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E-Skateboard im Matsch – Huawei Mate 10 Pro Footage |

E-Skateboard im Matsch – Huawei Mate 10 Pro Footage |

This is really the worst way I drove with an electric skateboard. Do you see that?
Over there. Can still drive. My son had a desire to ride a bike and I wanted to drive with my e-board That’s why we drive along the lake here. Everything’s wet and mushy but it works And I have to do more videos again. I want to do more YouTube Much more than before.. and how do you say it? The camera you have with you is always the best camera. I have my Huawei Mate 10 Pro with me. So I’m going to film and hope that the quality is not so bad. I’m used to filming with my DSLR. With the EOS 70 D. Now we’ll do it with a cell phone. Must work too. The deck looks good too. A little bit at least. I’m still in juice. (Battery is full) The good thing is that I drive low. That’s good to be traveling with my son. I don’t always have to go full throttle. Neh?! By the way: Also great in jogging pants on the road in this weather. If you have seen my old videos, then you know that my battery is draining quickly. In low mode, he holds reasonably well. * Oah! * Everywhere branches where I drive Oh my god! My son is looking for ways. I’m allowed to test now.. ..if that is also ATV approved. We just do it, right? I could push too, but I’m not good at pushing. I still want to come home comfortable. So. We have left the terrible way behind us. Now asphalt again under your feet * Ahh * That’s nice really nice! Here’s the ground a bit.. ..a bit bumpy Yes! Perfect! Now the lights are on. Now I have a little light. So. I wanted to say something about the new YouTube rules. I think it’s ok, if they pay more attention that everybody * Öhh * can monetize his YouTube videos My goal was for 2018 anyway To get 1.000 subscribers. Now it gets a bit harder. Not harder.. The goal is still the same for me. As of February 20th, I will no longer have any monetization. That’s already.. ..a sad story .. I have to say But I have to go through That just spurs me on to pay more attention on YouTube and to make MORE videos and BETTER videos, above all. Quality – Quantity and, above all, constantly! I’m trying to do that somehow now That’s why you have to settle for it when I’m doing some videos with my phone. Is not synonymous wrong. Neh?! It doesn’t have to be that quality.. the content has to be right! Maybe this video is just not that interesting for you, but as I said I have to do it for myself Who watches Casey Neistat videos will understand me.
Hope so.. So. Gradient.. ..the good thing.. ..I can brake almost to a standstill That’s cool! If you look.. So it’s reasonably straight We have a little gradient And now we try to go up the hill I put on high again to see if I can get up here. * Oah * I lose traction because it’s so wet. ..and now you hear.. It blinks directly When the board has to work hard.. It’s hard! Then the battery is empty directly. My son has fun running down the hill all the time. Lowlight quality of the Huawei Mate 10 Pro There comes the small flashing man. ” This is really cool! ” Ok!
Then whiz again! On your marks.. ” get set ” Go!
” Gooo! ” He’s having fun I can not wait until my son can skateboard. or with an electric board before he starts to drive electric boards first of all, he has to learn how to skateboard I never learned to skateboard.. I can ride my inline skates very well for that.. that’s why I find it hard to skateboard but I still like to drive to drive electrically is much easier ..that to push. that was just a short video I hope you liked it.
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