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Fidget Spinner Phone Charger!?!? (Pranking Christmas Shoppers)

Fidget Spinner Phone Charger!?!? (Pranking Christmas Shoppers)

(funky music) – Start here, okay, hey
everybody, glad you’re here share, like, subscribe, everything this is my buddy Trevor
Watters, links, links, links – How you doin – Fellow Vancouver magician, so we’re here at the Pacific Center Mall in Vancouver and we’re gonna sell some people on the latest Christmas
thing, it’s a little trinket we call the fidget charger,
the phone spinning charger – The charge a spin – The charge a spin – Yeah – Anyways, it’s bs, but we’re
gonna try to sell it on people – Before we get arrested
my the mall security – Yep, exactly, you’re
in luck so check it out – [Narrator] Wes Yeah, Wes Yeah yeah yeah yeah Wes – Rolling – We’re here – Oh, okay – Are you excited? I’m excited – Pumped, okay everybody welcome,
welcome back, welcome here Hey I’m Wes Barker, I’m
Wes Barker, you know that this is Trevor Watters, okay,
Trevor has this awesome idea We have these stupid, I
don’t know if they’re stupid but they’re just like little
fidget spinner phone thingies Right, they’re kinda weird,
put em on your finger and your phone can spin,
kinda neat actually yeah we both ended up just
getting given these things and they’re pretty cool,
and then Trevor say we could probably convince
people that they’re charging our phones – Like a flashlight,
you know how you wind up a flashlight that charges, well – Love it – Kinda makes sense – So what we did is, I took a screenshot of my batter level at
different sizes, whatever so that right now its 67% and
I took one at 76, 82, and 100 basically what I’m gonna
do is I’m gonna show them the battery levels at 67 and then gonna just spin it on my phone right and tell ’em that it’s charging it so that when they look at
it again it’ll say whatever, 76, we’re gonna try to sell
one of these to somebody – Yes, and it’s all under the premise that we’re starting a Kickstarter
for the spin charger, so we’ll so how that works, so – Spin charger, fidget charger, we don’t even know what it’s called We’ll go back and forth and see who can sell one the quickest – Hey guys, we’re just filming a video for a Kickstarter
account, do you have, no? – Shut down – Hey can one of you guys
come here real quick? – They don’t look like
they’re in too much of a hurry Is he gonna be like, they’re
all Christmas shopping I gotta interrupt their day, we could probably do it
here, we’ll stop someone – We could stop someone – Hey, okay, we’re filming
my Kickstarter right now – cool – can I show you this
cool thing we’re doin’? – Yeah – You ever see one of these?
– Yeah – You have one? – It’s like I know other brands – No but this is the, this one charges it – Alright cool – Yeah like, shit like, okay so 6 – Wireless? – Yeah 67% right, so like if you spin it it’s like three rotations – Oh okay cool so you
like, use the rotations – Yeah check it out, so
this should be 76 now – nice, so you can like turn your phone into a
figdet spinner if you want – Yeah man, fidget spinner
that actually helps you – Yeah – It’s pretty crazy ’cause
it goes up quick, I think I don’t know how, yeah 82 now – Nice, it’s like, it’s only
for like wireless charge? – Yeah it runs on Bluetooth
– I see – Uh, so attempt number
one, success, sort of this is weird, like people just accept it they just believe it, they’re
not surprised or shocked It doesn’t even seem like magic to them They’re just like oh cool,
like that guy kept saying It’s like oh it runs
wireless, like he just technology’s really fucking crazy man I thought that would
only happen to my grandma that’s like a young
kid and he’s like, yeah he thinks that technology
exists, maybe it does This is crazy Let’s make some money, we’re
so gonna get kicked out of here – [Wes] Yeah, 100% – I’ll, It’s like a basic
trying to get things goin Stuff like that, like
finding the charging cable Have you ever heard of a fidget spinner? – Yeah – Yeah okay, so what
we did was we actually attached one to a phone and it’s actually a charger as well it actually charges through the back of the phone so you don’t need a cable anymore It’s actually very simple as you can see like I have 67% here and then you know It’s just like the flashlight
you give it a little spin and as it spins it actually
charges on the phone So when we were, yeah I
know it’s a little weird – What (laughing) But we were sitting at
60, yeah so it’s 76% now and it’s actually very
simple you just let it spin and you can probably get it up
– Are you serious? – And like, yeah well you
can probably get it up almost to a full charge and you don’t have to carry a
cable with you anymore you don’t have to have
look for a wall socket It’s built off your phone, let’s see here, Yeah, see 82%
– How much is it – Well we’re selling them for $50 through the Kickstarter website but is this something that you
guys would be interested in? Like, you’d be able to walk around And actually like charge
your phone with just yourself – yeah, yeah – It’s the kinda thing, here’s
this battery, pretty cool – We do have one extra one like that like – okay – We’re willing to sell for 50 bucks if you guys wanna help endorse the company – I’m good right now – You guys are good?
– Yeah, but it’s cool – Yeah definitely check
us out on Kickstarter just it’s spin charge, that’s
what we’re putting it under – Okay – Thanks a lot, tell your friends That was good I feel like if
they didn’t take the bus here and actually drove, I might’ve
gotten 50 bucks out of them – That was crazy like
you were selling that man you were selling that like
for real, that was awesome Can I show you what I’ve got?
– Aw – Alright, no worries We’re filming a video
right now, aw come on – Sorry – 30 seconds Sons of bitches You makin’ fun of me?
– Keep working it – Like right now I’m at 67% right? So like you just have
to spin it a little bit Think that should be enough You get 67
– Oh – Weird, eh? Pretty good so I think
yeah now it should be The app will close sometimes, but yeah it says 82, so
it’s pretty good, right like it doesn’t take that long cause a lot of people when
they’re charging their phones like stick it in for a long time but now I don’t even know, I didn’t
make the science of it I’m just trying to sell it to people now so that’s my whole thing where it’s like yeah, I think that should be,
that’ll be 100 for sure now yeah that’s 100%, how crazy is that, eh? – So yeah we’re just getting
done with it right now so hopefully it works out, I don’t know – Yeah awesome – Pretty cool, so, trying, yeah – Well good luck, – Not bad, eh? – Awesome, haha, not bad at all – Thanks a lot, appreciate it
– Thanks – That was my bad, I fucked
that handling up twice, twice Damn it, damn it! Well I’m oh for two, Trev’s oh for one, we’re gonna get it
though, we’re gonna get it We’re gonna sell one of these People are genuinely believe this though they genuinely believe us
– Nice talkin to you – What’s the invention my friend? – Yeah it’s actually a
charger for your phone so if I should you show
here I’m at like 67% and then all you have to do
is just like the flashlight you just give it a spin,
if you give it a spin it matters how long you spin it for, how fast you spin it
for but we should be up a couple more percentage here, let’s see, yeah so we’re at 76% and it’s literally it’s just on the spinner on the back So it’s very simple,
– How does it charge it, NFC? – It’s wireless through the back, uh So we’re just trying to think
of a base price for this as well, so we’re thinking like for this, not having to deal with cords or cables or looking for an outlet at all you have your own
spinner, we think 50 bucks is a pretty decent deal for that – I think so – You think so? Or if like As also we do have a couple here but they’re only $35, the
ones that we’re selling and so if I attached it to your phone get ’em spinning and everything else and like I said it’s a wireless charger so you walk away with
it, is this something that you guys would be interested in? – (Mumbling) – I mean yeah actually I might be – You might be interested?
– Yeah – Cool – I only have US cash on
me, do you have anything? – You only have US?
– Yeah – Okay well we can do some kind of rate – Well we can find an ATM – You’ll find an ATM?
Okay well we’ll be here – What’s your name?
– Trevor – Trevor? Morgan
– So we need 35? – Yeah 35 Canadian for the charger, so perfect, awesome, and I sold you guys? – Yeah
– Yeah – Great, awesome,
perfect, yeah, that’s one – Damn it – It’s me, it’s me,
they don’t like my face (holiday music)
(crowd talking) They were perfect, perfect And they kinda charge
like those old flashlights – Oh yeah So it’s like a charger for your phone so like I’m at 67% right now
– yeah – Then if you spin it then,
try and get a, like that right spin it, then I think
it about four rotations, three or four for a
percent, so it should be 76% – Oh cool
– really? – Yeah it’s that fast, you
can spin it, I don’t know – cool – Just like that? – Well yeah cause like
look how fast it’s going – Wow – How does it, how does
it charging though? – I honestly don’t know, it’s
like Bluetooth in the back They have wireless chargers now but they’re always really bulky, so yeah now it’s just should be, yeah 100% – What
– Isn’t that crazy? Yeah, so – What’s it called?
– It’s called fidget charger Yeah we’re just, we got some
prototypes we’re selling now but mostly we’re just doing it online we did a Kickstarter
– Oh, how much is it? – Doin 50 bucks – 50 bucks – Yeah, well you can
charge with no cables, huh it’s pretty sweet, eh?
– Yeah yeah that’s pretty cool – Yeah so we’re pretty excited about it – [Wes] We do have a
couple promos here though – Yeah we do have promos
if you guys are interested We do, we are selling
promos right now, but – What are you selling them for? – We’re selling, well
today we’re them for 40 Cause online they’re gonna be
50, so we’re doin a discount I don’t know if that’s
something you’re interested in – Well good luck to you guys
that’s great, thank’s a lot – Yeah, thanks a lot,
take care, have a good one – I totally thought you
had it, I totally thought – That was a good tag team,
that was a good tag team Cause I mentioned it once
and they didn’t go for it and you mentioned it
again, should I tell them that we’re magicians now
– yeah – Or should we just let
them think for forever that this is how this works yeah let ’em be like, whoa
that guy had such a great idea – [Wes] They’re gonna get in
– Oh I should’ve – They’re gonna argue
with someone at Best Buy going, no no no, somebody told me – yeah, no they exist, I saw it Oh they’re so gonna argue with that guy at Best Buy in the future,
no I’ve already seen this where is it, oh – [Wes] That’s so great – 50 bucks, then you
could get it for 25 buck then as soon as you get
your phone you’re set to go – Is that the only color? – Yes unfortunately this is the only color but I’m sure once we get our funding we’ll have tons of different colors – Tons of different colors Scientists and stuff like that so can I set you up? – Yeah – I can set you up, perfect, awesome and I’m sorry but, I actually
I have already set you up We’re magicians, and this
is a total magic trip (laughing) And we bet each other to
see who could sell this to someone first, and he
has to buy the beers now (laughing)
– That’s awesome – Yes, so thank you guys so much – Oh man – [Trevor] Thank you
– wait how did you – [Trevor] Yeah – Yeah, that’s good though,
that’ll be a good product – [Trevor] Totally, right? Came out, I would totally buy it – I was on the brink of sayin,
eh nevermind Kickstarter I’ll give you money here, I’m, I was (laughing) She knows me, I was about this close – [Wes] Take care guys – This motherfucker right here, oh my God – Two, two, two – Dude, you were like, you’re
not even, you’re an actor you’re embodying a salesguy,
I’m still sort of like a magician, I wanna joke
around, and you’re like no this is how I sell product – I’m a pusher, I’m a pusher
– This is movin’ product You’re two for three, I’m zero for three? Zero for three – I got like a soft maybe, okay that’s it I’m buying beer, I lose, whatever, oh my – Let’s do it – A good time, so funny, we
gotta invent this product – It’s just like the
flashlight that you twist it actually, it’s charging
it for me right now it’s a brushed nickel inside that spins so if we look, what was
that 67, now I’m at 76 yeah its, you guys don’t have these yet? – We don’t – It’s like a flashlight that you spin – okay – So wait what charges is, what’s charging – Hold on, see 82%, this
is a Kickstarter campaign that we’re making, yeah, so Let’s just stop, what
do we have there, 100% And that’s just off there,
so 50 bucks is a good price? – I mean if you look at the chargers they’ll only give you 3000 per account – Oh, so this is way better. Fantastic awesome thank you so much. – That’s awesome. – Yeah. – This is why Trevor is a genius. He literally just went and sold. Try to sell this to the a the kia os-feel that sells cell phones. They bought it. They like just agreed right away. She said none of their chargers will do what my charger does so. That’s correct. – Is just like yeah this
seems real and so good. And, then we didn’t even
tell her we’re magicians. – No. She’s gonna spend all night
on Google space charger. Where do I get this. – Someone’s gonna get fired for this. – Yeah. – Like no I swear they exist oh my god. Be roll, be rolling, be role. Be role everyone there’s a dog. No Christmas sweater come on. No, what. (light music)


Oh my God! Trevor! I love you guys! No, seriously I fucking love you! This is great! So cool. Come to Seattle and do this and I will do this challenge with you!! You're so convincing Trevor! I am sorry, but Trevor is the salesman!

I love it what's the kick starter called again??? Although I would only but off Trevor he more honest looking😂😂😂

I feel I’d sell this in a heartbeat, because of a skill I naturally built up of bs’ing…. a trait my gf is alittle worried about, but also a trait that makes me a wonderful performer!

Only 7:37 in, but I gotta say, I’d be throwing in the idea of: “do you guys know anyone who’s phone is always dying? This is the perfect gift for that person!” Can’t make it about the individual, gotta make it about other people in a season like this at a place like that lol

There are wireless chargers for samsung phones, not too much of a stretch if there would be wireless chargers for apple tbh

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