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Electric Skateboarding Tips – Riding 101

Electric Skateboarding Tips – Riding 101

That’s where you’re gonna go and you’re going to hit the Gnar-Gnar and it’s going to be sick and it’s going to be sweeet Tubular Hey everyone, i’m Fred and I’m Ant and today we’re going to talk about some of the fundamentals of riding an electric skateboard So it’s been about a year and a half since we first started riding Electric skateboards and I came to it from pretty much a cold background I’d never written a skateboard or done pretty much any other board sports and was pretty bad yeah, you sucked I did suck I come from a background of surfing, snowboarding and a little bit of skating so I couldn’t wait to get on the boards So today we’re going to give you a couple of tips based on what we’ve learned over the last year and a half So while we both ride the Evolve Skateboards these tips can pretty much apply to e-boards in general Now there will be some of you out there who are already very proficient and already know a bunch of these tips All we ask is that you maybe add your best tips to the comments below so that we can all share thelove and your glorious knowledge and wisdom So being new to skateboarding and wanting to use these skateboards for fairly long commutes safety was a big question of concern for me Now the best tip I can give you here is always wear a helmet Now in different parts of the world there are different rules as to whether you have to wear a helmet or not end of the day it just makes complete sense to protect your head So when it comes to speed, my general rule is I try not to ride any faster than I can run I had an experience recently where someone wasn’t paying attention because they were listening to their headphones and walked right out in front of me I had to hit the brakes fairly suddenly but was able to run off the board and avoid a collision Definitely, it’s really tempting to push these things to the limit but be aware of your surroundings and ride within your limits I really love riding at night and so one big safety tip that I’ve picked up is make sure you can be seen that means lights, bright clothing you can get LEDs you can get glow-in-the-dark paint too many lights is never enough Go out there and it’s such a fun unique experience just make sure you can be seen Riding up hills being smooth and consistent on the accelerator that’s key if you’re inconsistent and you pump that trigger you’re likely to fall off Happened to me on my very first ride up a steep hill I pumped the accelerator and I did fall off lucky you were wearing a helmet I wasn’t going very fast and it wasn’t a very serious fall but yes lucky I was wearing a helmet every board is different than with the evolved boards in particular you can do a lot to customize them the big tip here is really understand your
board and its setup know where the traction points are know how it corners know how it feels and it will make your riding experience a lot better So when I first got the board I did this drill where I would accelerate and brake accelerate and brake just so I can understand the acceleration points and braking points of the board to make the riding experience a bit easier Really? I just got on and rode Everybody’s different and I had never written a board before okay, it’s all good It’s all good I’m not $#!% Sounds really simple but it makes a world of difference especially when you’re carving Keep your eyes up and look where you want to go if you look at a tree that’s where you’re going to end up if you keep your eyes up and look through your turns you’re going to have a sweet carving experience Due to the speed and acceleration Electric skateboards can take quite a battering especially if you ride off-road So when it comes to maintenance a tip I can give you here is around your bearings always make sure that they’re cleaned and well lubricated it can make quite a difference Yeah, this is especially important if you’re riding off-road a lot or in areas with a lot of dirt and grime on the roads The other day I was riding in all-terrain configuration and I found the board was a little bit slow at first I thought it was a motor issue but it ended up being if the tires weren’t pumped up enough So like a car or a bike make sure the tires are pumped up and the performance will be awesome So another no-brainer tip from me that makes a world of difference is most people remember to charge their boards after a ride but they forget the remote so my tip is charge them at the same time So this isn’t so much a tip as a really awesome aspect of riding these boards and that is the community That’s right, we went on an Evolve group ride really early on and they’re awesome They really are and it’s not just about meeting new people you get to see different boards different configurations share information and learn a whole bunch of new skills too If you haven’t been on a group ride you definitely should There’s rides happening all over the world all the time and if you can’t find one near you try setting one up So those are just some of the tips that we’ve learned If you’ve got any of your own remember to add them to the comments below Until next time Aggressive thumbs up


Couple of tips

watch out for dogs and go past them dead slow they don't seem to like the sound. I have been chased a few times now.

Keep an eye on the screws/truck tightness especially if you ride rough surfaces.

Use the remote carry case as a tool box for a few Allen keys, belts and charging cable for remote

Always wear a helmet at the very least

P.s Evolve please make a dedicated tool carry case with pockets for all the tools, belts and few a bolts. Maybe even and integrated battery bank?

Safty Tip: Try out a Fullbreak so you can hande it in a stress situation.
Beginner Tip: Dont be scard, just be prepared for the worst

My first tip is to hold a bell & pling if someone's in the road.
My other tip is to check out my latest GTX vlog on my channel ✌🏻

Awesome video. It was great to hear a little more of Fred's journey, as I watched his early (3 part series), that was so helpful. Loved the humor too! Awesome. Keep them coming. Other videos I'd love to see (though you probably all ready have more ideas than you can use) A tour around the office (on skateboards of course), I live in Chicago USA, so I'd love to see the main headquarters , and I'd love to see the California location and see the folks. I really loved Fred's series as he began his journey….I wonder if you could do something like that for categories such as…."Why I chose Evolve" (looking at all the boards available and narrowing it down) , "10 things you don't know about Evolve", "How to film yourself (an not get killed) on your board", "Best shoes to wear on your board (and other mods), "Safety 101, 102, 103" (Review of different Helmets, Pads, Gloves.)

Best beginner tip is to avoid Evolve at all costs. They are infamous in the e-skate communty. Do your research before you buy. Watch out for the forums that evolve owns and censors (they delete any post reporting these issues)..

Their boards are known dangerous at premium prices. Literally injuring people all the time. Go with a reputable brand!

A couple of Ideas I'd like to see for future vids:

– Best Charging practices, and if partial charges/top-up charges add to your total charge/cycle count?

– Adjusting the trucks, explain what each nut does(seeing there are 2x on each), and other tips relating to this

– Getting the right belt tension

My best tip: If you want to become a really good rider… Get used to falling. That being said learning to fall correctly is a great idea in that case 😉

This is my favourite Evolve Weekly video, since its so heartwarming seeing different parts of the community enjoying skating in their different sections of the world. It makes me want to travel to just experience where other eskaters shred

Great idea for a video! Wish you'd made it 3 years ago. 😀 I've had my Evolve Carbon for almost 3 years, and had never ridden any sort of skateboard before. Add to that the fact that I was 38, and there was a learning curve as you can imagine. The great thing about the Carbon AT is that I was able to learn on grass before taking it out on the pavement. Still love my Evolve. Ride it to work all the time.

Love the weekly episodes but in particular I love the riding tips like this. It makes it easier for me see myself commuting on one of these boards (safely) one day.
Cheers guys. Love your work.

Thank you – great video – such great customer support as always – Camo Carbon GTX for Xmas in July please!!!

This is my fav weekly video. These guys are gold, champagne comedy duo, that show that this is for regular folks and not just the hardcore skater community.

An informative and entertaining video – a must see for beginners to ensure your e-skating experience goes as smoothly as the Evolve boards ride. Just remember: always wear a helmet! 🙂

This video is my favorite because thanks to it I know how to ride an evolve skateboards. Now I just need one :p
Madjid from France

Another Favorite E Weekly video! It’s great to hear tips from two completely different riders! people who surf and snowboard might not think about the same things a true beginner would. The group rides look like so much fun! I can wait to go on one in my area! Thanks guys!

As a guy who’s been researching electric skateboards for the past 3 months, I’ve found this one to be my favourite and most informative.

I’ve been riding a long board for years and while I’m confident even at high speeds, I’m still worried I won’t be able to handle the power of a Carbon GT. Of all the hours of content I’ve watched and reviews I’ve read, Ant and Fred really put me at ease with this one! The vast majority of content and influencers out there have years experience and make riding at 20mph seem like it’s easy and safe. Fred’s tip about not riding faster than you can run is the best I’ve heard so far.

Enabling the next generation of electric skateboard riders is a key priority your competitors are missing and this video has me gravitating closer and closer to pressing that buy button. 🙂

Huge thanks to Ant and Fred and the team for publishing this video and all your other content! Keep it coming!!

Ep. 2 “Intro to filming your ride” is my absolute favourite weekly episode! Fred gives great tips on how to make a great electric skateboard video and, having always dreamed of making videos on an evolve board, I always find myself happy imagining myself riding one of these excellent boards filming myself making great content. Fred doesn’t say it, but the music in the video is so uplifting and happy as well, a very important factor for a great video. Good luck to us all!🤙

This one is probably my fav. video since I appriciate tips for new riders etc. It's always great to see influencers/companys/pro's giving tips so people can enjoy and learn to ride. Also, love the way your boards look and perform (sick pattern on the boards and the way they look just 'screams' badass)
Getting my hands on one of your boards is just a dream.
Keep making the videos AND boards!

Been riding for over a couple months now and I still love watching theses videos cause I always pick up something new everytime I see it

Safety Tip No 2 – always wear wrist guards. Worst injury here other than a broken wrist is a big flap of skin torn out of the palm of your hand if you fall, and it takes months to heal and is very tender. 
I wear wrist guards even before a helmet, because your hands usually hit the pavement first if you go down. Dont ride faster than you can run is another good tip.

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