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ola youtube name is Ricardo lino and a
wheel addict it’s Monday and yesterday I got a message in the morning from Moe
and I will tell you whom always just saying guys I just fell going 100 case
per hour so check this out so who is Moe for those of you that don’t know I
have a skate shop in South Africa called lino skate shop I used to live in South
Africa until about six months ago and I moved to Portugal with my family since
then we still own the skate shop in South Africa and Moe is the guy running
the shop over there he is a very very good downhill skater
and well the type of accidents happen now before I show you how this actually
happened I want to talk a little bit about downhill skating and about very
very important things that we need to keep in mind before going down some
hills number one was he’s and it will always
be protection you do not want to go downhill without any protections helmet
is super super important as you saw in the beginning of this video Moe just
fell headfirst I will show you a little bit more about the fall and what
happened after but helmet and the rest of the
protections need to be a priority so keep that in mind if you’re gonna go
downhill always use protections don’t do it without any protections and yes I
know that I did a couple downhills without protections including some
videos that you might have seen on this channel I wasn’t using protections and
whenever people told me you weren’t using protections you are alright please
do what I say and don’t do what I do okay if this makes any sense to you now
number two the second priority the roads where you go downhill this is very very
important to go to roads where it’s as safe as possible of course we know it’s
a high-risk sport if we’re talking about going downhill especially if you’re
going whenever case per hour that’s about 60 miles per hour it’s really
really fast and you want to find places without a lot of traffic
you should always have a car behind you for your own safety and that’s what
happened in this run that I’m going to show you right now okay
okay so as it just saw Moe was very very lucky that there was no cars coming up
that he fell straight there wasn’t a turn there he didn’t hit anything but it
could all have happened one of the obstacles on the side of the road
he could have hit a car if it didn’t have a car behind him giving him the
safety needed that could also be a car behind coming without knowing what was
going to happen so all these things are very very important and the reason why I
wanted to do this video it’s because I wanna I want more people to be aware of
that now even with all these things yes Moe
was using protections some g-form protections you know those little things
that have like a rubbery patch so the first thing that happen is that when
he’s knee eat the ground that thing just moved and check what happened to his
knees Moe I’ve experienced enough to any force to try to go in his knees and uses
the pucks so we ended up not falling on his chest
even if his head ended up eating a little bit
he started mostly on these pucks just check what happened with his gloves see
he was sliding mainly on his pucks and on his knees he wasn’t that lucky
because his knees well the kneepads came out but the skates well I’m actually
proud of that because Moe was skating a pair of micro skates let me show you the
sketch he was getting so whoa oh so most getting something like this this is the
Micro Delta and he’s using a different frame he’s using the frame that I
actually gave him it’s the cat emoto’s the age 90 maybe I’m saying a wrong name
I don’t know maybe I’m saying the wrong name anyway he was skating with a proper
downhill set up and the boot well the boot has no scratches at all
because when he felled the way that he fell he was somehow rolling on the front
wheels on the knees anyway he was very very lucky and you know what what I want
you guys to do is to just send him a message because right now is after that
road rash you can’t imagine that like I told you his knees must be hurting a
little bit today is his day so why don’t you send him a message on
his Instagram usually Instagram Bing just send more one message on his
Instagram I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be really really happy and yeah I’m really
excited to be back in South Africa in three weeks time and we’re gonna go down
this hill so maybe in three weeks time I’m gonna be the one eating 100 cases
per hour without falling and that’s it for now I hope you guys enjoyed this
video if you did enjoy this video do not forget to subscribe to this channel
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you didn’t like it let me know what you didn’t like about this video I will try
to change it I want to make content about skating that most of you guys
enjoy so please let me know what you liked what it didn’t like what you want
to see and to finish this video just like I always do don’t forget why we all
started skating and that is because it’s fun cheers and


Damn scary title. Happy he is alright and it was a "good" fall.
I had the same experience with soft pads, they move if you're going fast because of the friction.

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckin hell… us men don't need nipples anyway… wow, ive watched this over and over did he just put his right foot down too light at the wrong angle or was there an invisible troll pulling his toe out? stingy first night sleep after that get well son buddy, ouchie

please send a message to moe here:

and check the skates he was using here:

Duuuude!!! I’m alive!! 😬❤️

Always gear up guys .. 😌

Thank you all for showing love ..

Setup used..
Micro Delta boot
Cadomotus TR55 Comp frame
Matter Super Juiced 84mm wheels
ILQ 9 Pro Bearings ..

One foot speed wobble, the physics on this are mind boggling. defo worth checking the slomo on the fall.

get well soon Moe!

With all do respect Ricardo, since I really really like you and your work.

This is so immature and irresponsible to advise people use protection and literally in the same sentence, mention that you don't use it yourself. It is like being a parent, and while smoking, telling your child not to smoke in the future. Good luck with that.

If you want to be a role model, you need to start act like one. If it is not your goal (which btw. is ultra ok with me) at least don't be a hypocrite.

Best Regards

amazing that it has been 6 months since we saw you in company weith moe… glad you keep contact … cheers up!

Yikes. I recommend you guys look into motorcycle safety gear, i think for downhill you might need to step up your game when it comes to crash and slide protective clothing. they make armor jackets and pants that allow for high levels of movement, basically mesh clothes with knee-pad type pads sewn on every single body part. Also at those speeds you might want to step up the helmet game too, sliding at 100km/h into something like a curb would cave in that aero helmet big time.
Killer skating Moe! hope the road rash is already getting better!

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