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Electric Mercedes – 5 BEST Features!

Electric Mercedes – 5 BEST Features!

(upbeat music) – Behind me is Mercedes
first all-electric car, the Mercedes EQC. If you’ve been watching
my channel for awhile you know that I like electric cars, and we’ve had a chance to see this car a few times over the last year. But this is the first time I’ve really had the chance to drive it, to explore it, to learn what it’s like on the roads, start driving it in the
mountains, in the city. I wanna share with you my five favorite unique features about this Mercedes EQC. The number one item on my list, has to start with the
inside of the vehicle. I’ve been in quite a few electric cars over the last couple of years, and I’ve not seen a car
that is more luxurious on the interior, than the EQC. They have custom stitching,
all along the inside. There’s a nice mix between
white and black leather. In our Tesla the whole
thing is white in one car, the whole things is black in another. Sometimes white doesn’t
do so well with kids, and with blue jeans and different things. Its difficult to really
tell you on camera, how comfortable it actually
feels inside of this car. You can tell that the
leather is higher quality, that the foam that they use
inside is really comfortable. You’ve seen the video where
we cut open an S-Class seat, and you saw all the thought that went into the seat within the S-Class. You can easily move the seat in multiple different directions, you also have the seat warmers and the ventilated air-cooled seats. You have the white crossed-stitch pattern, the black leather up here. What looks like carbon fiber, with these accents of
copper that go through it, to kind of represent the
coils within the battery. At night-time there’s the EQC blue lights that shine right here, but you can also customize the lights to have different mood
lighting in the car, however you want it to be. Mercedes has over 100 years of experience designing seats inside of cars, and you feel it in the EQC. It just feels like a higher
quality ride experience. (bouncy music) The second thing that I
really like about this car, has a little bit to do
with the Tesla Model 3, and the Model Y, and
the potential refresh, on the S and the X. If you’ve seen the way
the Model 3’s screen works is that you have a giant screen that’s right here in this area, and that’s really all that you have. And it’s a really strange thing because you don’t have any
heads-up display right here to be able to see how fast you’re going. I’m not saying that the Mercedes screen that goes across is better, what I am saying, is that
Mercedes did something inside of the EQC, that I think that could be a very simple thing
for even Tesla to fix. It’s a heads-up display that projects onto the windshield. You can see the kilometers per hour, the direction that you’re facing, and a few other items that
are just on the screen. The way that it works, is
up here on the dashboard you have this box, and
in this box is a mirror, and down inside is all of
the display information. It projects onto the mirror, and then up onto the windshield. It does take a little
bit of getting used to, and at the very beginning
it’s a little shocking to see that in the line of sight. After about 20 minutes of driving the car it becomes less of a distraction, and it becomes more of
something that helps you know how fast you’re going. I love this feature in the EQC. Totally useful. So this isn’t one of my top five, but I just want to show you this, because I think it’s really cool. First notice, no tow hitch. Nothing.
Nothing down here. You pull the tow hitch button, and watch this. There you go! You have a tow hitch! It’s like magic. Didn’t quite make the top five, but that was pretty cool right? (upbeat music) Third thing that I really
like about the Mercedes EQC, is the recuperation mode, a regenerative braking type mode. In some electric cars they
only have two options. Which is no regeneration, so basically when you let off
the pedal, it just cruises. It’s actually using the motor to brake and it’s pushing energy to the batteries, and recharging the batteries in a way. Giving you a little bit extra range so you can drive a few more miles. This has five modes of
regenerative braking, but they call it recuperation. If I let off the pedal,
the car just cruises, and it’s just coasting
like you’re in neutral. If you put it on maximum
mode, the car’s stopping. It can come to, basically a complete stop, without even using the brakes, and it’s charging the batteries back up. Mercedes does a really
good job on their display, and actually showing you what the battery and what
the motors are doing. So you can see when I
completely let off the pedal, everything lights up blue. Both of the motors are charging the battery at the same time, and the car comes to a complete stop without me even pushing the brake. But there’s also a special one, if you hold down the
paddle for a few seconds, it says D Auto. The cool thing about this one, is it’s using the
topography maps and the GPS, and also how much battery you have in your car right now. It’ll change the recuperation levels based off of the needs of the car, and the places that you’re driving. If you’re going down a really steep hill, it uses the camera and
sees cars in front of you. It will kick in the higher
mode of recuperation, and slow you down as
you’re going down the hill without you having to use the brake. So really clever system, and this is something that I didn’t know that I was missing in my life, until I drove the Mercedes-Benz. I need more recuperation in my life. (energetic music) The fourth thing that I like about this Mercedes EQC. It is legitimately, the quietest car, I have ever ridden in. No joke, it is crazy quiet. If you remember, back when I cut open a Tesla tire, we found some sound dampening
foam inside of the wheel. That was pretty cool. Yesterday we met with the employee, that his entire job for the last year, has been to make the car ride as quiet as humanly possible. He decreased the decibels
by nine decibels, from where he started. They took the motor, and they put custom-fitted
foam all around it before they put the plastic
cover over the motor. The motor is obviously
attached to the car, but they detached it from the
frame in two different places. So they have little connectors, so that the vibrations, and
the noise from the motor, hopefully would not
transfer over to the car so that you would hear it and feel it. They have giant thick foam squares that are all within the car, between the inner systems and the outer frame of the car, especially around the wheel wells. It’s really really quiet. So it’s kind of a strange thing when you’re driving in the car. I really like the attention
to detail that Mercedes did. To take additional steps
to make sure that this car, is as soundproof as possible, so that you don’t hear
little squeaks and noises. Because that’s my number four. This car is crazy quiet
and peaceful to ride in. (relaxed music) The fifth and final thing that I really like about the Mercedes EQC. It has augmented reality, that is built in to the GPS navigation. What the GPS does, is
when you are coming up to a place where you need to turn right, it utilizes the front-facing camera. The front-facing camera turns on, and then certain points
of interest, or streets, or the way that you’re supposed to turn, will pop up digitally
enhanced, over the video. So it’s like live video of the outside, but then you get these
digital images that crop in, that help guide you. If you have a turn that’s coming up, a blue arrow will come out
and be pointing forward. One of my favorite parts about it was when it first came on
we were super confused. Because you often see a rear-view camera that comes up, like say you put it in reverse, and you get the rear-view camera that shows what’s going on behind you. All of a sudden we saw a camera image of what was in front of us. Zach kind of got a little
upset with that one. – I was like, why in the world would I need a camera image on the screen, of what I can look out the window and see with my own eyes.
(laughing) It was kind of weird. But then we noticed that it was overlaying the directions
on top of the map and like motion tracking it,
you know with us in real time. And then it turned into
a really cool feature. That’s something I have not seen in a car, that I think is incredibly valuable, and maybe a glimpse of
what we’re going to see in the future. – Electric cars are the future, and I like where Mercedes has taken those aspects of this vehicle. So the EQC is rolling
out, right now in 2019. Then in 2020, it should roll
out in the United States. I’m excited to get my hands
on one in the United States. Do some more testing,
make some more videos. Who knows? Maybe I can trade in, or get
rid of one of my electric cars, and swap it for this.
We’ll see. For a more in-depth video about the features and benefits, and the specs of the Mercedes-Benz EQC, make sure you check out Zach’s channel. And his video, I’m gonna
link it right here, and link it in the description, which does a great job
of breaking it down. We had a blast out here. Thanks Mercedes-Benz,
for sending us out here. I’m excited to go see the family, but I’m a little sad to leave Norway. This has been a nice trip. All right, see you guys later. (upbeat music)


This is actually not the first electric car Mercedes has made, they also make the Mercedes-Benz B250e. It's like an electric version of the B-class.

We have the Mazada CX-9 and it has the heads-up display on the windshield. I absolutely LOVE it. It messes with me when I get in a car and it doesn't have that feature.

Range? Probably the most important feature. Also, where in the USA is the charging network with Tesla type superchargers? Absolutely essential if you want to go on a trip that is greater than ~50% of the range? IMO looks like it is an expensive around town/commuter car with probably less than a 100-mile one-way range. Don't see many of these sold without a vast supercharging network that rivals Tesla especially on the West coast where we love electric cars. Just on the block where I live, there are 6 Teslas. My neighbor routinely drives his Model S 6 hours to LA with no issues. How can you do that with this car?

Tesla & Elon Must be having deep breaths​ seeing Mercedes Taking back what they possess​ in Automobile industry … The top spot … EQC is far ahead of Tesla in every aspect except Range which anyone would look upon because Anyway using electric vechiles You got to stop for charging in long trips + You get liabilities of Mercedes & amazing Tech & comfort of Mercedes … Tesla in Trouble

I am glad that you find HUD a necessity. I-pace has it, even Kona has it, only Musk has convinced his fanboys that the giant tablet out of the line of sight is the way to go.
Also, cars like Kona have sophisticated regenerative braking modes. Perhaps EQC's are even more clever, but that's a Merc, after all.

Some navigation apps for smartphones have "augmented reality" feature similar to this, using the phone camera. One even draws a car in front for you to follow.
I hope that EQC also has an infrared forward-looking camera – very useful for seeing darkly clad pedestrians and other wildlife at night.

Everyone says that electric cars are so much better for the environment but are they really? The batteries inside of them have huge quantities of lithium and by mining for this lithium, it’s just as bad as mining for oil…

This is NOT the first fully electric car from Mercedes, You forgot that they had the SLS AMG Electric drive a few years back

Sooo how much did they pay you to use "Other electric cars" instead of the word "Tesla"? And no mention of the lousy range? I get it, they "invited" you, lol … don't get me wrong, I love that they are finally turning around to do the right thing. Hopefully they sell a lot of them and realize how wrong they were all along. Thank you, Elon!

Magic tow hitch!!! Yea 😂😂😂
The augmented reality during navigation would be really really helpful if you're in an area completely unknown to you, like if you're on holiday somewhere new.

Someone spent and entire year working on making the car quieter and got less than a 50% reduction in noise? Perhaps it was fairly quiet to begin with, but regardless I would not be bragging about a 9dB noise reduction…

But at Philippines there are no electric cars but i wish you can help philippines to hav electric cars

No Frunk, no air shocks, disappointing range and performance, disappointing autopilot. This is no competition for the model X. This will sell to Tesla haters and Mercedes fanboys only.

the mercedes is higher quality because it uses high quality nappa leather and there a luxury brand

Even the mercedes a-class has this augmented reality navigation where you have a front camera and see the directions.. its not something new

The white leather in a tesla is just disgusting IMO… its cheap feeling and gets dirty damn fast. id never own a tesla with white seats… not a chance in hell. that MB is gorgeous in terms of interior quality opposed to the Tesla.

The odometer and speedometer dials aren't a HUD so the HUD is what's displayed on the window. It's not called a window HUD…

The Mercedes is rather low range, speed and autonomous features are lacking compared to a Tesla.
I did like the AR map feature.

The Garmin Nav with a forward facing camera does the same thing of showing you the front camera view with what the destination looks like with an overlay. Does the Nav have audio turn by turn directions, and can it accept voice commands? What is the price, range, tow capacity, crash test results, charge time/kw's, and is there any self driving / parking automation? This model EQC seems it should be compared to a Tesla Model X or Y, or an iPace and not a sedan model S or C. My #1 favorite was the hide away tow hitch, if it can tow 5,000 pounds. Second was the recooperation mad max mode going down long hills. Now if we can just manual shift an electric vehicle in the twisties…Porsche maybe?

The reason why gasoline is better because if you put a snorkel on your car and you want to go underwater with it it won’t run if you have electric car because it will fry but if you put a snorkel on a gasoline car it won’t.

Great interior and good AR map. everything else is lacking behind a 2012 model S. More competition in ev is good though.

Great car, but for the floor ridge in an EV??? That's absurd.

For a place like Australia, the range needs to be at least 600kms to 700kms with very fast (120kw)charging builtin.

Tesla: prepares to launch full self-driving next year.
Mercedes: nice stitching and augmented reality for dummies.

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