Electric Batman Tumbler Part 3 – DUALIE WHEELS!

Ready? This video is sponsored by audible, home with the widest selection of digital audiobooks, including best sellers, new releases, and exlusive content and much much more. Audible is offering our audience a free 30-day trial, just visit, start browsing, and download a free book today. Sponsors like Audible ensure we can take our projects from a ten, to an eleven. I feel like maybe we can add in like a, like a volume gauge that goes to ten and then breaks past eleven or something. And then zooms in on my face Alright, so we had a ton of fun with our little winter off-road test drive with the Batman Tumbler. But, its time to get back to work, and we’re taking some of your comments and suggestions, and making it happen on the baja. Alright, so one of the most popular requests so far is to make the tumbler look a bit more like the tumbler which is pretty fair, we are calling it Batman’s tumblr and right now, it’s just a baha. So, we are planning on potentially modifying the frame, to drop the height a little bit. Give it a bit of a lower profile, and maybe even extend the frame One of the easiest things we can do right now, is to double up the wheels in the back just like the real tumbler And the way we’re doing that is with wheel spacers. so these wheel spacers are normally meant to go on the inside of the wheel, Which means it actually pushes the wheel stand out What this also will do is, it means it’s gonna be harder to flip the buggy because it’s got a much wider area of surface for the tires. And that also means we’ll be able to do wheelies easier and we’ll have higher acceleration because we’ll have more contact with the ground So the motor would really be able to give you a nice solid, POW! So what we’re gonna do is actually mount the wheel spacers on the outside of the rim instead. And what this means is we’ll actually be able to take the tires from the front of the car, and put em on the back like we’ve already done here. So let’s do that Bomb has been planted Alright, so we’ve added those 2 wheels, and we’ve changed the gearing, and if my calculations are right, we should have a top speed of about 60 kilometres an hour. Plus, a crazy amount of torque, we might even be able to wheelie. And if we cant now, we will be able to with the second motor, no problem Let’s take it for a spin Alright, Adam, if i break, run past me, then turn around. Ready? alright *laughter*
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