boot would be closer to the ground
that would be the main difference right now what you should know is that usually
on a 165 mount if you had a four wheel frame the second wheel would be exactly
where the where the bolt is but because you are on three wheels that doesn’t
really make that much of a difference now the difference comes when the wheels
can actually come closer to your foot if you look here from the front front part
of the skate like the middle part the channel where the wheel goes through
it’s actually really really slim which means that your rolling right on top of
this frame and this will give you more control and that control is needed when
you’re using a skate like this this is a hope and boot is like I can’t even
call it a soft soft wit because this is you put your own shoe you put your own
shoe on this skate and that’s what’s going to make you wrong basically
there’s advantages and disadvantages the main advantage is that you can use it to
go everywhere if you want to go on public transportation and they don’t
allow you to go with skates basically take these out and you keep your own
shoes or you you go to the supermarket you come out and you put your skates yes
it does still take time to put them on but what I kind of feel it every time
that I need to take my full skate out I kind of feel like I hate the feeling of
having like wet socks and then putting other shoes with the same socks I hate
that feeling but when you keep the same shoe you don’t really feel that you keep
the shoe inside interesting you just change the boot or you walk on it is
just basically it does work for for commuting now from this skate to the
previous version the main difference in my opinion was that instead of having
their old system of fixing the the boot to the frame they had a system kind of
like a fast fast way to adjust the sizing but on this skate it was the
regular way just a simple axle that screws frame to boot and that work and
they kept that on the newest version that’s it a few different adjustments
for the frame depending on how big you want the boot because these good is size
adjustable and then it’s simple they kept the simple part of it and then in
front like we said before it’s Trinity that’s cool something which I I said
before when I made a review last year with other dupe skates and I keep saying
it with this one is the most important thing when you skate with dupe skates is
the shoes that you were if you’re gonna be skating with thick soles soft soles
something like a lot of people use running shoes or those like really
trendy sneakers if you’re going to use something like that and if you try to
inline skate with us on a pair of dupes you’re gonna have
horrible filling the main reason is those soft soles every time that you put
more pressure on one side or more pressure on the other side the souls the
souls are so soft that your foot is actually moving inside the skate now on
the older version you also add this shock absorber this one and maybe it’s me but I didn’t
felt like this was needed on the on the Trinity ones so today I skated them
without it and these was off and they felt fast wait not as good for jobs pure
transportations gate no can i slide I’ll try one more it comes with time if you keep
practicing you learn together that’s easy and obviously once the wheels get a
little bit more years but there was a nice they felt fast but I wouldn’t use
these skates for jumps well I tried but that’s something that definitely not
what you should be using this case for this skate would be perfect for
commuting but if you’re thinking of getting this skate as a free skate to
jump and this and that it’s not a freestyle skate this is not a freestyle
skate this is a perfect skate to move around the city to to commute to work to
go out with your friends to share a pair of skates with your your wife with your
friends whatever because it’s size adjustable but if you’re planning on
doing tricks that is not the skate for you now as a commuting skate
it’s actually amazing and it even allows you to scale at night we know that
especially in the winter that the days are shorter or for some people in the
summer you like to go out with your friends with the skates when when you
come back home then it’s night but then you don’t feel safe and not everyone
goes with the light on their pocket but what if I tell you that you press your
once and they light up for you of course you’re not expecting this to be a
lantern this is not going to eliminate everything but it’s going to make you
more visible it’s gonna make you feel safer press twice it’s gonna flash and
people will see you for sure now you might be thinking but what I do need is
people to see me from the back and it’s true if you’re gonna be in the road they
have these reflective stickers in the back and they seem to be super
reflective so if you’re just getting in a road if there’s a car or a motorcycle
or something with the light in the back I’m pretty sure they’re gonna see you
but these skates also have something which I like it a lot and that’s these
wheels these wheels they are one tenth they are power slide spinners and just
like these two these two things that I just show you
they’re night ready they glow in the dark check these out they are 110 millimeter wheels take
glow-in-the-dark it’s actually awesome because without even needing anything
like the photon wheel that they need to spin to light up or anything
these wheels just light up if they get a little bit of direct light they’re gonna
become green and it’s it’s cool I like it when it comes to bearings they do
come with the wicked a back 9 bearings it’s a good all-around bearing I am NOT
crazy about bearings I don’t I do not know a lot about bearings but I do know
that these don’t feel like a Swiss bearing or like a twin cam bearing it’s
it’s a good all-around bearing it doesn’t stop me for sure
I didn’t felt like the bearings were any barrier for me to skate faster or not as
you can see the really good free spin but it’s not the best bearing in the
world it’s it’s a good all-around bearing now what else what else can we
say about this case yes I can tell you that if you look at these if you have
the stock skate it’s going to be lower than this in fact I’m skating a two
hundred and fifty five millimeter frame instead of the stock 243 that come on
the skate usually the frame that comes on this skate is a little bit shorter
and a little bit lower this frame will allow me to use 125 millimeter wheels
which is basically my favorite wheel size the original frame that came on
this case I left it in Portugal stupidly I don’t know I don’t really know why I
can’t explain you why I just left it in Portugal and then when I got to South
Africa I realized that I only have a 125 millimeter frame but I’m quite happy
with it I can say that if it works with a 125 frame which is a little bit more
extreme than 110 then it’s going to be perfectly the one time in conclusion I
would say if I can only have one pair of skate I wouldn’t go for the dupe trinity
skate I do like doing tricks I do like rolling down stairs I like to jump and I
have others case for that but if you’re looking for a pair of skates to commute
around your city that will allow it to go in public transports will allow you
to go to supermarket will allow you to go to a bar
to go to work this would be the perfect skate for that because like I said
before you keep your own shoes just the shoes that you have if they’re a little
bit padded a little bit don’t go with like some Reebok pumps or something like
that if you have something a little bit padded it will be a little bit more
comfortable when it comes to the sole like I said you want it to be slim and
you want the sole to be hard so that you can actually feel your push going
straight to the skate and not being lost that’s it for the doop trinity skates I
hope you guys enjoy this skate I hope you guys enjoyed this review and if
there’s anything else that I can help you with well drop me a comment let me
know how can I help you if you have any doubts about the doop trinity which you
actually look really sick I like the color this dark grey with some yellow
and red details and then the wheels become green as you just saw it I really
really like this crate I love the look of it it felt good don’t use it for
jumps it’s a commuting skate again if you
liked this video give me some thumbs up if you didn’t like this video well give
me some thumbs down but let me know what I didn’t like about this video
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to more people and that’s another way for skating to grow it’s letting YouTube
work for us okay guys more important than anything else
do not forget why we all started skating because it’s fun


Fantásticos! A luz e as rodas com fosforescência são uma coisa engraçada para os meus Aggressive…. 😉

what is the best trip skates for you ? i travel about 100km a day and i am using megacruiser 3×125 it hurts a lot. which skates should i buy

I love this skate. I may get a couple pairs for my sons. They use my skates, but they’re still growing and may end up bigger than me. The adjustability was a great feature, as were the lights and glowing wheels.

what size are those? 36-42.5 or 43-49? I have size 43-49 and I find them a little too wide on the front

Great video Ricardo! Question… Would you recommend this skate as a fitness skate? I have been thinking of getting them as triskate for longer skates on park trails and roads! Thanks for any advice you can give!

I really gotta hand it to Doop for their work on this skate. They really have geared it to a commuter friendly boot with all the lights and reflective accents. Not to mention the big wheels to make the ride from A to B quick and comfy. My question now would be that the Doop and new Shadow are very much alike, how have they changed up the boot to be now jump / trick oriented?

The jumping issue: I think your problem is the shorter frame. I had this issue with a different pair. When we jump we tend to lift the heels then push off with the toes. If you have a short frame, when you jump your weight will shift over the front wheel (instead of above). Thus you eat it. Try longer frames on them and I'll bet jumping will be easier. Just a suggestion, not a complaint. Great channel, love your videos.

Got mine in the basket waiting. I've been waiting for some trinity doops since I new about trinity 👊🏼😍🤘🏼

You mention that this wouldn't be your "only skate." I'm curious. I'm looking to commute to work, but in my youth I skated aggressive. If you had to choose a skate to purchase for a slightly more aggressive commute. Hopping benches, maybe a small stair, rather than sticking to flat. What would you choose? Thanks, love the videos.

great review!!! that point you made twice, about not wearing those trendy soft (spongy) lightweight sneakers, it is so so true!! lightweight is great, but soft bottoms are not good for skaters, dancers and sports where you need accurate pin point control on every move. I'd like to add that congested city commuter skating, cycling, specially motorized at higher speeds, is dangerous. be cautious and wear the right gear. in nyc you have to be extra careful, there are potholes here that can take out 18 wheel trucks !!

The lower the deck, the more comfortable it is.
But it is not good if the wheels are small.
It is important to decide the size of the roller.

Hi Ricardo
I already have a pair of doop swift 100s and was wondering how these new trinity doops compare in terms of stability, speed etc.
Do you think its worth upgrading or would i not really notice too much difference?

Thanks for the review, probably will get them for commuting 😉
Kids, wear protection 😀
Do you plan a review of trinity Edge offroad frames?

Hi. Is this a good skate for beginners. I'm looking into skates and doop is a great make. I'm not sure if I should go for inline or quad skates. Thank you

Hello lino how to comparison between doop swift 100 ( ) with doop swift trinity 110 in terms of stability and comfort? and which are most recommended for urban categories? ThxB4

It looks to me that the frames can't be adjusted from side to side. Do you see that as a problem? I really want to buy these skates but that's the one thing stopping me at the moment

i loved the idea and even purchased the skate. I got a good bargain as i made the purchase at the official outlet store but there is a catch.
The small screw on the ankel strap is so loose that it came off when I had to suddenly go off to the side of the street on some grass to make some place for a biker.
PS has also not been very helpful in getting a replacement. 🙁 i haven't been able to use them since.

Can u show me what kind of shoe that is optimum to wear w/ The Trinity skate as u described it; yet, might ye show me so I can see what to look for❓

Sr, thanks for the review. One question: what type of shoes do you wear when you ride this skates? Any type that you dont like/recommend?

Helo Lino, I tried these skates the other day an they started hurting around my ankles. Do you have any idea if this will go away when the boot shapes more to my foot or if I'm somehow closing them wrong?

I got this Starbucks about 6 miles away. It's a hassle taking off my Wizards just to get some coffee. But these would be perfect. Great video Lino thank you!

About to to get back in the game, looking for the smoothest blades i can get, roller bladed my entire life, been out the game for 10+yrs.

I love your honesty in your reviews – you don't slam it just because it's not the type of skate you'd use for yourself, but talk about all the benefits of it as a commuting boot 🙂 laaaave it!

I did not understand everything the author of this video said, but 2 years ago I bought such roller skates for me and my daughter. Then I paid 400 euros (that's 1/4 of the price of my car). I do not regret! The price is consistent with quality. They are perfect for long walks! They are magnificent!

Hi Ricardo! Thanks for the review. Very useful. My problem is that I bought a pair of powerslide kaze tundra 150 online and I failed with the boot size and I need a i different boot to still be able to use that off road frame. Can this doop swift be a solution of off road skating? thanks!

I have been using these exact skates for the pass five months. I had a difficult time transitioning from 4x 80 to 3x 110 but overcame the struggles. These are great for any skate sessions once you "break em" in. They come with insane amount of flexing but it wasn't difficult to adapt.

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