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Engineering Student Develops Electric Skateboard Prototype | Raise3D

Engineering Student Develops Electric Skateboard Prototype | Raise3D

One of my favorite projects so far
has been my electric skateboard. Using a 3D printer was a huge plus because I was able to print actual parts. For like bracketing, and just to see how things worked and where my weak points were and what not. And then I went to my second iteration, and I was able to really cut down costs and try different things until I find out what works best. And I was able to top the distance and the range of it, and also keep a strong top speed which really make it fun, and really useful. A tool I can use when I go off to college. When Mr. Farr introduced the Raise 3D printers, it was just kind of one of those printers where You know it’s going to work, so you’re never really struggling. I was online, just searching around and seeing what you can do, and I noticed the prosthetic legs, and I was like ‘that’s pretty cool’ so I decided to print one, and what i’d like to do is is the socket. Everyone has a different leg. Possibly 3D print it to their size and make it fit exactly how they can just by taking a mold and then a 3D scan, and it would fit perfectly. 3D printing is definitely going to be in my future, just because it’s most likely the future of where we’re going, and there’s so much that can be done with it. I think being able to have this on my resume and just on my college applications really helped me get into school, and not only helped me, but also made me understand a little bit more of the math required and the things that have to be thought out before you can just jump into something and build something. I really believe the engineering class has helped me become who I am and what I’ve wanted to do, and where I want to be in college.

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