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Electric Scooter vs Electric Skateboard – Which is Best?

Electric Scooter vs Electric Skateboard – Which is Best?


The ability to ride a skateboard is a lifeskill, like driving, biking or typing… Even at 55 I still skateboard well and do pirouettes and powerslides… it's something you never forget!
I made a pretty powerful ebike for commuting, but perhaps an eboard will be my next project, as I already have a thousand harvested 18650 cells to find a use for..

I doubt anyone would use a Lime or Bird scooter continuously for a daily commute. In Venice it's mostly tourists or kids using them after school to get to a friends house. But Kudos for being the first alternative energy channel to do a real story on them.

Boosted became such "hype" only coz Casey Neistat own part of the company/shares, and he has profit from sales. Thats why he always is using them and thats how they got so popular. I own an Evolve Bamboo GT for over a year, 3500+ km on it already, saved me a lot of money, and saved me more time getting to my destinations. Never getting the bus again (oh maybe when the weather is rly bad)

This is the most biased and bogus video I've seen yet. How about the option of buying your own electric scooter? I bought my new Xiaomi M365 (aka…Bird) nine months ago for only $485 and I use here in downtown Chicago

what…no Onewheel? Blasphemy!. you missed one of the greatest things ever invented right up there with the Tesla…and it fits perfectly in the frunk of my Model S. If you don't know about these you owe it to yourself to find out. They are great off road and on the beach as well.

Was there a reason you didn't cover the ownership option for the electric scooters, may be you could get a company to supply you with one for testing to complete the comparison,I'm sure it would be interesting.

Is not apples to apples. Suscripction rate vs buy it. Nice video but you should do a new one including a scooter buy.option

I got a Meepo Board from China, basically the same electric longboard as a Boosted Board but a third of the price. Its been great.

How about owning an electric scooter and also an electric bicycle. Owning the electric scooter gets you 3 points for both availability and comfort and the price point is also attractive. Kind of weird that you compared renting scooters with owning skateboards, it is like comparing apples to oranges

Not really a fair comparison. You can buy the Xiaomi M356 scooter for $479, which is cheaper than all of the skateboards you mentioned. In your comparison you act as if scooters can only be rented.

I spent a lot of time analyzing the various boards and happily landed on the WowGo 2S. It's around $450 for pretty decent range. No need to spend $1500 or whatever on a boosted.

Yeah I bought the Xiaomi m365 and flashed the firmware for much faster acceleration. Also goes up to 22mph now. Best thing ever.

Why on earth have you compared buying a boost it board to hiring the scooters? Ben, as a data guy I expect more from you.

Nice subject. Are these scooter rental companies actually making money? Management of these scooters seems a costly nightmare to me. It takes an awful lot of effort to get scooters to where people need them.

you should throw in the costs of owning an e scooter and injury costs for e skateboards. every youtuber ive seen with an eskateboard broke some part of their arm. escooters are ugly but safer

Havent watched the video yet but I would say if you suck get a scooter, if you are not shit on wheels get the skateboard cuz its better.

I get sick to my stomach everytime I see the name Boosted. They are NOT the only company that makes good electric skateboard. Stop being a follower and create your own path. There are others that are $300.00 to $500.00 that last a long time and are very manageable.

Hey Ben great review however old guys like me really don't see ourselves on skateboards or scooters but…what about the Ninebot by Segway. at around 500 dollars and 14 miles per charge i think the may be able to compete in this space and would possiblybring older guys into the space.

You're comparing renting scooters to buying skateboards. Apples to Oranges. What about buying scooters…

I'm actually considering buying a Segway Ninebot Mini or Ninebot One. Would you consider doing a comparison of those?

I bought the Bird scooter (Xiaomi M365, swapped the air tyres for solid-no-punctures tyres, good daily commute investment)

Skateboards will stay niche due to the learning curve. Electric scooters can become very popular as balancing is identical to riding a bicycle.

I like the video, but I think you missed a MAJOR Point here. I was able to pick up a Segway es2 for like 400 bucks on sale on Amazon just by watching camelcamelcamel. that is by far the cheapest solution of everything that you have here. And, that scooter is considered the best scooter on the market.

Hey Ben I was in SD for the weekend from the Inland Empire! My girlfriend and I rode for an hour and 30 mins from Hash House a GO GO all through Balboa Park going up and down hills. By the end we each payed $12 and some change and it is a super convenient way to travel through a city and not miss everything as you would in a car! We both drive Tesla’s and watch your videos! Thanks for the upload!

You could buy an Ownboard/Wowgo electric skateboard with the Sanyo battery upgrade for about $650 US and get yourself a eboard that can go close to 40/kph and up to 25-30km range.

I guess the conclusion on this video is:
If you are not an experienced skateboarder, buy your own electric scooter and the cheaper it will be the cheaper will be your daily trip!
I confirm, the XIAOMI M365 costs (in France) 349EUR. So…I bought one!

I bought one of these electric longboards. It shockingly easy to ride it but i started very slowly with 10 mph speed limit. As my confidence and experience grew i was able to use the full power after about 20 hours. I always wear a helmet and pads and i never have fallen out. It is much easier than i thought and i encourage people to try it.

Make it yourself thanks to Avasva solutions. I think it's the best way to learn how to build it in the cheapest way.

The cheapest electric skateboard cost as much as two Xiaomi M365 electric scooters. Done, that's all you need to know don't spend 11 minutes of your life watching this video.

Wow, this video is not bad! I think the electric scooter is better cause I'm convenient to commute since I bought a VehiGo e-scooter.

Ok, explain this to me… why is everyone so positive about the Xiaomi 365? It looks ugly, is fairly big and cumbersome – even when folded, and looks pretty heavy to boot. There are far smaller, lighter, and sexier-looking scooters out there.

To buy an scooter is the best option, period. The electric longboard has many cons: smaller wheels, turning radius is too big, you have to pick it up from the ground and carry it anytime you go to the store or any indoor space, range is not great, when the road is wet is more dangerous, stopping power not as as strong.. and I have been skating/longboarding for 10 years+, but I see what is comfortable and convenient for daily use..

Ps: the electric scooters are generally more silent

Why does everyone Always only compare the damn expensive electric skateboards… ? I don´t understand…
I Bought a Meepo V2 for like Less than HALF of that mone you where talking about and i get up every damn hill easily + i got more range than Boosted…
Why does everyone do free advertising for the most expensive Board… ?

This is the most BS comparison ever. Comparing OWNING a board to RENTING a scooter. Why don't compare OWNING them?

As others have said, it only makes sense to compare the board with a purchased scooter. Someone using a scooter for a daily commute will own their own, not rent

Why are you talking about e scooter rental?? I opened the video to see a simple comparison on convenience, function, etc. E scooter is affordable now from Megawheels, Swagtron to ninebot and Xiaomi. No plan renting it. So if you want fair comparison why didn’t you check skateboard rentals too 🤨

Okay, so it looks like I will be repeating the same thing here. Your video was cool and I like how you addressed the costs of renting escooters and and the logistical issues with the whole escooter rentals and helmets.

The problem with your video is you needed to address that actual costs of OWNING and escooter. Also in my reserach of figuring out if I want to got the board route vs the scooter direction, the one thing that divides boosted boards and their clones is from escooters is distance. The top favorite escooters is the Xiaomi M365 scooter for less than $500 and it has a range of 15-18 miles with only a top speed of 15 miles per hour. Boosted skate boards only go as far as 9 to 10 miles in range yet they can go 22 miles per hour.

Anyhow, you title is miss leading, you didn't really compare a consumer escooter to and electric board. Maybe redo the video?

i bought a carbon fiber scooter for 289 from fry's and used it for about a week its light fast and easy, but here at SDSU it was loud and uncomfortable to ride on the "brick" pavement and too loud. I find scooters cheaper and easier that these boards shown in this video
there is another scooter 'Xiaomi' that has thicker tires and that would be best if. imo . skateboards are more fun and compact so if you know how to skate i'd go with a board .

I have been skateboarding to work for 3 years with a Metroboard shortboard with 97mm abec 11s
Modified it with an elastic hand leash for the unforeseen Obstacles that make me crash. I tote my board in a military dufflebag with arm straps to carry on a Bus! in and around Crystal city Va and Washington DC

I never owned a skateboard. Never ridden an electric one. Bought the Spectra Pro and I am very comfy on it now. It took a moment, but if I can do that small skateboard, others can. To be fair, I did own a Segway i2 for several years but that had a handle.

for me my electric skateboard was a gateway drug to electric cars and for many others i would assume the same.
with my board i have a 35 mile rage opening my eyes that battery technology is no joke anymore .

These are good solutions for those who can't charge EV at home, I think I'll go with the e-skateboard since it's smaller and takes less space in car, lighter and easier to carry, lower cost of ownership and lower maintenance than e-scooters.

Dude as someone who rides a e-skate every day in NYC. You will need to buy wheels multiple times a year, belts, and other random parts, not to mention grip tape and safety gear. DO NOT think once you have it, it will be cheap. A scooter to buy or rent is far cheaper (though they have costs too).

OPPS! YOU MISSED SOMETHING: Both skateboards are belt driven. You didn't include the $10 for EACH belt which the manufacturer recommends replacing every 250-ish miles. Both boards have 2 belts. Hence, $20 per "tune-up", so to speak. So, while the electricity is 1 penny to travel 10 miles, the belt replacement cost should be factored in.

A much better transit option for inner cities is the free electric bus or streetcar, with individual cars, scooters and even bikes kept to a minimum. Quite a few European cities are now trying free mass transit. The skateboards look awfully dangerous for pedestrians sharing the same space.

Hi I am new to Electric skateboarding and am wondering if i should get a boosted board even though its more expensive because its a longboard and is easier to ride at high speeds or will i be fine on a riptide r1e? Im not stranger to skateboarding and cruising, I skate almost every day and I have a penny board and another set of penny wheels for cruising on my main board but i still dont know if i would be able to ride a riptide safely because i have never been on an electric skateboard. Please give me your advice thank you!

Let's be honest here boys, we all know why we are here. We totally did not click on this video because of the thumbnail…🙄🙄🙄😏😏😓😳

We all know skateboard just look cooler than anything. There are cheaper boards in the $500 just as good. Boosted is more maintenance because of belt drive compared to brush drive.

I was looking for scooter vs skateboard video, I noticed you did one as always great video! Thanks!

where I live it is 240 euros for a Xiaomi M365 scooter and therefor far far cheaper than a boosted stealth board, I am a boarder and I came her to find out the pros and cons of both and you have failed to give me those of a scooter if you own it, if you make another video please send me the link.

Esk8 all the way bro! Scooters are fun, but worry that those who rent them are going to get us all a ban. I love the Trampa with the 8inch wheels or the BajaBoard when things get really rough.

You didn’t calculate owning your own scooter. That market is pretty big. I own 7 Xiaomi M365 scooters. I find them wonderful best bang for the buck (because I got them at the cheapest price). But when it comes down to repairs Xiaomi is the winner over all. It’s easy to find parts from China. Especially the battery that’s probably a big one. I invested a lot a money but in the end I find those escooters the best bang for the buck.

Lots of wrong assumptions here….. scooter life being one. Daily use bird has found out that their scooters last about 28 days and they need 6months to turn a profit. By last 28 days I mean that is it's life before it needs to be replaced. So your "keep it for 2 years" phrase is oh, about 23 months too optimistic.

yeah i came here thinking he's going to compare 2 wheels (less friction) vs 4 wheels (more friction)…you know really detailed info

The dog in the car was the best part, other than that hit up my channel if you want to see some bad azz ride videos 🔥🛹🔥

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