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Electric scooter vs gyroscooter vs gyro wheel! What is better?

Electric scooter vs gyroscooter vs gyro wheel! What is better?

Hi guys as usually its me just an offscreen
voice and you are watching review machines. Today we are going to arrange the battle of
the most popular kinds of electric transport. We’ll find out what is better – gyro scooter,
gyro wheel or electric scooter. As you know recently these devices have become
very popular, so lets try to figure out if its just a hype or they deserve its popularity. By the way all these devices have similar
price, they are compact and can be taken to public transport, but each of them has both
pros and cons so I think its going to be an interesting battle. But firstly lets speak in a word what you
should know about these gadgets. Nowadays there are a lot of gyroscooters everywhere,
but it is interesting if they can be considered as a real transport or they are just a toy? There numerous models at the market, but we
choose American brand Hovertrack – its good and reliable devices, but a bit expensive. All kinds of gyroscooters have the same design. Two wheels and a board. When you are standing on the board, the device
is controlling your position with the gyroscope. You incline forward and a scooter moves forward,
you incline backward so does a device, in this way a gyroscooter prevents you from falling. An average range of the device is about 20
km. There are two independent sections under your
legs, they provide perfect maneuverability, so you can turn around literally in the spot. Gyro wheel is very alike a gyroscooter. It is also based on the gyroscope. It works absolutely in the same way as a gyro
scooter, with the only difference. There is only one wheel, so you have to balance
yourself riding on it. As a result of such a design we have many
advantages, but we also have some drawbacks. We’ll speak about them later and now some
specs. For our test we choose an american device
Solowheel Extreme. The range is 25 km, the weight is 12 kgs. It has 2 kilowatt motor so its very powerful
and it is possible to ride on it even offroad. Well we’ll see if it is so. And one more device that takes part in our
battle – it’s a electric scooter. This time we have a home made scooter. It used to be a regular one that was improved
with a battery a motor and so on. The motor is not very powerful – just 250
watt, but it has many other advantages and we’ll speak about them a bit later. By the way our homemade scooter proved to
be quite decent device, it easily can compete with factory models, its even better than
some of them, so its rather suitable for our comparison. It was made with special kit for electric
scooter from aliexpess, I’ll put the link in description below. And now its high time for the main part of
our video. First of all lets find out who accelerates
faster! As you can see the best result is shown by
a gyro wheel! Lets try it again. And again the gyro wheel is the best here. Its worth saying that scooter is also fast,
but it needs some help of riders legs. Now lets see the maximum speed. The gyro wheel is the first. The result is 28 kilometers per hour. Then the electric scooter. 29 kilometers per hour. And the gyroscooter showed only 12 km per
hour. So the best result here is shown by the electric
scooter! Now lets see how they can go uphill. We have not steep but long ascent. And it was no problem there for all our devices. Another very important feature – how compact
the device is. If it is possible to take it with you to public
transport. As you can see its no problem for a gyroscooter
and wheel, even is you have only one free hand. The wheel is the most compact and besides
it has a comfortable handle. As to the scooter is not so compact, even
if it is foldable, but anyway it is possible to carry it. Well lets move on. For example we have some obstacle like this
one. In case of scooters the only way its to carry
them by your own. But the gyro wheel provides more possibilities. I should say it’s the only device that can
go even offroad for lack of a better word. This wheel can easily go there were its impossible
to move for other devices. As opposed to scooters, the gyro wheel doesn’t
need absolutely flat ground. It can go on a grass and even slightly rough
terrain. The design is only a wheel, so there is no
ground clearance and the device doesn’t touch any roughnesses while moving. Some fans of these wheels even equip snow
tire and ride on ice and snow even in winter. By the way it has a powerful motor 2 kwt that
allows the device to climb even steep hills! Then it is quite important how easily we can
learn to ride on these devices. And of course the scooter is the best here. Just switch it on and go – that’s all! As to the gyroscooter it is not so simple. It will take about half an hour to get the
hang of it and make first rides. Now I am trying to ride a gyroscooter for
the first time! – Well let it go…you just balance yourself
and be ready to jump off. – Do you move of your own will? – No. – Well lets stop it. Try to balance. Are your turning or what? What do you want? – I want to go home. And as to a gyro wheel – it will be the
most complicated thing to learn how ride on it. I decided even not to try this time. It may take several days of practice to get
the hang of it. And now it is high time to sum up our results. The first – gyroscooter. It is compact and convenient device, quite
easy to ride, It is not very fast but maneuverable. Its perfect to move on not very long distance
especially inside buildings. To my mind it can’t be considered as a real
transport, its just a useful and popular gadget. Electric scooter – undoubtedly its awesome
city transport. It’s the fastest and the safest. Even if the motor suddenly stops you don’t
fall and continue your ride. It is very simple and doesn’t need any training. The only drawback – it is not very compact,
even if it is foldable. But I liked these device the most. Gyro wheel – fast and maneuverable transport. It is the most compact and it is very comfortable
to carry it. The most important advantage it doesn’t
need absolutely flat ground, it can go on a grass and on a rough terrain. Very powerful, can overcome steep hills. The most important disadvantage – it is
quite difficult to learn how to ride on this device. And you may fall down from it. Well that was the results. I hope this video will be useful for those
who choose what device to buy. Thanks for watching guys. Please subscribe the channel if you liked
this video. It will be many more interesting materials
here, good bye!


Wow, this kind of electric scooter is so cool!!! I think it requires good coordination but I would pay more attention to the great stability, so I prefer my own VehiGo e-scooter that offers the ultimate in stability and handling.

I own all three devices and the electric unicycle wins hands down. The hoverboard is a toy that I got completely bored of after a couple weeks. The electric scooter requires using hands to steer, has small wheels which makes it more dangerous than the unicycle when going over cracks, road imperfections and a is lot less comfortable to ride on rough roads. The electric unicycle ( Solowheel V3) goes further, faster and is much more maneuverable than the scooter. Also, the unicycle is much more fun to ride than the scooter. Only win for the scooter is that it is easy to learn.

Really cool comparison, thank you for that. Is the scooter comparison fair? – maybe a scooter like the Ninebot ES2 would be a better comparison and stack up better. It is lighter than the wheel, folds very quickly and I wonder which has more control on the road going between cars or on a busy street hmm

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