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Hello friends of today I show you the ES2Scooter The ES2Scooter is about 10kg, both plattforms are able to move and have two concacts for your feed and if you step on the contact, the board will be active. tires are without tube, not as you might know from unicycle that’s why they are a little bit hard while driving, but on the other hand, you can’t destroy them on the back you have the charging port and the mainswitch on these black fields you can see the battery status and if the board is ready to drive ES2Scooter uses only well known battery brands this 163Wh battery should take you 10km if your weight is 60kg and even more, if your weight is less this blue lights will flashing, whenever you do a turn the mainswitch is a button and can’t stuck or release For power on you need only push it short But how is the board working? How can you drive? By the way, it’s easier to use than a unicycle. First switch it on with the button the green battery icon appears that means, it’s ready for use now take your “soccer”-foot, in my case its the right one that foot, you have more skills with now you hear the signal, one motor switched on now you must keep balance on one foot for a short moment on the board and you put the second foot on the Scooter if you lean forward the board begins to drive and if you lean backward it stopps or will drive backwards, and if you put pressure on only one plattform you can circle on the point it’s very manoeuverably but the scooter likes more flat ways but it depends on your skills, so it is possible to drive on flat grass but practising is better on concrete or on the floor very important: if you get off – always backwards, never forwards if you step forward, its is very dangerous with this borad you can easily drive on a carpet at home you can simply move at home on the board it’s so manoeuverably so you can stay at home on the cold days and have fun with the scooter a cool toy for indoor activity and you get a back for your scooter for free


Kann ich ,wenn ich 2 Geräte zusammenbaue und einen Sitz darauf konstruiere,als Straßenfahrstuhl benutzen? Gruß Rena

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