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[Music] what’s up planet roller skaters Indiana Jones here with pigeon and today we are going to give our skates a makeover hmm I am a super excited because in a few days I leave for BC in roller dance skate love festival in Barcelona so I’m starting to like get my stuff together and thinking about what I need and I realized that my skates are looking kind of raunchy he is frisomat I have my Beach bunnies that I’m going to clean change laces change the toe stops make sure the wheels are all good and then what do you have I brought my Jack boots which I kind of ran over a tiny bit with my tyre so it hasn’t blacks smudge on it all right cool I’m gonna show you what my skates look like right now let’s do it before and after okay all right oh here my skates these are the honeydew Jack boots here’s where I ran over it a little bit with my tire I luckily didn’t damage any of the interior of the skate but I’m gonna try and get this out today also if you see I have a lot of gunk on my plate a lot of you know palm tree berries I’ve run over in the street so I’m gonna clean that up so it’s nice and shiny again alright so these are my Beach bunnies I’ve been wearing them for a couple months now maybe a month and a half and they’re pretty dirty the lace is still worked just fine but I kind of want to change them up a bit umm you can see this toe stop is worn down so I need to replace my toe stop the wheels are still in good condition and then yeah cleaned up the back just kind of trying to get some of this dirt off really and get a new color scheme going oh you can see on this one yeah so this this actually actually has been sliding to the side it hasn’t been working so well so I’m gonna replace this this toe guard with a better toe guard and then change this stop to match then you stop I put of this one first we need our rollerskates all right got my skates right there then I we have some rags one rag for each of us I brought a few different color laces for us to choose from Mort Oh sobs just some colors got the wide three I got some roller stuff toe covers her toe caps I guess that’s some dish soap and water dish soap and water and a magic eraser this is an experiment it’s so step one clean I’m gonna take my laces out first and my toe stops off so I can see like my blinks oh yeah history and start fresh so you’re the other thing the whole thing yeah it’s a spot clean mine yeah you don’t like even need any laces these are still pretty clean yeah so you’re just getting a tire mark off and I’m completely doing complete makeover and I’m gonna keep these places because they’re so good and sometimes I use my laces if I don’t have a wheel bag I like string my wheels on the lace so I don’t lose any [Music] yes since I’m about to go on a trip I want to make sure I have everything ready fresh yeah yeah yeah then I should also probably like pack some backup things like water stuff extra leases I’ll need extra laces when I’m traveling and toast ops and nuts axle nut Oh why don’t you think of that and like at least four bearings okay yeah so I’ll take some extra bearings this is actually working it’s magic eraser yeah nice keeping its texture which is nice why don’t you see on paper it flattens it out and when I use regular sandpaper or grip tape which is what I used to use that’s the most coarse yeah yeah you need something more delicate yeah you don’t like rip all the sweet up or make it thinner or anything and that’s what I used to do this is not bad have some weird stain here I don’t know what it is looks like blood it could be you got sneakers free stuff they have that you can put on like your white sneakers yeah I bet that would work good for this [Music] yeah this is the one I’ve been working on for a minute this is the one I haven’t cleaned yet so this is the results this is the ones clean this one’s dirty using just a dish soap and water alright folks here’s my skate after I cleaned it with a magic eraser I think it worked pretty well most of the tire I mean you could still see it but it was so much more you know potent here’s my other skate I haven’t done yet this was actually the cleaner skate to start with but now it’s the dirtier skate [Applause] [Music] baby mouthing birds calling the moment is it’s hungers wants food and it wants to know how to fly so I’m noticing like the longer I scrub like the more that comes off for sure so if it seems like it’s not coming off right away maybe keeps grabbing a little bit some of these things though I don’t know if they’re gonna come off or if I need like a harsher chemical or something maybe all right cool I’m gonna go ahead and say that’s good enough for now I could get really really particular with it no scrubbing but it looks so much better than it did before so I’m not a perfectionist when it comes to being clean like that at least I like like you said I like my skates to be a little bit dirty so we’re not gonna get to I’m like saying I’m saying I’m done as I’m like nah take it to particular earth but this is bothering my OCD right now I just can’t I don’t have that OCD any stop saying that okay I’m not messing with my wheels right now I’m gonna take an extra set of bearings of our cilona but for now my bearings and my wheels are clean enough they’re good I’m just gonna kind of get my plates a little wipe down real fast like I’m playing the violin yeah you definitely don’t want to use water and soap on the suede oh just spit I just I just fat and hey wait it actually breaks down carbohydrates of something that’s sitting on your skates like food your spit actually breaks it down pretty well I kind of want to be obnoxious and do like yes and we’re like this wait I’m having these two though so like I don’t want any toe caps on there right now uh so functionally I should put a toe cap on here but I’m just want it to be really simple right now and go with like that fits really well good job yeah she has on that they’re actually sized for the particular Skeet you have okay so I like to scream my toe stops all the way on these are kiya short stem colored toe stops I love them because they’re super dense and the colors are awesome they last a long time when you’re skating outdoors and going down hills and stuff or in the parks but the thing is for a while they were not sold in the US yeah they were not available they’re actually a German company so it’s kind of hit and miss in the US right now but I have these that I’ve been hoarding since I heard they were gonna stop making the short stem so on these Toto stops in particular it’s like really short so it goes all the way up against your boot there’s no like some people really like their toe stop stick out like in roller derby but I like mine to be really close to the toe of the boot so that’s why I love these short stems if they don’t make these in the future I usually will get like long stem ones and actually hacksaw it to be shorter yeah there’s also short stem gumball toe stops yeah gumball shred in the street for me though like really fast okay so I’m gonna put when I put my toes stops on I put all of my weight into it so I’m gonna put it here between my legs and really like push down on that YP if you watch the how to lace your skates episode you’ll know all about that if you own at least one for me sure [Music] nope I don’t I don’t want to change it see it’s so hard to pick a color and stick with it [Music] all right even though it feels like that when I turn it it’s all the way tightened I still gotta get on top of it and tighten that nut to push up against the skate and I actually put my weight down on my way all right oh shoot crash oh look at these all right ready here’s the click feet yeah I feel like it’s only appropriate to take them for a little spin yes gotta go make sure everything’s working properly okay let’s go all right let’s do it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] haha alright so whenever I take my skates out after changing things around or giving them a little bit of maintenance I listen for jingles first off if I hear anything that sounds like it’s moving around or any loose parts then I probably need to tighten or adjust some things uh right now my skates sound good I think that’s because I put all of my weight into the nut whenever I change the toe stop so I don’t have to worry about my toe stop jingling around um if I change my wheels I’ll give my foot a shake like this and when I shake my foot around like that I can feel if any of the nuts aren’t tight enough and the wheels are loose and if one makes a little bit of a sound that’s fine but if it if it has like a lot of space to move around then it needs to be adjusted so I think that’s all any anything else to add pigeon enjoy every time you change up your skates it’s kind of like a whole new personality for your skate I know it’s like when they’re completely different now I feel like I need to change my entire style to match my skate all right well thank you guys so much for watching this episode of Planet rollerskate I’m so pumped on my fresh skates I hope you guys are too you if you have any advice as we’ve cleaned your skates before and you have a method that you know works to really brighten them up let us know in the comments below be sure to LIKE subscribe check out planet rollerskates at shop for anything that you saw in this video the kyatto stops will hopefully be coming back soon fingers crossed and until next time later skaters


So, my birthday is coming up and I'm going skating for it. Im just nervous somethings gonna go wrong or I just can't. I wanna learn how to skate because it honestly looks so fun! Can anyone tell me what to do?

Should I switch from inlines to quads I just bought new inlines only gotten to use them twice so should i wear them down a bit and then get quads also do quads help with control on tricks and stunts more my inlines seem to be very hard to control when doing anything

I can’t tell if Indy used the lime green or the honeydew laces.. like they are super pretty with the blue sky bunny skates..

Ladies! For your sued, there is a brass wire brush specifically made for sued I thing you will be please with!!! Check it out!

Someone please help: how do you take off and put on toe stops?? I wore mine down fo rthe first time and I'm confused??

I recently got some impala skates and I'm wondering how long it will take until they need their stops replaced and how long until they get sort of used-looking.

I am 12 years old and I would love to go and live in LA where people aren’t judged and be as bright as they want. Hopefully I can afford my self some money and move my family to LA when I grow up and start my own career. I wanna become a skater just like you were I can show off my true colors and like a living rainbow. I love you so much keep it going❤️♥️!

What's funny is that I can airplane my brother(lifting him up in the air with my legs) but I can barely give him a piggyback ride

Oh Pigeon! I'm so glad to see you pushing that stroller in skates! Today I just bought the periwinkle beach bunnies and a double jogging stroller. I was just wanting a way to skate when my older two are in school and thought of that combo. Totally pumped to see another mama with the same idea!
I love your videos Indy! I'm just so excited to get back into the groove and learn all kinds of new things!

Hey I’ll be making a channel for my skate group and I’m 9 so is it ok if I call it The Future Moxi Girls of South Carolina??? Thank you

I’m in Australia and the roads here are so rough! But California roads look so smooth and nice for skating

Hehehe the thing that you said about listening for jingles is a good idea. I went skating today for the first time after a long time and I heard a constant noise, but ignored it. The only other thing I noticed that my toe stop "bounced" when I used it. When I checked it at home, my toe stop flew out… Oops 😰😂

Omg this is my first time watching your videos and let me just say I love you cause I love skating actually but I have the one way one like in the middle of you know what I mean but I love you thx for posting videos ❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍

I’d recommend after every time you clean your skate to spray it with 3M scotch guard, it is a really strong chemical so be carful but it does help a lot with scuffs and marks on shoes.

I have hardly any experience in roller skating. I had a pair of inline skates but I didn’t really use them that much and now I’ve grown out of them. I really want to buy some skates like yours but I need to persuade my parents. Also I really want to join your skate team but idk how. Also I live in nz so I might start my own skate team. Idk

Omg I love that y’all aren’t afraid to be who you are and you are my role model thx guys love ya!!!!!

I skates over asphalt with my skates, and now the wheels are black. I cleaned them, and they’re still black. Any tips and will it affect my skating??

I used to roller blade I still love it it takes me a few minutes to get used to I think I'ma go try and find some more skates

Just got some awesome beach bunnies to start skating again. My old really old Chicago skates I use to use simple green. Have heard you can use a water down oxy cleaner.

You guys inspire me so much! I haven’t gotten skates yet. I’m going to get some on my birthday from my parents. (My birthdays is in 28 days) I can’t wait! I go to skate land in new Zealand and I can’t wait to have a pair of my own. Never stop making you tube videos! 😊

Mine are the dirtiest they are white and purple. I’m getting new ones for my birthday though!💜😍 I love y’all

when I got my skats I was so scared to get them dirty or scared but I think it just needs to just wash and cleaned

I'm just wondering is it easier to roller skate then rollerblading because i have been rollerblading put then i see people rollerskating and it looks way easier

hey i have a question i stared to try and roller skate but i don’t know which ones are good so do you recommend any???

Toe stop stem cutting tip: before you cut the stem to shorten it – make sure your lock nut is on. After you cut the stem, by unscrewing the lock nut you will help rethread the cut stem. If the stem isn't threaded cleanly….you might screw up the plate by cross threading. (I messed up a plate before – luckily the husband's tap die set fixed it).

Hi indy my sister and her friends went to ur meeting which was in San Antonio and we are the ones who have that instgram account which is cabronasonskates

aaah i really want a roller skates. might order soon hehe. i have skate friends but we do skateboards, scooters and cruisers so yah.

that paper towel in the background was the real star of the show. I'm saving up for the Honeydew Jackboots at the moment.

I’ve never had Skates, but when it come to cleaning material similar to vinyl or leather or really anything I like a brand called “awesome” , it’s really different from normal cleaners and when you spray it on it’ll start to “melt” the unwanted dirt off I also recommend for “scrubbing” to use a toothbrush with super soft and flexible Hairs,or a nail cleaning brush the type for underneath the nails I hope this helps

I’ve wanted to get skates for a while, I saved up to get a pair of beach bunnies but they don’t have my size. I’m a women’s 12 and finding cute skates is near impossible.

I’m not sure if it’s true, but I heard that if you get 100% acetone, it can remove stains, and rust, and I think pen marks. I’m not sure if it’s true, but it might be something to try out.

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