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Electric Scooter SPEED TEST!!โšก

Electric Scooter SPEED TEST!!โšก

(Adley shrieks) (Jenny laughs) – [Shaun] Ah! (laughing) – [Shaun] Hi! – [Shaun] Mommy’s asleep. Say hi vlog! – Are we gonna have a fun day? – Yeah! Should we have the best day ever? – Mwah!
(Adley squeals) – Mwah! We’re gonna hang at home for a while and then we’re doing a
scooter speed test today. Can you say scooter speed test? – Kinda. Ooh, are you ready? She loves this chair. What one do you want? Do you want neck? And you want body? Do you want it hot? Oh, does that feel good? (Adley sighs) You’re silly. Oh, it’s daddy’s turn? – Ah, that feels so good. Oh, no hat? Get the hat off. – I can’t relax with a hat on. Good job, thank you. Ah, relaxing. I’m preparing for my scooter speed test. I gotta be full energy maximum relaxed. – Oh, you want me to jump? Okay! Preparing our legs for
the scooter speed test! Gotta have full energy! I need a kiss to get ready. Ready? Hey, you gave the vlog a kiss, not me! It is Adley-daddy day at work. Should we listen to sharks? – Okay, we’re gonna listen to sharks. Who should we do first? Should we do daddy, mommy, Koopa? – A daddy shark? – Okay. ♫ Daddy shark doo doo doo doo doo doo doo ♫ Daddy shark doo doo doo doo doo doo doo ♫ Daddy shark Should we do Brandon? ♫ Brandon shark (gasps) Koopa? ♫ Koopa shark doo doo doo doo doo (distortion ) (beep) uh oh vlog! Get it! – Sorry, vlog! Hey, it’s all blurry! Adley, it’s broken! – [Audio Sample] Gentlemen,
we can rebuild it. We have the technology. – Do you want to do this one? Here, ready? – Okay, can you jump? One two three jump! Woah! Okay, here we go, ready? Ride it! Woah woah woah! Woah! – Oh, do you want to do this one? Okay, ready? Woah woah woah! Woah woah! Uh oh! It’s okay! – Oh, you’ll fix it? (Adley makes straining noises) Oh, fixed it! (Adley makes straining noises) (Shaun laughs) Those noises! – Woah! – You’re crazy! This is why she loves coming to work. She’ll just do this for hours. – Do you want to go down the slide? – One two three, woo! – Daddy’s turn? – Yeah! – Okay, catch me! One two three woah! Good catch. Our team won! Adley, we win! (applause)
Good job! Space station gaming! I like having Adley in the office. She’s good luck.
Our team just won. Good job. Dude, Casanova carried hard. I’m gonna link Casanova
in the description. Go give him some high fives. He did incredible that game. – What are you doing? You have the pressure. – Things are intense over here. Space station gaming! This game is called Heroes of the Storm. It’s made by Blizzard. Same people that make Overwatch. Good stuff. – [Gamer In Red Shirt] Can we
get some SSG’s in the chat? – [Shaun] Yeah, SSG’s in the chat! Look at that! That’s us! We made that logo like two months ago. Now it’s on TV. Chase your dreams, kids. That was rad. We just beat the #1 team. Not just beat them, but
three out of three games. That’s good news. Space station gaming is killing it, guys. Leave them some love in the comments! – [Gamer] We need that. – [Shaun] Dreadnought, you
can’t believe it, dude. (laughter) Learn to believe it! – Let’s check in with Casanova
from Space Station Gaming. – We’re feeling pretty good. I’m still… – [Shaun] (laughs) Casanova! – [Gamer in Black Shirt]
We have the same hat, dude! – [Shaun] Holy! – This time we were. – He’s from Utah. Hooking up the Utah love. One, two, three, four– Wait, are those the same? Basically what we’re looking at here is another Space Station speed test. We’ve got all these new
scooters and stuff now. That one has three wheels. See that? Really cool. We gotta speed test them though. I mean, we’ve done the hoverboards, we’ve done the one wheels,
we’ve done electric skateboards. Scooters are next. And if I ever find more
pairs of electric shoes, we’ll speed test those too. But that’s another day. So yeah, scooter speed test time. Do it. Pookie! Can you speed test with me? – Yes!
– Yes. Grab anything that looks
kind of like a scooter and bring it outside. Catch me outside. – Catch me outside, how about that? (laughs)
– Door was locked. You can’t kick down locked doors. Yeah! Are we doing the regular? Yeah, we’re definitely
doing the regular scooter. Which is faster, an electric scooter or just
good old muscle mind power? We’re gonna find out. – Like that story with the train stakes and the guy, he beats the train. – Paul Bunyan?
– Yeah… no… – What does Paul Bunyan
have to do with scooters? – [Bing Crosby] A legion of mighty men have left the symbols of their dreams. John Henry’s hammer.
(trumpet fanfare) – I hate the feel of chalk. I think I’ve told you
that before, but bleh! All right, finish line. Start line will be over here. Do you have a phone to keep track? (makes whiplash sound) – [Pookie] Got that sound effect. (laughs) – All right, scooter speed test. Let’s do this. Contestant number one! The Swagtron. I’ve had it for a couple
months, little busted up. It’s had some journeys. Tells you how fast you’re going. I think we’ll do one push off the start and then we’ll go from there, yeah? – [Pookie] All right. On your marks, get set, go! – Cut! That felt good! What do we got? – [Pookie] That’s a swift 6.8 seconds. – Ooh, that’s swifty! That’s good! Right here we’ve got Inmotion. This is a newer one. I jumped over a human
being on this scooter once. (cheers) – [Pookie] On your mark, get set, go! – That was a slow start! I’m spooked. I’m spooked! I think this is slower! – [Pookie] Ladies and gentlemen! Slow 8.76 seconds. – Dang! I mean it cruises, it feels nice, but yeah that’s kinda slow. Okay, here’s the real question. Good old human muscles,
blood sweat and tears. What can we get from that? – [Pookie] On your mark, get set, go! (Shaun grunts) Woo hoo hoo hoo! – Paul Bunyan!
What was it? – [Pookie] I almost couldn’t
even put my thumb up that fast again. 5.95 seconds! – Woo! That was dangerous! A good speed test.
Science and stuff. Now you know. Muscles conquer everything. Good news, everybody! – [Employee] What’s up? – Humans will win.
– Yay! – [Jenny] Start the car! Good job, here we go! Woah, you’re a crazy driver! Woo! (Jenny mimics engine noises) Beep! Ready to go play? – [Jenny] Okay, let’s go. – [Jenny] I’m coming! – [Jenny] That one? – [Jenny] You want to hold my hand? Woo hoo hoo! – [Jenny] Wee! Woah! You flew! Are you gonna do some somersaults? Adley, you’re facing the wrong way. You’re going uphill. (Jenny laughs) – All right, we’re going home! Wanna hold the phone? (Adley shrieks) (Jenny laughs) Is that so fun? Wee, we’re back! Say bye! – End of the vlog, bro!


Your girl is adorable. I really hope you're planning on home-schooling her. You're in such a good position to give her the best possible start to life, and public schooling would just undermine that. It's designed to erode character and defuse imagination.

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I love how Shaun and everyone in the spacestation was like "YEA OUR TEAM WON!!!" And Adley was just like "What.The.Absolute.Heck…


Adly in so good and nice if she knocks down something she will pick it back up๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚

Sorry if I spelled her name wrong


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