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Electric Batman Baja Part 4 – TOO MANY LIGHTS!

Electric Batman Baja Part 4 – TOO MANY LIGHTS!

to build this project we use components purchased from digi-key which has a huge catalog of electronic parts to see a complete circuit diagram on how the circuit works in case you want try making yourself you can visit there are links in the description below hey guys it’s been a while since we’ve updated the Batman tumbler and I gotta be honest it’s looking more like a bat baja I’m not too sure how much we’re going to have to modify the frame to actually make it look like a tumbler so that might not happen but we’ve added a ton of stuff since last video most notably all these light bars we’ve got over a hundred thousand lumens of lights now available at the touch of a button in addition to that we’ve modified the frame a little bit done a lot of wiring and we’ve also added trailer hitch in the back to add different kinds of attachments including that turret we showed you in the last video all right let me show you how the lights work in a bit more detail and then we’re going to take it for A RIP all right so to control all of the LED lights on the bat Baja we’re actually using a relay board connected to an Arduino with a USB host shield which means we use this USB number pad to control each of the relays and each of the outputs we’ve laid it out very intuitively so basically if you press the upper buttons turns on the front lights side ones side lights we also added ENTER which turns on all lights at once but we also add some fun hidden Easter eggs if you hold down ENTER and press double-oh-seven you get strobe mode if you hold ENTER and type in 1337 get lighthouse mode we’re planning on adding a few different modes maybe random and the beauty is there’s 17 keys here we got 16 relays we’re only using 11 lights right now which means we have room for 5 more accessories we’re thinking roman candle launchers a horn obviously and a whole bunch of other stuff but if you guys have any ideas of other cool stuff that we can add to this let us know in the comments below what you want random? purpose of the test drive we actually remove the dual wheels in the back because we are in close quarters in here we don’t want to knock them off any of these pillars or posts I much prefer the look of it with the double tires and when we’re testing outside we will be using them now for the purpose of the test-drive we actually removed the dual wheels on the back… please tell me someone was filming that… you missed one – you missed two! quick! I hope you enjoyed that video as I’ve been saying this is a year-long project we’re going to be updating things on the Batman baja as we go and it’s not going to be finished any time soon but that’s why we make these videos so you can be along for the entire ride as we upgrade this thing and make it worthy of Batman himself quick note about the LED light bars they were provided by yo shop and we got today we’re pretty impressed with the quality we tip the Baja on to this one it didn’t break I mean the brackets broke but the light itself is completely fine and it’s pretty awesome so there are links in the description below if you want to check out these light bars you want to get some of your own and I think we also have a coupon code yoshop has tons of other cool products and I highly recommend you check them out links in the description below yo shall also provide us with some action cameras which we use to film this video they’re basically GoPros but they actually have a screen on the back and the quality is pretty much equivalent we’re starting to use these in almost all of our videos so if you want to learn more about them there’s also links in the description below anyway thanks for watching and don’t forget to make sure you subscribe to see the evolution of the bat Baja thanks for watching


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Am I the only one curious as to why they don’t try to move in to that huge shop? It would have a ton of room for awesome projects!

streatch the frame and make the seat in a way that your kind of laying down a little and lower the top bars and it will be less likely to flip and might even look cool and also add some sheet metal and plexy glass so it looks like it has armor and you gotta have the bat symbol somewhere

So, you got that fireproof racing suit some episodes back. Are you going to add armor and the bat symbol, maybe a utility belt?

Add a flare/flamethrower that fires towards the rear…That'll make it difficult to follow this vehicle in chase situations and add heavy weapon systems at the bottom front area behind the headlamps,that'll stabilise the weight and keep the buggy from flipping up at high speeds and from toppling side to side

you guys should totally add some night vision lights and some sort of camera system (or something better thought out) that way you can drive it light-less in the dark "knight" hahha i crack myself up . but seriously that would be legit!

I know that you said that this was only going to be a 4 part series but can you please add more to this project

SO where is the tumbler batmobile you were talking about making already? You know what? Forget that, make the NEW batmobile in the superman versus batman movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ican help, i'm an artist.

you should put buttons on the steering wheel which would shoot the turret Nerf gun if you put one on and some armor

Connect it with Call of Duty AR helmet and display speed and rpm from wheels and compass and go for a ride. Maybe a Google mini map too xD

I'd love to see it more 'tumbler-like' visually. The issue you're having with the height could be solved by seating position. consider either reclined (recumbent) – so your feet are further forward and you lean back more – allowing the roof to drop lower – or go the other direction and pilot it on your stomach (like riding a racing bike). with the wider base and the double wide wheels, it should be less prone to roll and you wouldn't need to be as concerned about the high roll cage.

Why dont you guys ever use corded angle grinders lol after watching you grind on storm breaker or the other movies and go through 100 batteries. It drives me a little nuts haha

To make it more realistic try adding like a blaster of some sort like when those handheld blasters like when you’re driving then you have a mini bless her by your side new name of the person know that would be pretty cool you asked me

It doesn't looking like a batmans trumbler i watch all parts and more but can you make a new frame, big tires, powerful engine and with just looking like batmans movie trumbler

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