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EAGLE ATTACK!! (caught on camera)

EAGLE ATTACK!! (caught on camera)

– This … This is how we’re starting
the best day ever. I have a really, really
cool surprise for you guys with a really, really good friend. But for any of this surprise to make sense we gotta go back in time, that’s why I made the time machine. So, let’s go. I had to put the blog camera away but I’m gonna film
everything that happens today and then I’m gonna release
it in a video with Devin. Where’d Devin go? We release it in a video with Devin. – Together, gonna do it together. – It’s not soon but it’s kinda soon because it comes out
with a special surprise. Yeah, you’ll hear about surprise. It’s not just a YouTube video. It’s something even better. – And Shawn’s a huge part of that. – Yeah. – Game changer. – Is a trampoline? Is it a slip and slide? Is it a mixture? – I think it’s a bad idea. – [Man] It’s not as good
as it’s on the water. – [Shawn] Whoa. – [Devon] You’re going in first. – It’s actually bouncy. – Yeah, hold me right here. – [Shawn] Do a flip. (laughing) That really looks like you helped him. He can’t do a back flip. He had to get someone to help him. Confirmed. – I got you bro, I got you. – [Shawn] Nope, cut that part out. So, it’s 6:30am and me and
Shawn are gonna do it right now. The first people in the
water, it’s gonna be miserable but it’s all about the shot baby. – Why are we first? – [Devin] Cause the
lighting looks sexy now. – Oh, that is good lighting. Wait, so what do we do? What do you mean we’re
getting in the water, like what’s supposed to happen? – We are going to duel with boxing gloves. – [Shawn] Boxing gloves. – We’re gonna charge as
fast as humanly possible. We’re both gonna get hurt but
we’re doing it for you guys. – [Man] On your mark, get set, go. (laughing) – I really thought I was
going for a nose (mumbles). – Dude, when we’re running
at each other with pain … – It looks incredible. (mumbles) – So basically, I can’t
remember if we explained this but this is a giant jousting mat. We’re each gonna saddle up our joust stick and run towards each other at full speed like we’re riding horses. Devin. – Yeah. – Are you ready? – No. – Bad idea. – Devin doesn’t want to
ride the boxing gloves, he wants to joust with them. Devin’s video, Devin’s rules. You know. This is what it looks
like when Devin films his video’s in slow motion. – Charge. – That was like really
good for like a little kid that’s excited on Christmas morning but we need like gladiator. – Whoa. (laughing) – That was definitely a little bit better and I’m outta here before I get hurt. I’m scared just watching that. – And charge. – We have rules (mumbles). – Yeah. – Take it. – Charge. – I literally kicked Shawn’s trash. He’s actually going pee, right. Are you doing number one or number two? – Number two. – He’s definitely doing number two. We had a couple of logs
floating here and there. He has a plastic bag though, so everything’s leaving the lake. It’s gonna be clean, clean free. – I’m gonna go in there and knock him off. – Sorry, can I just hop in here. I want this free click
bait on my thumbnail. This is my thumbnail. Alright, got it. No, that’s my thumbnail. Thanks. – Excuse me. – I’m sorry if this is awkward. Can I just get the
thumbnail of you actually? And I want that in the
background, so it’s exciting. And just a little of a flex. Okay, got my thumbnail. Perfect. Go have fun. Nailed it. Click bait. Trending page. And Devin’s abs. Look at Devin’s absolutely right now. (growling) Oh yeah, rippling. I’m gonna check the stats
for this YouTube video. It’s gonna be like 98% females. – [Man] Two, one, charge. (screaming) (laughing) – They’re not really cutting it. I don’t know. I mean … You just stick to a calendar
modeling or something. – [Man] Charge. (mumbles) (laughing) – We’ve got brother verse brother. I would tell you who
wins but it’s too soon. You see that. You see what I did there. – [Man] Two, one. – [Shawn] Oh Cory wins. – [Woman] The only time I’ve been in another movie of yours, was … (One Week by Barenaked Ladies) – Trying hard not to smile but I feel bad. It’s a round out from the
90’s and I just dissed you. Get out of my face now. – [Man] You can’t get hurt on. – [Shawn] Waterlogged gloves. – So, now we’re gonna
fake it ’til you make it. (laughing) – Look at that tiny little boxing glove. Oh, so we’re getting like
GoPro shots of people’s chests. Yeah, okay, I got it, got it. Devin thinks of everything. Devon film’s with like seven
different camera’s each shoot. Wait. What kind of camera’s
does Devon shoot with? Canon, is that the red camera? – The red dragon. – [Shawn] Dragon. GoPros. Drones. – And whatever else we
can find to film with. – And phones. Pretty diverse shoot. (screaming) I like how half the times
we don’t even make it ’til the middle and we just slip and fall. (mumbles) – Aah. – This thing’s so heavy. – It’s like 30 pounds I think. – I know you have to swing it. I just have to drop it on someone and then it would hurt them. Finish him. – Whoa. – Wait, do one of these like corny like, Okay, hold on let me set
up my camera, one second. This is gonna be cool. Mortal Kombat. – Whoa. – Finish him. – [Narrator] Fatality. – I don’t know if that’s Mortal Kombat but it looks cool, right. Was that pretty cool? I’m gonna take you guys
on this massive blob we’ve been playing with all day. Devin, where did you get this thing? – Heaven. – They make these in heaven. Ouch, really hot on my feet. – No, so we saw a viral
video from Damian Walter’s like slip and slide. They were shooting from a Russian chair and doing all this crazy stuff, so we wanted to do a
bunch of videos in Utah. So we contacted our good buddy Shawn and we’re making this stuff happen. – I’m his good buddy. All I did for this is the boxing glove. How did that one hit you
in the face by the way. We were supposed to kinda go
for chest a little bit more and I nailed Devin in the face. How did it feel? – No, it like legitimately hurts. No, it’s super heavy and
they’re like 25-30 pounds. – They’re water logged. Oh, did that … Are you okay? – Yeah, that’s cool. I think, is this the end? Can we stop getting hurt. – This is the end. – My favorite part of
Devin’s Super Tramp Videos are the beginning when you find out all the cool stuff you’re gonna do and the end when you
can stop getting hurt. – And then you realize how awful they are. You got hurt a little bit. – Yeah, no for sure. – I hit your groin. – I can’t tell you. I was gonna say I can’t
tell you where I got hurt but it definitely hurt. This is gonna be one that
I want you guys to watch, so you should go watch it. What do you always say at the end. – We always say over and out. But watch this really fast. It’s a trampoline. (screaming) (laughing) – There goes your spine. – Yeah, that hurt. – See, wasn’t that awesome. I’ve been wanting to post
that for like a year now. I don’t know if it really
explained the surprise really good but it’s with Devin and it’s really cool. Let me explain more. Alright, the surprise. It’s not my surprise but
it’s my buddy’s surprise. Devin’s super tramp had made his own app, which is really cool. Something that I’ve always wanted to do. He actually pulled the trigger on it. Devin Super Tramp Stuntman, an app where you do all the cool things that Devin does in his videos where you like jump off cliffs and ride stuff. And I’m one of the characters
and I have a skateboard. And I eat cereal, watch pop up this. Cool, right. Right. Me eating cereal. Basically, in the video we just
time machine from the past. That day was really fun. Me and Devin were filming that colab. He was telling me about his new app. He said he wanted me to be a character. I thought that was amazing. Like okay, let’s not release this yet. We’ll release it when the app comes out. The app’s out. He did it. The job that Devin and his team I know worked
super hard on it and it shows. Definitely (mumbles) for Devin. Definitely get the app. It’s completely free. Play it, enjoy it. I’ve been playing for months
already and it’s really fun. So, you either unlock me
by beating lots of levels or you can purchase me for 99 cents. That’s it. I’ll put a link in the description. Finish watching the video but then after that at
least play the game, it’s really fun and then if
you know what’s good for you, download me. – Alright, Dev you ready
to talk about the app? – No. Sorry. – [Narrator] I keep on
getting taken out by these … There it goes again, eagle. – Dev, the game’s up. Delete the app. Delete the app. It’s real life. I’m getting grabbed by
eagles in real life. (fun music) – Back to your regularly
scheduled daily log. I’ve got some work to do and then I think I’m gonna get together with my friends and we’re
gonna play volleyball. Next part of this best day ever, we’re gonna play
volleyball with my friends. Almost forgot you guys, you’re coming too. (dance music) That’s kind of creepy. That’s kind of creepy. How’s her hand in the back of her head? Goodnight Adelaide, I love you. (dance music) I’m gonna take you guys
on this massive blob we’ve been playing with all day. Alright, it’s kind of slippery.


sees title
Eh that's a little possible after people in Syracuse were reporting it happening.
watches video
Well nevermind.

It's kind of funny (to me) that you said time machine, because in school I'm reading a book Called The Time Machine.

cool comment of the day:
app downloaded, fully distracted.
Also, the intro for this video is officially my favorite of all time!

Dude, that thumbnail actually happened in a nightmare I had once… It sounds dumb, but it was extremely terrifying at the time…and made me extremely anxious. It was awful… And it also makes me think of that weird chinese yodeling song, "Chicken Attack," which I still think you should use as background music for Chicken in one of your videos…

Have been waiting so long for the video in which you were supposed to be picked up by a giant dragon or bird of some sort…finally! Will check out Devin's App soon 🙂

Am I the only one that noticed that the jousting sticks were made out of pole vault poles (I do polevault in track)

Like Devin's channel, but the app is a thumbs down. It's slow and videos are too long to get anything. It seems more about selling advertising them making a fun game. Had to uninstall it.

That "blob" is actually an "AirTrick" it is a mix between a springboard and a trampoline. We have one at my parkour gym. Ours is shorter and wider.

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