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Electric board like boosted board but much cheaper

Electric board like boosted board but much cheaper

Hi guys as usually its me just a voice over
and you are watching review machines, and the other day I was thinking about what interesting
I should choose for next review. I was lucky enough to meet a clever man and
he adviced me the following topic. You may know such a youtuber as Casey Neistat
its well known person I think, but the matter is that he made an electric skateboard an
extremely popular mean of transport! Numerous videos and views its clear there
is a general hype about the boards. That is why it was so interesting for me to
test one, but you know boosted boards seem to me rather expensive and I decided to buy
a cheap Chinese version on Aliexpress – lets do it! Well there is a huge choice of various electric
boards but I liked this variant. Good sellers reputation and feedback and decent
specs of the board made me finally decide to buy this board. And the price is quite affordable its only
400 dollars. Well lets try it! Three weeks later we got it… Lets have a closer look what we finally got. The length of this longboard is 970 mm the
weight is slightly more than 8 kilos. It is well built device. The board is made of a Canadian Maple plywood,
so its rather durable and its payload is 120 kilos! The top coating provides a perfect traction
with feet for comfortable riding. All the electric components are in the box
under the board. There is a thick antivibration shim between
the board and the box. The lithium battery 6.6 AH. Then there are two hub motors 300 watts each,
so the total power is 600 watts. The metal parts look very robust and solid. The wheels are 90 mm diameter covered with
polyurethane (полиурисейн) – a very durable material. The handling by this remote controller. There a joystick its throttle and brakes and
there are three modes of riding, eco, standard and sport. Then we see here battery indicator, that’s
all. Well lets take a ride! First thing I want to mention – this longboard
produces so many impressions on me! It a way more emotional device than any electric
scooter for example! The drive and speed is felt much deeper. By the way its my second time of riding a
skate in my life! The first time was a day ago. I saw a video on youtube a skate for beginners
and then it took me several hours of practice, and now I can ride quite confidently as you
can see. Firstly I rode awkwardly but the more I was
riding the more I liked it and now I even can say that I feel the board as a part of
my body. And thanks to the three modes. The beginner mode is perfect for dummies like
me but now I am comfortably riding in the second mode. But the sport mode still is quite frightening
for me. Lets see the launch start on the sport mode! As we can see it is a very brisk start, almost
a burnout isn’t it? Two motors 300 watts each it is a significant
power for a longboard. Well a rapid start its an awesome thing, but
also we are interested in maximum speed and most important in range! We will see these features later and now I
should say I want somebody else to compete with! We invited a unicycle rider to take part in
our video. Its 2000 watts Solowheel Extreme – one of
the best American devices. Well take bets who the faster is an electric
longboard or unicycle . We are going to arrange a drag race now! Lets do it right now! Firstly the unicycle starts faster. But then I am picking up speed and overtake
him on the finish! So we can make a conclusion that the longboard
is definitely faster! We will check it maximum speed soon, and by
the way other several tries of drag racing show us the same result. Well the unicycle is not so fast as longboard,
but is significantly better on a rough terrain. Due to the big wheel it can go cross country
and even jump over some obstacles! Though our longboard is also a perfect offroader! If seriously it is only for a good asphalt. It possible to ride on earth roads but it
will eat the battery much faster in this case. As to the paving tile – its completely no
problem as you can see. Polyurethane provides soft and comfortable
riding on tile. Now lets check the brakes. We are braking simultaneously, but the unicycle
stops much faster. Then I should mention that a unicycle is much
more maneuverable, though I can do this on the longboard! Moreover if the battery is dead, the only
way to carry a unicycle its in your hands, and as to the longboard we still can ride
on it! The next day early in the morning we checked
the maximum range! We use a simple app gps odometer to measure
the distance. Lets start! The road is even the weather is fine, so all
the conditions are comfortable for the test. By the way me weight is 90 kilos, it is important
for the maximum possible range. Meantime I rode 17 km and my phone is almost
dead so we take another phone and proceed the measuring there. And now lets check the maximum speed. Well the maximum speed is 34 kmh. Quite a decent result! Though according to the official specs the
maximum speed is 40 kmh, but I think it is possible only with a lighter rider. Well we are moving on and the battery is still
alive! According to the official specs the range
is from 15-25 km, but we want to know exactly. To tell the truth I got tired by the time,
that is why I rode sitting on the board, and trying to kill the battery. And finally we got it. The battery is dead now. Lets see the results. The second phone shows us 5.4 km plus the
result on the first phone, so totally we have the result 26 km! 26 km range its even slightly more that in
official specs. A decent result for an electric longboard,
I think! Lets sum it up now. This longboard is good quality device with
quite decent speed and range and its quite affordable in comparison with other brands,
so I really liked it! Guys please post your comments what you think
about the longboard, And it is very interesting for me if it is much worse than boosted board
and why? Thanks for watching guys, consider subscribing
the channel if you liked the video it will be many more interesting materials here, good


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