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(mechanical whirring) – (Ian) SHUT UP!!! – (Ian) Do you struggle
to walk to your kitchen? Do you get panic attacks when thinking about walking on flat surfaces with zero obstacles? Is standing on concrete and/or a rug constantly hurting your calves
and/or hamstrings? Then have we got the product for you! From the people that
brought you The Easy Step now comes the Don’t Overuse Ur Calves
or Hamstrings Ever Board– or DOUCHE Board, for short. It has amazing features like: getting somewhere quickly, getting away from danger, and pulling extreme bad-ass curb tricks. (Anthony huffs) (Anthony laughs) – (Ian) It’s the perfect gift for dancers, gym aficionados, and cold people because
sometimes it lights on fire. (flames crackle)
(fire alarm beeps) – (Ian) The DOUCHE Board
also comes with free accessories, such as Axe Body Spray, a sexist shirt–
– What? Ow! – (Ian) A rubber band for your man bun, and a lifetime supply of music from Pitbull! – ‘Ey-oh, ‘ey-oh We party big time Drink tequila, hola senorita – (Ian) And it doesn’t stop there! We’ll also send you to a remote island, where you’ll be left alone
with only people like you! We call it Douche Island!
(airhorn blares) – Wait… my board has no power.
Where is the charger? – (Ian) This island doesn’t have
any electricity, silly. But don’t worry! We have a whole shipment
of fully charged DOUCHE Boards right over there!
– Sweet. Wait, I’m leaning forward
but I’m not moving. (grunts in exertion) NOOOOOOO!!!!!! – (voice-over) Order
within the next 1/10th a second and get a real life hoverboard. That’s right, guys. We’re not talking about
the bullsh*t with the wheels that everyone calls hoverboards
because we all know that that isn’t hovering,
so why the f*ck are people calling that a hoverboard?! God, that has wheels.
It touches the ground! It doesn’t f*cking hover at all! Why the f*ck are
you calling it a hoverboard?! If one more person calls it a hoverboard, I’m gonna flip my f*cking sh-t!!! (meekly) So, uh, yeah. Order the DOUCHE Board now. – (Ian) Hey, guys, thank you
so much for subscribing. If you wanna see bloopers
from this video and this… …click the video on the left. And if you haven’t yet seen
the best of 2015 Remix, click the video on the right. – Whatchu guys know about – Justin Bieber
– Biatch! – Whatchu guys know about – Smiling piles of sh*t – (Ian) And if you have
a fancy little touchscreen device, all the links are in the description below.


I love the part at the end and totally agree don’t call it something that it clearly isn’t. It’s on the ground so I can’t be a hoverboard

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