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Electric Batman Tumbler Part 2 – First Test Drive

Electric Batman Tumbler Part 2 – First Test Drive

Hey Guys, so weve been working hard on the Batman Tumbler for the past few weeks now and its finally ready for the first test drive. Dont forget to follow us on social media if you guys want to see updates in between videos, because we post pictures all the time. Links are in the description below So the Baha is coming along awesome, we have got the frame completely painted now The motors almost ready to be mounted, and we even have a seat Before we are going to be able to test drive this thing, we’re obviously going to need a steering wheel So the challenge is, the location of the steering wheel right now does not work because iy’ll hit your legs Which is kinda difficult for driving, so what we have to do is, reposition it up a little bit by using a universal joint but universal joints can be kind of expensive so we looked around the shop and we actually have a universal socket joint which we’re going to use instead, so what we need to do is find the location we want to place this along the shaft then using a pillow block bearing mounted to part of the frame we can position the steering wheel at a different angle then from what it is right now we think, probably around here at a slight angle will allow us to turn, now to get a full turning radius, out of the front end this Baha you have about 90 degrees, so thats the max rotation of the steering wheel alright, so that’s probably not going anywhere, but I’m going to tac weld it anyways just in case, to make sure it stays on there alright now for the other side, so unfortunately we can’t just hammer this into the pipe which means we are going to have something in between but luckily I have some barstock that fits perfectly in to the socket adapter aand again we can probably jam it into the pipe like what we did with this piece over here thats still pretty hot alright, so I beveled the edges of this again so we can hammer it right into the pipe without any problems and there you go and now can just tac weld right there attach it, tac weld bam, we have a universal joint attached to a piece of metal pipe actually do a little plug weld through the spot that uuh normally holds the ball bearing for the quick connect and technically that’s probably enough to hold it, but might as well go around the edge too perfect, two become one cost of doing this, free, it was an extra universal joint we had laying around the shop alright now to see where the steering wheel will actually be, I’m going to use a pair of vice grips probably doesn’t help that the rear end is on a jack stands right now but as you can see, now in the straight position could be like this but my knees are actually going through the floor which means we still want to have it up a bit and if we have it up, a bit then we can go like this and that’s a lot more comfortable than hitting my legs like so so, we are going to pick an angle we want for this height these vice grips actually work pretty good maybe just weld those on *drilling intensifies* *sonic spin intensifies* alright, so the teams been hard at work and the Baha is almost ready for its first test drive as you can see we can just turn it on with this switch here that hits the main contactor then turn on the little speedometer, and the computer and if everything is hooked up properly *revs engine* ooo, ahaha alright, lets take it for a rip *canada intensifies* alright so that was a blast so I think we need to install a seat belt before we test it further and we are going to take it to a farmers field to really test how fast this thing can go hope you guys enjoyed that little teaser of what this thing can do just imagine what it will be able to do with two motors alright, so now that we got the buggy running what kind of upgrades should we make? we’ve been thinking about grappling hook guns, a crazy LED light bar, winches, paintball guns, paint ball turrets, all kinds of stuff like that Leave a comment in the description below on what you think we should add to this thing to make it worthy of Batman himself Don’t forget to Subscribe, and if you guys want to see updates on this project in between the videos, make sure you follow us on social media We post pictures on Instagram pretty much daily, as well as Facebook and Twitter Wow that was way easier than I thought it would be.

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