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Ellen Previews the New Alexa Backseat Driver

Ellen Previews the New Alexa Backseat Driver

I assume all of you know
what Alexa is, right? Yes. So Toyota just
announced that they’re adding Alexa to their cars
so you can control things with your voice. It’s supposed to be
convenient and helpful. Here’s their commercial. Starting this year, Toyota
and Lexus luxury models will come with Amazon Alexa. Alexa, turn on the AC. Turning on AC. Finally, a virtual assistant
to help you navigate– Alexa, where is the
nearest gas station? Nearest gas station
in 1.5 miles. –and to help
maintain your vehicle. Alexa, order more brake pads. Ordering new brake
pads, although maybe if you didn’t stop so close
to the car in front of you– I left plenty of room. You drive too aggressively. If you were just quiet for
two seconds– two seconds. She’ll talk to you literally
the entire time you’re driving. I think you should
have turned back there. I know where I’m going! [SIREN BLARING] Hi. You know why I pulled you over? No, officer. Because we were driving
72 miles per hour in a 45 mile per hour zone. Anything else I should know? Two miles back, we rolled
through a stop sign without coming to
a complete stop. Also, there are illegal
fireworks in the trunk. Sir, I’m going to need you to
step out of the car, please. Amazon Alexa, you’ll
never get away from her. [APPLAUSE]


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