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EVAnnex TRUNK ORGANIZER for Tesla Model S Review and Install

EVAnnex TRUNK ORGANIZER for Tesla Model S Review and Install

another fun product to test out today
from Evan X or evey annex depending on how you pronounce it today we have the
avionics trunk organizer it is an organizer that fits right down into the
subfloor area of your trunk specifically if you do not have the rear facing
elephants so comes in a nice black box installation manual and it also comes
with Tesla Tesla Evan X catalog and a few other goodies such as evie parking
cards and whatnot very simple to install open up the two clasps and it has little
for dividing boards and you can basically separate separate it however
you wish into little separate compartments I think I like that setup let’s put it
in and start loading it up okay that’s it it fits right in there perfectly
Wow there’s no other installation class or anything to hold ups it pretty much
stays in and then after you load it up you put the trunk floor back on a little
protection board or cover board and you’re all set to go
well I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put the handles outside and let’s see what we are going to quick you can even put in jeans little hoverboard
attachment attach that to bene stroller so I can push the three of us with the
hoverboard and that’s it it’s all closed up floormat down and we’re all set


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