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– This is FridgeCam.
– What’s that? You eat food? Well, then this is the place for you. In the fridge, today, Ben shows us
photos of his hols, that’s holidays. We give Barry here, the electric
skateboard delivery challenge. But first! We got to make the food for
Barry, here, to deliver. Are we making these two here? Now this may come as
some surprise to you, but people are eating more and
more take away than ever before. And there a lot of apps out there
that are making it easier and easier to get that food
delivered to you. So, we thought, why not take two of
the most favorite take away in the UK. Pizza and curry, and
smash them together. And we’ll go deliver
them for you. Non-bread pizza, shall
we start with the non? JAMES: Yes.
BARRY: If it’s a take away, should we be wearing hair
nets, and beard nets? We’re not charging people for it,
we’re just giving away our germs. Right. So, strong flour
gonna go into a mixer, along with sugar,
salt, baking powder, yeast because this is a 11 bread.
And then in the non, we’re going in with milk… – You’re making how many breads?
– And yogurt. So, we’re starting with
the curry style non-bread. Why don’t we go with a pizza style,
tomato sauce? Which, has in fact been
infused with curry. So, place the ghee into a sauce
spoon and then used that to fry off the curry powder, next up, add in some chopped tomatoes,
heat up, then cool it down. What we should be left with
is a nice soft, slightly rich because of the yogurt
and milk dough. So just tuck all the edges in, and we can leave that in a bowl
in a warm place to prove right now. Time for some toppings.
WE have got some onions, some peppers, and
some mushrooms. Slice em up finely and fry
them up with some ghee. Now that these are softened,
in with some spinach so that, that wilts, plus almonds and some garners. So now this is our non-bread,
now nicely proven. – Let’s start rolling out.
– I’m gonna help now! Pizzas stroke non-bread.
Do you wanna knock that? – Yes. – Okay. Glad, I could help. So, what we’ve got is
a really hot pizza stand, that’s gonna help
us to cook our non, and replicate something we
would almost get in a tangle, but in fact, it’s closer to pizza. Our slightly currified
tomato sauce, and then scattered all
of the filling over the top. I’ve also got some
pinochle cheese. Just a little bit of that over the top. And it should cover, but not really melt.
A little drizzle of ghee on top. More ghee. More ghee. And then before that pizza
stand loses too much heat, let’s get it back in the oven. Few minutes, and it’s crispy around
the outside and on the bottom and bubbling on top. So, while that’s cooking does that
mean that you need to get ready – and go deliver it?
-No,I’m going to do that now. – I’m so ready.
– And so is our non-bread pizza. Let’s garnish it up. Is London ready for you though?
That is the question? How far is it? Just remember to look left and
right before you cross the road. Let’s get this pizza
into the sexies and you’ve got to get it across
London to our mystery guest. Ordered and delivered
with just one tap. The ugly guy clearly won. Wonder which battle this was? Must have been the one that Barry won. Does Barry, actually have a tattoo
of a piece of Toblerone? Technically yes. It’s
exactly what it is. Ben seems like that
average white person who’s gone to a country
for a very short period and come back thinking he’s
a professional about the country. Just here to share
what I learned. What part of Scotland is James from?
London? While Barry is out delivering,
we got Mikes’ in the oven. This one was rolled a lot better
than the one Barry is delivering. Tell you what, that is so great! This is really great. Hey guys, so I’m at the YouTube
space in London. I’m here for a couple of
boring meetings today. But it’s already better,
because these two guys said they could deliver me a pizza
in the next half an hour. Which is good because I need to go
back upstairs in about 14 minutes. So, counting on you guys
to provide me with some lunch. Otherwise, I’m going
to go hungry. So my first challenge is
choosing which direction I go. Either, the longer route, the less
traffic route on the cycle highway or on the roads where
I might get hit by a bus. Cyclists do not like me here!
Warning! Warning!! Alright, at this point I realize I’m completely lost.
I’m still by the river. So far to go. My pizza is on its side, I’m not expecting much.
It’s still warm though. I reckon I’ve got
about 3 miles to go. GET OUT OF THE WAY BUS!
I’ve got a pizza to deliver. I think the pizza might
be tepid at best. Google says it will take
around 30 minutes. But I think if I can dodge some
traffic and not kill anybody, sorry. We might be alright!
Not the same truck again! On reflection, that
looks much safer. Alright, it’s me versus him.
Who can cross first. Don’t hit me, don’t hit me,
don’t hit me. Don’t die, don’t die. King’s cross, I’m nearly in you. Mind the skateboarder! I see the YouTube sign. I’ve only gone and done it! When you catch yourself
in the reflection, I go, I’m not as cool as
I think I look. Barry says he’s here.
I’m looking around and I don’t see him. Well, where is he. If his pizza gets cold because
he’s late, that’s not fair. Pizza’s still in tact, I think. What does he want? Hello, where are you? I’ve just realized what
might have happened. You’re not at Kings Crosswalk.
You’re at Tunnel Fort Road, oh no! Okay, right. Can I make it there in time, I can guarantee it’s gonna be
a cold pizza by that point. I think my skateboard might
be out of battery as well. Disappointed! Well, now I feel really silly.
Who took the order? I bet it was Ben. Ben told me it was
the YouTube space. I’ve got the wrong one. What do I do with this now? Well, if he’s not going
to eat it, it will. Still warm. Tough mate, you’re missing out.
This is great! Well, if you would like to get
that non-bread pizza recipe, then it’s on,
check that out. And if you want us to deliver you some food,
then why not comment down below and let us know what you’d
like and where to deliver it, and maybe one day
we might do it. And also, subscribe because
we’ll make you hungry. But for now, I think that
fridgecam had everything. It had a desperate attempt to get
his skate board into this video, so he could finally try
and get some kind of like feeling that maybe one day
he might be Casey Nester. It had the merging of two great
dishes into one unbelievable dish, take that corona. And if you stick with the snail, you’re
going to see lots of photos of Ben’s hols. – Thanks a lot.
– Hmm, holiday! – Why wouldn’t you want to watch that?
– Yeah! Well, sorry. Oh, I don’t know if I want
to… where’s the pizza guy? Guilty as charged. You did nothing and
you ate it all! We had to use all the rest
of the ingredients up. – Nothing goes to waste.
– News flash, Ben’s been to India.

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