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Extreme Dancing with the Stars Challenge ft. Lindsey Stirling

Extreme Dancing with the Stars Challenge ft. Lindsey Stirling

– You can talk the talk, – But can you dance the dance. – Let’s talk about that. (playful theme music) – Good Mythical Morning. – First off, a word of warning, today we are gonna be attempting
some extreme dance moves, or at least some dance
moves extremely done. I don’t know, I don’t know
what we’re gonna be doing, but we’re gonna be trying pretty hard. But the point is, we don’t
want you to be intimidated. We have devoted an entire
section of our book, Rhett and Link’s Book of Mythicality, out now,
to unleashing your own signature dance move. So pick that up, it’s empowering, and an entertaining read,
even if you hate dancing. So get one, in stores now. – Yes, Now, even though we have mastered our own signature dance moves, we are not great when it comes to the
professional dance moves that we’re going to be trying today. And so we thought we could
get some professional help, someone who we knew would be nice to us, even while we were writhing around like uncoordinated snakes. Please welcome Lindsey
Stirling to the show! – Right there, front and center. Welcome back to Good Mythical Morning. – Thank you.
– That is the name of the show. – What is the name of
this show, what show? – What, we’ve only done
1,200, I don’t know however many episodes, how you been? – I’ve been great, I don’t
think I’ve laughed as hard as I did, I mean not that
I was laughing at you, when you did your last
dance performances with me. – The plants-off. – Plantsing.
– The plantsing, it was very impressive. – Yeah, I don’t remember who won, but I think everybody won. – Well everybody lost.
– There was a definite winner, I thought that it would
be important enough for you – It was me.
– to remember that you– – I do remember, I was
just trying to be modest. – Okay, it was a pretty big honor. – And of course that
appearance really paid off because since then you’ve moved
on to dancing on television. – Congratulations,
– Thank you guys, thanks for getting me there.
– for Dancing with the Stars. Well, you’re the star,
they’re dancing with you. – Well I’m dancing with the pros, they’re teaching me how to dance. – And you’re the star,
which is pretty cool. – That got us to thinking,
because you’ve got this professional dance
partner in Mark Ballas, and you never know what
could happen to him. I mean I don’t have any
plans, but you never know. – I hope he’s okay.
– Accidents happen. – With the splits and all. – Yeah, right, you can pull a groin, you could do all kinds of things, and in that case,
– Pop a knee. – You might need,
– Oblique. – You might need a replacement, so we thought that we could
kind of compete for that space as your backup backup dancer.
– That’s true. – Of course now, and I’m
gonna be technical here, we’re recording this a little bit early, this is not as live as
Dancing with the Stars is, so there is a chance that
you were already eliminated. – Oh, it’s true though. – But we believe in our hearts that you’re going all the way.
– We’re believing the best. – Thank you.
– And everybody’s voting for you, including us, right after this. – Oh, true friends. – Let’s make this happen, it’s time for Dancing with the Internetainers. – First of all, you guys look fantastic, loving the costumes. – Thank you Lindsey.
– We feel fantastic, too. – I could tell, so here’s
how it’s gonna work, I will be describing and
giving you verbal cues on how a specific dance move is done. After which, you guys will
perform said dance move, then we will watch a professional perform the dance move, exactly I’m
sure, as you guys did it, and then I will be giving you guys scores based on your accuracy. – Great.
– Oh I’m so ready. (dance music) – Okay I think it’s important
for our viewers at home to know that they cannot see each other, there is a partition in between them, so that they cannot tell what
the other person is doing. – Can’t see you.
– Can’t see you, I can hear you, though. – I do not want you to
have any advantages. – I’m coming after you. – Whoa, whoa, keep the cat
calling at a minimum please. Round one, the chicken walk. To successfully perform the chicken walk, follow these instructions,
point your right foot forward, in line with your left foot. Keep your left knee bent while you straighten your right leg. Turn your hips to the
right, transfer your weight to your right foot,
straighten your left leg, point your left leg in
front of your right leg. Turn your hips to the left. Transfer your weight to your left leg, repeat the first step. – I saw a toe over here, I know that toe’s coming out. – And close your feet together. – I thought I knew how a chicken walked until you started giving the instructions. – I feel like I’m all over this. – Okay guys, why don’t you
have a moment of rehearsal, practice your moves, and
we’ll get to the competition. – Man, I would be doing. – I feel very confident right now. – Okay Rhett, let’s see what you got. (dance music)
– Okay, this is the chicken walk. – I hear some heavy breathing. You’re grunting, never heard
a chicken grunt before. – That is the chicken walk. – Wow, that was amazing. – Alright Link, let’s
see your chicken walk. – I don’t have it yet, hold on. – It’s tricky, the chicken walk is tricky. – So it’s like. – [Lindsey] Oh, it’s getting faster, it’s getting faster, it’s
getting more confident, too. Oh, whoa. – That is the chicken walk. – Alright, okay, well
that was very impressive, very different approaches which I, – Oh really?
– I appreciate the creative liberty. Now we are going to take a
look at a professional dancer doing the chicken walk, and actually this is my partner from Dancing with the Stars, and my coach, so let’s
take a look at Mark Ballas. – Oh.
– What? – A little, yeah okay, that’s pretty much what I did.
– There’s no chicken in that. – It’s a ballroom step actually. – So you gotta score us. – I’m so nervous. – Let’s see, Rhett’s score
first, Rhett, you had incredible lines in your movement, your facial expressions
really had me drawn in, so I’m going to go ahead
and give you a four. – Out of 10? – Four out of 10.
– That’s a failing grade. – Dang!
– Now Link, you as well had really good execution, there’s a lot of passion behind each step, which I appreciate, however,
sometimes you just gotta learn to breathe a little
bit as you do those moves, make ’em just a little
flowy, no, it’s okay, don’t get an expression. – No, no, no, I’m listening.
– You did great, just a little bit of tips for the future, I’m gonna give you a solid three. – Alright, three.
– Good job Link. (dance music) – Ready for round two? – Yes.
– Yes. – Okay, the calypso leap. Begin with your left leg
bent, and your right foot pointed out in front of you. Hold your right arm bent in front of you and extend your left arm out to the side. Open your right arm and
right leg at the same time. Transfer your weight to your right leg, and pivot on it, bringing
your left left in to meet it. Transfer the weight to your left leg as you kick your right leg
out and around your body. – What?
– Lift your leg in a bent position so that
both feet are in the air. – Wha?
– Huh? – Both feet are in the air. – Spin and land with
both feet on the ground. – Sure. You talking about the quantum leap? – I think I got this. – Alright gentlemen take
a few moments to rehearse and practice the calypso leap. I see confidence, I see confusion, I see, I haven’t seen any leaping yet. – I’m saving that. – This time should we start with Link, do you wanna give it a go?
(dance music) – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. That is the quantum leap. – Rhett, let’s see what you got. Alright, let’s turn it
over to our professional. – Oh, okay, okay. – There it is. – Little more fluid than I anticipated. – He must have stretched more than me. – Alright, this is really tough, you guys both had very good
qualities in your leaps. You know, I really like Link that you just committed to it, I’m
gonna give you a four. – Oh. – Thank you, that’s an improvement for me. – Now Rhett, I thought
you did fantastic as well, I could have used a little
more commitment for you. But you know, there was an
ounce of courage in there, so I’m gonna give you a three. – Okay, wow.
– I think we’re tied. (dance music) – Alright, for our final
round, you know, best for last, hardest for last, but
I think you guys are up to the challenge after
the spectacular dancing I have seen. This time you don’t get a description, you just get a title,
alright, are you ready? – Yes.
– Yes. – So your dance move is
the straight leg scorpion. – Scorpion.
– Of course. – I feel like the straight leg part is– – I’ve seen the cheerleaders
do it, where they can– – The scorpion, you gotta– you gotta get something, I got an idea. – Oh goodness. How am I gonna dance down
here, that’s not gonna do it. Straight leg scorpion. The arms have to become the legs, and the leg has to become the tail. – Okay. – Well, I’ll figure it out when it’s time. – Rhett, would you lead off. – Yes, this is the straight leg scorpion, a two-part dance, hoping that one part is closer than the other. This is part one, this is part two. – Wish I could see it. – Yes, that’s beautiful, beautiful. – You had two parts to yours? – Just in case. – Alright, Link,
– Lindsey, this is the straight leg scorpion. – For a second I thought
you hurt yourself. – Part two, – Okay, alright, granted, part two. – Just a mirror of it, the other way. Eat that! – Hey, I didn’t see it. – It doesn’t matter if you see mine, it doesn’t give you an advantage anymore. – I’m just gonna put this out there, I think that was both of
your best performances. – Oh, thank you. – But let’s see how it’s really done. – Oooh dang, you alright? Are you okay? – Barely, barely okay. Rhett, I have to say yours
was, it was pretty far off the mark of what the actual
straight leg scorpion is, but I enjoyed it so much,
I’m gonna give you a six. – Okay. – That’s great, that’s your best score! – Yes, six. I don’t feel good, though. – He looks very disappointed in his six. Okay Link, I was very impressed
with the interpretation, – I did the floor version of that. – Yeah, exactly. Slightly less bent back,
but I’m gonna go ahead and give you a seven, which
means you are the champion of Dancing with the Internetainers, and you win our ball of
mirrors, congratulations Link. – Thank you Lindsey! – And thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Holden B. Huffman. – I’m Corey Smith. – And I’m Dawson Clark. – We are getting ready to perform The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. – [Group] And it’s time to
spin The Wheel of Mythicality. – Make sure you watch and
vote for Lindsey and Mark on Dancing with the Stars,
Monday nights on ABC at 8 p.m. – And click through to Good Mythical More, where we’re gonna hang out
and play the Newlydance Game with Mark and Lindsey. How well do you guys know each other? – We’ve known each other fairly well now for about three weeks. – We’ll be the judge of that. – Okay, Gifticality, that
means we’re donating $1,000 to Team Audrey Kaller for the
2017 Walk to End Epilepsy. Remember our friend, Audrey’s dad Adam, will eat a shoe if we get to
$100,000 by Thanksgiving Day. Join us in giving at – Thank you for being your mythical best. Thanks for clicking subscribe. – [Rhett] Click on the
left to watch our show after the show, Good Mythical More. – [Link] Click the video
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the video on the bottom. – [Link] Thanks for
being your mythical best.


Watching this again and I love how you can hear all of Rhett’s joints crack as he starts his straight leg scorpion dance. 😂😂

I’m a self taught dancer so I tried to do all of these
Chicken Walk: I got it
Calypso Leap: I got it
Straight Scorpion: I got the idea couldn’t go full way it was bent leg scorpion

When link was doing the "Chicken walk" I died of laughter.. It looked like he was just leading how to walk again 😂😂

8:22 Rhett looks like a 4 year old waiting on his parents approval at a kindergarden show like "look mommy I am a ballerina!" 😂 And Link in tank tops is just… Hot damn

I could do a scorpion and this was so funny to me cause I’m a dancer and I use to be a cheerleader and I have to say great job Rhett and link and link you will get your foot to your head in no time(jk)

I’ve danced all my life and have done many calypso leaps (but usually with the first leg straight) and I would have never got that from the explanation! 😂

Rhett at 9:48 if he started walking like that in that position that’s what I call the duck walk. I do it all the time XD

she is SO cute, I hope she comes on the show again. they have a great dynamic with her and she’s absolutely gorgeous.

Link always makes me laugh way too hard. & man that shuffle of Rhett's keeps playing in my head, lmao 🤣👌 great stuff.

I love Lindsey Sterling!! 😍 I also love Rhett & Link and their dances ❤ You both also look way better in those outfits than I would and that makes me kinda jealous lol

Lindsey would make a good judge, she remains friendly and positive despite giving a low rating to their performances.

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