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Drones, Cameras, and a Parking Garage! Streets of Arlington Episode 1

Drones, Cameras, and a Parking Garage! Streets of Arlington Episode 1

In this world you only have one life, and it tends to move pretty fast. My advice? Don’t waste a moment! Welcome to Streets of Arlington. This is an awesome show where two nerdy dudes with a video camera roam around the streets of their city having adventures. You zoomed all the way in on me, didn’t you? That’s me. I carry a camera around with me pretty much everywhere I go. It’s what keeps me sane. This is Colin. He’s a technology enthusiast who loves computers. In case you didn’t know, I’m a tech nerd. Let’s look at what’s in here! Now, we’ve combined our adventures and memories and turned them into a TV show. and now you guys get to come along and get in on the action. This is Streets of Arlington! Let’s go do it! Colin and I didn’t bother waiting. We fired up the camera right away, but while we were walking around we came across something really weird. Dude, somebody froze a toilet seat! Yep. It wasn’t everyday you saw a toilet-shaped ice block just sitting out on the street. *Colin trying to take a dump on the ice toilet* We then headed to our local library to use their recording studio. We’re at our local recording studio. Colin has just picked up an awesome new DSLR from Canon And we’re about to check it out on the first episode of our new show Let’s go do it! While we were there, we ran into a few friends. I’m just recording a blog here. Helen what do you have to say to the camera now that we have our own show? Wha-wha-wha-what’s going on, guys? Dingy Dawg here! That’s my intro! We headed into the actual recording studio, and it was pretty nice. We’re in this tiny little recording studio room and hope to make a bunch of really cool movies and stuff. Colin just brought in his camera to help with the show. OH MY GOSH! Look at that thing! This thing is a Canon EOS 60D. Anyway, so we’re gonna do some test shots with that, because that’s a crazy cool camera! What up my dude? My…my… *laughing* Are you recording? Yeah. Oh snap! OH SNAP! Nice try, dude! This thing is so… big and heavy, I could not imagine myself using this. I use the camcorder that I’m currently recording on right now. Wow, that’s a pretty nice viewfinder! I think it shoots in raw, I’m hoping it shoots in digital negative. Hope so. Up next on Streets of Arlington! So far on Streets of Arlington, we found an ice toilet, And messed around with a really cool camera! But now it’s time for the show to really take off! Okay, so being in the studio is really fun, But what we’re gonna do in just a little bit is we’re gonna head out to the park we’re gonna take this little monster for a test flight! We headed out to the park to fly the mini drone. It was going to be really fun. We got some beautiful clouds over there. This episode is sponsored by CabanaCore. This episode is NOT sponsored by CabanaCore. This is the park! We’re about to start flying this drone! In my opinion, letting a drone fall to the ground if its flying away is better than letting it fly away and trying to get it to fly back. I gotta put on my gloves. My hands are freezing up like ICE. 3…2…1 SHOOT! When we headed out we weren’t entirely aware that there would be high winds that day! Did you see that?! Yeah, I did! Get nailed! The drone flight was going pretty well. Unfortunately, then this happened. YO YO YO YO! *panicking* Where is it? OH MY GOSH! Holy ****! It actually still works! It’s still alive! Holy ****! 10 out of 10 pilot. AAAH! He’s gonna get run over by a car. The battery is dead already! Oh my go– Then we headed to the top floor of our parking garage. Why? You’ll see in a moment. No, it wasn’t to do this. *Dingy Dawg crushes ice* You murdered Izzy the Ice! (R.I.P.) *Colin’s screams of horror) We got in a good exercise climbing the tall stairs to the top You might be wondering why we’re walking up all of these stairs. Let me show you this right now! What we really wanted was the view. Look at this view! *wind blowing heavily on microphone* I mean, you can see it on that side, you can see it on this side, all around. There’s just no beating it. It’s not the same on camera as it is in real life. Okay, so it’s not as great from here because you can still see a bunch of buildings and stuff. But look at that sky! *random car beeps* Alright Colin, let’s head down to the ground to do the outro! So there you have it. The first episode of Streets of Arlington. Like I said, you only get one life, so don’t waste a moment. Thanks for watching.


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