Exploding Hoverboard: Explained! (Two Wheel Scooter, Swegway, Hoverboards)

Hello it’s me, Canoopsy, and Hoverboards or self-balancing scooters or Swegways or Hovertrax or whatever the f**k you want to call them, are exploding. Quite literally. There have been cases where they’ve exploded in malls, homes nd even under the feet of riders, and sites like Amazon and many locations are banning them. So, why is this happening? Well, for a few reasons. And by the way, they’re not technically hover boards because they don’t hover, but let’s just call them that for this video. Starting at the beginning. The first real “hoverboard” was called Hovertrax. It was created by Inventist, and was a Kickstarter project for $695 originally, but now retails for almost $1500. Celebrities,
Youtubers and just generally famous people started showing off the first few versions of the “hoverboard”, resulting in worldwide popularity. With this amount of popularity, and the expensive price, it resulted in more manufacturers cloning and cloning and cloning and cloning and cloning and
cloning the hoverboard, making cheaper and lesser quality versions. The price went from almost $1500, all the way down to less than $200. And this, is where the explosions come in. The cheaper something is, it’s almost always cheaper for a reason. Now, just because a hoverboard is more expensive, doesn’t mean it’s safer, but there’s is a chance that better precautions were taken. So what exactly results in a hoverboard blowing up? Well, probably as you guessed it, it relates to the battery. You see, hover boards almost all use Lithium-ion batteries, and so do most other gadgets. More expensive gadgets use batteries that are throughly tested and protected, but in cheap hover boards, they are tested very little and use low-cost mass produced batteries.
There’s three main ways a hoverboard can explode because of its battery. First, if any lithium-Ion battery is punctured, it can result in an explosion. If you’re someone who treats your hoverboard badly, there’s a higher chance of this happening. Second, if the separator between the Anode and Cathode of a battery, is faulty, likely due to the cheap construction, it can result in a short circuit, and eventually, an explosion. Finally, if the charger is somehow faulty, it can also result in yes, you guessed, it an
explosion. It’s best to be very careful with your hoverboard, keep a close eye on it, and if you don’t have one, maybe hold off from buying one, just for a little bit.
But after all of this, I still kinda want one. What do you think about the case of exploding hover boards? Leave a comment down below with your thoughts. Like the video if you liked it and subscribe for more videos like this. Thank you, for watching.

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