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Drum Cymbal Skating (dangerous)

Drum Cymbal Skating (dangerous)

(exclaiming) – I thought that was coming
with me and it wasn’t. It’s that time again. Snow’s melted, skate parks are open. I’ve got Casey. – Hi guys. – What’s up, you ready? – I’m ready. You ready?
– I’m ready. – [Both] Will it shred? – Drum cymbals. Skateboards made out of drum cymbals. Let me show you what I’m talking about. The cymbal. (Casey exclaims) You guys almost fell off the table. The cymbal skateboard. We opened these in mail
time like a day or two ago. Whoa. – Oh.
– Dude, it’s already grip taped! – Awesome right. Thanks for sending it. It looks like it was pretty basic. It’s like trucks. – We’ve built ’em enough, you just kinda find something solid,
drill four holes in it. – That, they put tails in ’em though. So there’s definitely a tail
so you can kinda like snap and maybe Ollie.
– So smart. – It is like 30, 35 pounds would you say? – They’re heavy. I just hope that they got
the trucks on straight so we roll straight. – Yep, straight trucks. Snap it, grip tape, who cares if they’re 35 pounds. You got grip tape that’s
gonna stick to your feet for sure no matter what,
guaranteed, stuck to your feet. This was awesome. You guys built it for us, thank you. Now we just get to go skate it. Let’s go skate. I guess rock, paper, scissors. Winner goes first. Rock, paper, scissors. Rock, paper, scissors. – Alright. – [Shaun] Dude roll in, just go for it. You droppin’? I got you dog, don’t even worry. – [Casey] They roll straight. – [Shaun] (laughs) That was a good test. – [Casey] Alright, here we go. – [Shaun] It works! Yeah! Whoa! (both laughing) These are actually really fun. What do you think, like
some coping tricks, yeah? – Oh yeah, yeah, small, yeah. – Set up, alright doubles. Whoa! Whoa! Oh. I thought that was coming
with me and it wasn’t. Cymbal skating. Your turn. It’s hot so far. A lot heavier than a
skateboard, not as big. Weird to fall. Good luck. Okay. (both exclaiming) – It’s gonna slide. – He’s gonna slide that. You! Whoa, that was it! You had it. That’s how you know they shred when you’re taking off layers. I think I’m gonna try and drop in on this, which is like the scariest
part of the trick. And then get some speed
and fly out and do an air. Whoa. Oh! We can do that. (both exclaiming) (rock music) Ultimate will it shred test, kick flip. You have to pop hard. This is 35 pounds of kick flip. Whoa. That was so awkward. Hey. There’s an Ollie. (both exclaiming) – [Casey] Oh my. – I kicked so hard. Alright, give it a shot. Kind of scary, right? – Yeah. Oh, there’s–
– Oh, I’m okay with that. – With motion. – [Shaun] Does anybody wanna do a kick flip on a drum cymbal? – Can’t do that. – [Shaun] You can, you
just gotta think you can. And kick really, really, really hard. – Oh my god. – [Shaun] Right? – This is like 100 pounds. – [Shaun] Right, but you got it. Don’t even think about it. Just kick flip it. We’ve gotten like halfway
there a couple times. – Dude, that thing is so heavy. No, it’s too heavy.
– ‘Kay, no worries. – Thanks though. – [Shaun] Yeah, the quest continues. That was close. – [Guy] Dude, you almost got it. – Oh, that was it. I feel like he might do it. – That’s a lotta swing weight. A lot of swing weight. – [Shaun] It’s a 35 pound kick flip. (all exclaiming) – (growls) Oh your turn. – Let’s take it off a drop. Whoa. Wah, watch out. (upbeat music) – Whoa, oh my god. (laughing) Hey! – [Casey] Are you kidding me? – We’re having a discussion right now about the clover bowl over verts. – I think they shred. They’re shredable. – So this is like more than, like not just straight up and down but actually goes upside down on the wall. Alright Casey, you’ve talked me into it. – [Casey] Whoo, you got it buddy. – A little story here. I remember when I was like 13 years old, dropping in on this for the first time. On a normal skateboard. And it was the scariest thing ever. If only I would’ve known
that eventually I’d drop in on a drum cymbal. Holy cow, alright. Whoo! (upbeat music) Whoa, speed devil. – [Casey] That was sweet. (Shaun exclaims)
Oh my gosh. (groans) – We got this better. We’re gonna take every wall, we’re gonna do the oververt. (exclaims) That’s so close. – [Casey] Dude. – [Shaun] What? (laughing) – Well done man. – [Shaun] Okay. Whoa, there it is. No! I’m no counting it, do it again. There it is! Yeah, the one 180. Alright Casey– – Get some wheel bite. – [Shaun] What do you rate this out of 10? Will it shred? – Oh man, we never got a kick flip, so I’m going like eight. – Alright eight.
– So far. – [Shaun] And what if
I learn to kick flip? – 10 out of 10, easy. – We’re doing a kick flip for the ender. Sick. Whoa. (both groaning) Oh, you’re getting close. Whoa. – Ouch! Oh man. – [Shaun] You alright? – Cymbals. – [Shaun] Oh gashes. Ow.
– Ouch. – Ow, that sucked. It popped up and hit my shin. – [Casey] No! It hurts so bad. – Hey oh. Whoa scary. This is just not looking doable. – Oh, I give up.
– Oh that was close. – Dude! – Alright, for all intents and purposes, we’re counting the one that
he landed kind of earlier. (all exclaiming) Best video ever. Thumbs up, bye. (upbeat music) (Casey laughing) – [Casey] I don’t know where to go now.


I don't know if Casey was filming you skateboarding,was better,or you skateboarding was better, or both. It was amazing 👍

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