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Downhill Inline Skating and Skateboarding almost goes wrong.

Downhill Inline Skating and Skateboarding almost goes wrong.

ola youtube my name is Ricardo Lino and
I’m wheel addict it’s Sunday morning it’s about 6:30 a.m. 6:30 a.m. I’m
waiting for mo and a few more guys and we’re about to go downhill we are in
Signal Hill which is one of the mountains in Cape Town you can see the
city down there it’s spring it’s not that cold anymore it could be a little
bit warmer but yeah for this time of the morning is actually normal so it’s a
chilled here there’s nothing too crazy but I’m gonna try to use a different set
of today I’ve told you a few times at my favourite skate it’s the evil trinity
boot from Power Star Evo 3d pro which is this boot today I’m gonna use it with 4
times 110 which is a long frame and I use it before with the next but today
I’m gonna use it with a carbon boot and then I’ll let you know how this feels
like so enjoyed this one okay mo people keep on asking to see you
skating right yeah so what we’re gonna do is like I’m just gonna be operating
the gimbal and more is gonna be the one who’s gonna be filled so maybe fast cuz
I can’t pick it up with this thing well
Oh they secure one puppy about me because you know
man said stay on the inside we got a new guest
mr. Greg freezes just got here at new skates the G way I’m a jock one day weh-weh I’m a child stand up high with this ball off this
track here for the make a hip-hop huh could make a pop and I think your sounds
on the making his princess props in Saint Angelo get the line buddy get it
back to the ears a ride on the platform cut them in the fire bang them stop
Fugazi got just on that lame shit turn that dreaded easy way to tip over the
top of the key stop with the heat to the top would be got the spot probably need
great like telekinesis I’m tearing down your D place right number one in the
bars on the libertine of the elite six my finish this is one way to keep my ID
to me look at me let go Jack buck one many ways on the top club club in your
way chop up my many ways I’m a chopper up
one day your ways singing da da da I’m well I guess okay any riot it’s Monday back to work
this video was filmed on Sunday morning and I was using this setup now before I
finish this video just a little review not a real real review more like an
opinion about this case for Daniel’s so I have to admit that after skating for I
would say quite a long time like one and a half year with five wheels five abs at
first then five 90s I didn’t felt like these would be I
didn’t felt like this was the ideal setup for downhill I did said a lot of
thoughts I did said several times that these boot it’s my favourite boot on the
market right now and I I stand for that but at the moment there is no five wheel
option for this boot so yes my favourite but it’s still the art core evil but
this one is the evil Trinity which means there’s one two three screws and the
other boot then I usually use for downhill it’s basically the same without
the trinity mounting system with a 5 x 90 millimeter frame
I don’t really know it’s hard for me to explain what I felt about this it felt a
little bit slower which is kind of weird for me especially because you have
bigger wheels but you also have less wheels so I don’t really know why it
felt a little bit slower I know I was trying to feel Moe and Moe is a lot
faster than I am he has a way better technique PS Moe was using new wheels
and that also makes him faster right and then I was old achama so that might also
make a difference but I felt it a bit slower then I usually go with the 590 s
and other than that when I tried to slide which you don’t really see on this
video because I wasn’t sliding with the gimbal as you can imagine when I tried
to slide with the taller frame it kind of like I loved the 3 125 s and I stand
for that but when I go really really fast and I
try to slide with four one times I kind of felt like if I’m sliding this way I
felt that this foot wasn’t a stable as when I’m going lower so I still think
for now my favorite downhill skate after skating with these it’s still the five
90s maybe maybe I need a five wheels Trinity maybe if this is my favorite but
if I like the five 90s maybe that’s what I’m waiting for you think what you want
now if you enjoyed this video you should know that this video was filmed with a
gimbal with a different cable the gimbal that I used was this one it’s the action
a1 s it was given to me in China but I used a different technique I used a
little thing a little egg which is in sizes I can’t really show you yet I’ll
make a specific video of how to AK your gimble’s if you’re using a gimbal and I
guess you gotta love it but that’s on another video so if you did enjoy this
video do not forget to give me some thumbs up if you didn’t like it thumbs
down well let me know what it didn’t like about it if you like it well you
can also let me know what you like about it you can comment about it you can give
me your opinions about the trinity skates about the art career is about
most skating which is amazing about the other skateboarders well just drop us a
comment you know what whenever you drop comments to these videos it’s gonna help
YouTube to suggest these videos to more people and you know what like the a go
inline skater says it’s gonna help inline skating to be more popular
because we know there’s a lot of kids on YouTube and that’s what we want we want
more kids more kids to see skating it’s kind of gross skating no like I always
say don’t forget why we all started skating and that is because it’s fun
cheers guys and even I speak


Sooo amazing guys! Currently saving up for my first pair of inline skates, let's hope i won't break every bone in my body. (Song at 3:00?)

Love your downhill vids. They are super exciting. Wish I had the nerve to try! Great camera footage with the gimble as well.

Just recently purchased the XXX trinity frame with the 4×110 set up for my Kaze boot. I found it to be a bit too tall for the type of downhill/urban skating I like to do. Today I switched the 110mm wheels to 100mm wheels and I love it! The acceleration and control Is awesome!😍

That was amazing. My heart was bitting so fast .couse I am so scear of hills. I fell several time raiding a cycle. Can you do going up hill. Tutorial thanks

how much kms do u get in that dh? 😮 the max kms i got here in one mountain in mexico is 80 kms jajaja and i feel so pro! jajajja

Hey Ricardo, it would be cool when you're doing downhills to show us the km/h gauge on screen. Isn't this a GoPro feature? Keep up the good work!

Hey Lino! Awesome video, I loved it! Especially the shot where you could see Moe skating alone and the scenery was so nice!🤤🤤 Btw what frame did Greg have on his skates? They look so sweet!
And I've got a question for you: How do you recycle or correctly put away your used skate wheels? Do you just throw them into the bin or what? Much love from Switzerland!! Keep on doing such awesome vids!❤️💪

If that's almost dying, I think you're doing alright. haha Top speed has more to do with aerodynamics than wheel selection. Three wheels: fun. Four wheels: fun. Five wheels: best all around downhill performance.

i have been looking for 5 wheel frames for my Igors Seba…
Does anyone know any online shop that sells them and ships to Europe.
Thank you

iGreat Vids thx , This might be a stupid question but why does he go down hill on 6 out of 10 wheels ? does he go faster this way ? doesn't look very stable !!

Amazing your video friend as always, but you should come to Mexico to try downhill, look at this has been our maximum speed! 100 kilometers per hour.

Hope things like this wouldn't happen very often.
But man, how do you distribute your weight in the tuck so that you're going fast and the rear foot is not wobbly? This happens to me all the time, the wobble sometimes gets so strong that I need to skate on both skates next to each other again and try to re-set the stance… Talking about speeds around 40kph, not more…

Matters aren’t supposed to be used outdoors they are speed skating INDOOR wheels they are much harder so you will most likely feel every vibration going on haha

Entire video I was thinking “Guys your on the wrong side of the road.”

After video ends: ohhhhh 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

Sick video man but please have mercy of us WHAT'S THE NAME OF THE SONG i like your skating style keep going 😎

Absolutely love this video Ricardo! Tudo bem! Just recently getting into the downhill, bigger wheel aspect of inline as I mostly come from an aggressive background but I'm loving it so far the speed especially and rollover since some of the terrain where I live can be a little rough but you're definitely an inspiration to me to be a well rounded skater:) Apregado!

Hi from India, I am a wheel addict too, I was inspired by by you to make a video. do watch and tell me what you feel.

Aouii the place is perfect, solitude and mysterious with city busy life situated perfectly near the beach. Where is this Place?

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