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Felix – Pure dedication – Powerslide Racing & Felix Rijhnen

Felix – Pure dedication – Powerslide Racing & Felix Rijhnen

I met Felix for the first time in 2004.
He was a member of the Destination team, which was the home of young talented
skaters. Felix was quite shy at this time but already super motivated to train
harder than others. 2 years later, he captured 2 bronze medals at the Junior
Euro Championships & I decided to send him a sponsoring contract for the
PS Phuzion team, his first sponsoring contract! Since then, his performance
progressed year by year. I´m very proud that I have been part of
Felix´ great skating career for so many years now. He gave me a big hug
after the race in Nanjing to thank me for sending him the first free pair of
frames & a racing suit when he was young. I was impressed that Felix
remembered little things like this at this special moment of his career. It was
super emotional for me, too! Felix is a role model as an athlete, on and
off the track. He’s always nice, smiles, is great with the skaters and the kids and he’s
funny, too. His dedication is not only directed to the sport, but also and
mainly, to our brand. He has been an icon for Powerslide since
13 years, in good & bad times. He never considered going somewhere else, was loyal
to the brand, the product, us as persons & as friends. He does not stop on the track or on the
road, but is a real brand ambassador, going to events, running clinics & booths
for us & also training camps. He has also become a real friend,
a person you want to share time with, train with, learn from him
and have fun with him. His professional, as well open-minded
& friendly attitude made him everybody´s darling. and a person all want to see
winning. Being the first person to hug him after the race,
he was throwing some super nice words at me, which pays back for all the years of sponsoring
& is the reason we all love to support people like Felix in our team! Obviously, I first met Felix
on the racing track. His racing career was picking up,
just as mine was winding down. I saw a lot of parallels in his racing & skating
style to my own, so when the discussion came up in late 2012 about coaching him,
it was a pretty easy decision, because it allowed me to carry on my racing career
through someone else. It was also my first real go of coaching someone
full-time, so it was also a learning process for both of us. It was really
just a case of fine-tuning his engine and giving him the confidence to be one
of the best skaters in the world. Because of the nature of points racing, there has
been a lot of 4th places & a lot of near misses over the years. But finally in Nanjing,
Felix was able to put that behind him & become world champion! It’s really a leasson to everyone that hard work and persistence does pay off!


Felix has been one of my favorite skaters of all time. Great technique and he deserved to get the win here. So glad to see him on top ! Great job Felix!

I'm realizing a great dream to have a powerslide imperial megacruiser triskates. lol I'm from Brazil in the city of Petrolina Pernambuco

Bravo man, but wish to see you in third world contry man… Wih 42 years young, starting since 1982` wih also all heart i have to give to this art sport… Nice video , nice story… I made mine on page, still skating hard but my leg is over last 15 years.. Aggressive, downhill, race – Race on downhills and roads with cars 110mm etc, at nite traffic, cause here is no roads, equipment not to mention, etc.. How ever Respect wish we can meet one day. Nino

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