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Double Boosted Board Commute

Double Boosted Board Commute

I´m gonna try riding a boosted board and carrying a boosted board, So I wanted to check out my go pro. Make sure the settings were right. Put it on my helmet. Now I have the Helmut cam for recording while I go. I’m getting ready it’s not even dawn yet today’s supposed
to be the best day of the year and tomorrow the cold returns hello world today is Monday the .. I don’t know / whatever, and I’m gonna try riding the boosted board and carrying a boosted
board so that I can go extra far today let’s do it (I´ve intercepted internal memos at work talking about moving orifices after they heard I got the extended range board…crabapples, but I guess Carlos forgot about the second board muahaha!) nice clean chair (Actually a luuuv seat) … frosty! Ah, look at the moon
in the sky (it’s behind the trees) and the sunrise pink colors on the horizon so I
had to go a few miles I wanted to come down this extra side route taking the
Burke Gilman trail along Lake Washington foggy. and it starts here it well .. doggie!! you’re
fine – hehehe so back on the Burke Gilman trail there’s this
crazy wooden bridge that is super-slippery with the boosted board, you have to go
slow it’s like a massage Burke Gilman trail goes past University of
Washington the extended battery took me most of the
way I got about a mile from work here and
the battery just ran out so it’s time to switch to my original boosted board I love this boosted boards backpack it’s
so convenient all together the backpack and myself
weighed in at 264 pounds so it’s pretty extensive
on the board. Another mile to go street art just a couple blocks from work now. all these line bikes are taking up the path … just punch them over. I’ll wait here and let all the bicycle traffic clear out first before … that was my
commute to work!! thanks a lot for watching if you have any questions
comment below otherwise enjoy this reflection myself #REFLECTOPRON hello
alright we’ll see you in the next one thanks for watching. [HI D-Man!]
This video is 4:20. Did you find the “Your Title Here” next to the couch, and the Quack Quack at the sunrise and the 3D StreetArt?]


An extra boost! Nice! (note to self, move the offices even further away, he has two boards, why the fudge didn't Carl think of that before he signed the fudging lease?)

Every time I watch you and Flife’s videos I want to just get on a boosted board and try it out! Goodness they look like great fun

Nice plan with the two boards. Looks like you work in the Fremont area. – When I have meetings in the summer, I will sometimes take my board down to Seattle and ride, just after the wooden bridge, past campus and through Fremont. Love that section. – It was so nice today! We hit 65 up here. 👍✌️

Bro… I did the same thing when I got my 2nd gen…since the battery issues were going on. But decided to sell my gen one….and use some of that monies to buy a boosted gen 2 standard range….then my extended came in…and that's how you get my last vid. :-p We should collaborate soon.

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